Dismissed Airdrop to Alvin LPs

Link to the Vote: Gardens

Recently Alvin has been deployed on Arbitrum. 104 Alvins have been airdropped to old wallet addresses holding Alvin. (It had i guess around 140 max. Supply before the incident)

The alvin holders who had their coin in old liqudity pool (alvin-agve or alvin-xdai) did not receive any airdrop.

If we assume total pool was less than 15k usd and %90 of Pool was 1Hive funds, then probably only %10 of LP was owned by others, like me having around 5alvins-5agve in LP.

15 Alvins have been allocated into Alvin/Agve pool on Arbitrum. So only very small amount of LP got rekt and it would be unfair not airdropping or allocating them nothing in LP.

The shenanigens dont help although they are guilty for not revoking minting function and making keys public. They tell agve decided to take over alvin, we can not help.

I would ask for help for the lost i got. We are talking about very small amount. It would be unfair to airdrop only non-pool holders, to allocate 15 coins to LP as team had before. The only dismissed and effected is a small percentage, %10 of the pool, who got nothing.



We’ve dm’ed a fair bit, and at the moment I am still confused as to what your complaint is.
At first I understood it to be that your Alvins had not been replaced, but later conversation it seemed that your Alvins had been replaced but not the lp value?

You need to be clear what it is you would like replaced.
I think it is still possible to replace the Alvins that were locked in lp’s.
If you’re looking to get the pool funds actually replaced, that would be a proposal.

My understanding was that the staking was to get more of the same tokens in order to get the swag.
That Alvins would be a Unisox moonshot really wasn’t tenable given the liquidity on xDai.

To be fair, @YoungKidWarrior took it pretty hard, and is still getting harassed about all this.


Thanks for the reply…
No, nothing replaced or airdropped to me. I had all my alvins in agve/alvin pool and lost both 5 alvins and 5 agve.

104 Alvin holders (non-pool) → they got airdrop
1hive funds in LP → 15alvins allocated in new Alvin/agve pool on Arbitrum
other funds in LP → got nothing

We talk here about a small percentage, it would be fair if these also got airdrop or had LP value in new pool.

I could not figure out how to take snapshot on block 16236000 to check the LP value. But i personally had around 5alvins and 5agve in pool

I feel like the Alvins should get replaced and that maybe someone will need to write a proposal to get a pool.

Agave had nothing to do with this, especially not Luigy, and he and Chuy, as well as me, have done all of the heavy lifting, for no compensation whatsoever.

I think we were all victims of the mistake, so we should all be rewarded

Someone needs to write a proposal for that.

I also hade so alvins is lp pool, It’s kind of strange to me as well that holders got rewarded when lp providers where forgoten, kind of unfair imo.

Have the proposal on this been written… someone needs to write it…

Hello @kingsdami.
You do know that you can write the proposal… right?

I would suggest the disgruntled Alvin holders who believe that they should be reimbursed for their pool losses get together and put one up.



I would love to but what requirements do I need


Also, if you have any questions someone will be happy to help you on the #help channel on our Discord.

It would be to collect the number of people affected, and the amount of money lost to mount a proposal, I can help in collecting information. @metaverde y @kingsdami

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I am already investigating and the promised wallets are in 9 pools and there would be about 23 accounts, I must keep checking to know the amount contributed for that time…

once this proposal is mounted, by the people affected in the matter of Alvin, I imagine it would go to a vote or I am wrong @metaverde

@kingsdami Greetings brother, did you have alvin in LP?


It will go to a vote when a proposal is submitted.
The first step is to post on the Forum here and get feedback.

It is my strong feeling that the 1Hive community wants this rectified and for 1Hive to be beyond reproach.

In my opinion the pools should be restored.
I’m probably not writing that proposal though.

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Sure I do bro… just a little though

True but to begin I think getting the number of people affected and amount lost should be first priority what do you think sir

@Cheo0202 thanks for investigating. Did you manage to take snapshot of pool, how? I checked blockscout api documentation, but could not figure out how to see pool value on a certain date or block. I guess the block 16236000 on 24 May to take snapshot

I know Luigy is very busy but maybe can he help us, he should have a snapshot, as he managed to airdrop.

And what should proposal look like?

A) only amount of alvins should be airdropped to wallets in LP. This will only cover half of loss

B) total value of LP should be recreated, so that the full loss of both coins in pair prevented

Option A will not cost 1hive or agave anything, as it is airdrop (similar to 104alvins airdropped)

Option B may cost something, as the other coin in pair (alvin-xdai, alvin-hny or alvin-agve) needs to be compensated. But we are talking about a very small amount (probably %10 of pool was non-1hive LP)


I also stay there. I don’t know how to get the value out of the group

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It would not be so expensive because there are few wallets involved

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