Dismissed Airdrop to Alvin LPs


Also, if you have any questions someone will be happy to help you on the #help channel on our Discord.

It would be to collect the number of people affected, and the amount of money lost to mount a proposal, I can help in collecting information. @metaverde y @kingsdami

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I am already investigating and the promised wallets are in 9 pools and there would be about 23 accounts, I must keep checking to know the amount contributed for that time…

once this proposal is mounted, by the people affected in the matter of Alvin, I imagine it would go to a vote or I am wrong @metaverde

@kingsdami Greetings brother, did you have alvin in LP?


It will go to a vote when a proposal is submitted.
The first step is to post on the Forum here and get feedback.

It is my strong feeling that the 1Hive community wants this rectified and for 1Hive to be beyond reproach.

In my opinion the pools should be restored.
I’m probably not writing that proposal though.

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Sure I do bro… just a little though

True but to begin I think getting the number of people affected and amount lost should be first priority what do you think sir

@Cheo0202 thanks for investigating. Did you manage to take snapshot of pool, how? I checked blockscout api documentation, but could not figure out how to see pool value on a certain date or block. I guess the block 16236000 on 24 May to take snapshot

I know Luigy is very busy but maybe can he help us, he should have a snapshot, as he managed to airdrop.

And what should proposal look like?

A) only amount of alvins should be airdropped to wallets in LP. This will only cover half of loss

B) total value of LP should be recreated, so that the full loss of both coins in pair prevented

Option A will not cost 1hive or agave anything, as it is airdrop (similar to 104alvins airdropped)

Option B may cost something, as the other coin in pair (alvin-xdai, alvin-hny or alvin-agve) needs to be compensated. But we are talking about a very small amount (probably %10 of pool was non-1hive LP)


I also stay there. I don’t know how to get the value out of the group

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It would not be so expensive because there are few wallets involved

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Why noone helps about this? There are only couple of wallets effected and this is not big deal. We can not ourselves create proposal, because we are not developer, exact amount of funds are only in snapshot which can be checked by a developer

Also this is about giving trust to liquidity providers. How can anyone ever participate to a pool if Situation like this is ignored?

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You do not have to be a developer to create a proposal.

Scroll to Submitting Proposals here.

Is anyone creating proposal for this?

i tried to create a Suggestion Proposal with title “Airdrop also Alvin (on Arbitrum) to old Alvin LPs (on xDai) in order not to discriminate”

i confirmed the transaction, entered 0.1 hny as deposit, but i cant find the proposal anywhere yet

This would require an actual proposal I think.
Someone needs to do the work to figure out what needs to be done, write up a proposal and discuss it on the forum, then submit the proposal.

Tbh I’m surprised no-one has done this yet.

Also, I’m super- confused about the Arbitrum bit.

it looks like i have created a proposal on 30th november (did not notice, as it was on Gardens), please vote and support it:


I just started a soft vote to discuss taking Alvin back to xDai.

As far as the LP situation I’ve been thinking about a couple of things that might work, however I’d ask for some days to get better informed about some matters before sharing what could be misinformed opinions. I’m sure we can reach a solution.


So what do we need for this proposal to pass? Is it correctly formed or does it need so additional info?
Kind of new in making proposals.

Link to proposal:

Hey @metaverde,

I don’t think it’s far reaching for you, @luigy, @chuygarcia92 to post your work in SHE discord #didathing channel. Even though the projects have been far separated, SHE still has debt to the ALVIN project. Fixing ALVIN is a good thing no matter what. I’d like to advocate to reward you some PRTCLE for your work.

Hopefully this can be a start to paying back the loss from earlier this year.


There is no solution on this!
Now Alvin is on Gnosis chain. But old liquidity providers still have total lost, no Alvin coins received, no share in liquidity pool allocated. The liquidity pool recreated by simply allocating some coins for liquidity instead giving the old owners their own coins!

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