The Alvin Token - A Community Signaling

It’s been a while, and we’re almost ready to launch the Alvin plushie project!

Before we deploy the final marketplace we’d like to make a soft poll on an ongoing issue, since 1Hive’s plans around Arbitrum have been on standby.

How would the community feel if we deployed the Alvin token on xDai, as originally intended, rather than Arbitrum, which is where the current contract is deployed?

Please share any concerns below. This soft vote will be open until Wednesday, Dec 8th at 7PM EST.

Where should the Alvin token be deployed?
  • Let’s keep the Arbitrum token
  • Let’s go to xDai

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Hey, I already had mine dropped on Arbitrum how would I get it back to xDai? Deploy new contract and swap tokens?


It was originally started on xDai, I feel like if Arbitrum is still “unknown” then launch here again, home base. What will happen to the Alvin tokens on Arbitum, will we have to bridge them?


If I’m not mistaken the best option is to mint a new token on xDai and send it to the same addresses, but probably @luigy can confirm 100% that this is the best option and no swap/bridging will be necessary


i’ll think a bit about this. personally i’m not ready to make a decision. staying on xDai means staying on Gnosis Chain at this point, so potentially I’d say yes, let’s do that. But we still need to negotiate a lot of things and perhaps we may want to wait a week or 2 to decide for this.

If the Gno merge happens successfully I think it will bring great interest and marketing, so alvin can have a better shot there.


I think is beter deploy in the homeland


It seems perfect to me, that it will be carried out on the xdai network, by the way, @chuygarcia92 Greetings: D

arbitrum offers unique and worthwhile benefits for 1Hive/Gardens/HNY, but i definitely agree that positioning ourselves as best we can for Gnosis Chain is the biggest short/medium term priority when it comes to a project like Alvin…
beauty of our circumstances appear to be that dev energy can remain on arbitrum while marketing/comms can focus on gnosis chain. we can do both and not have to double resources so to speak…at least that appears to be true, but maybe im missing something? : /


i agree, not really sure if there’s any dev energy on arbitrum at the moment, so as the gno merge will be fully completed in the coming months, the window is big enough to prepare everything as best as we can


Why do you ignore old liquidity providers? they have total lost. You just distributed some coins for liquidity and it does not recreate old liquidity.

Guys come on, do you want people trust and buy Alvin? The liquidity owners are the ones who believe the project long term and put their coins into pool. Now old liquidity owners have 0 Alvin and 0 liquidity. All lost and you don’t help them!

The point of alvin is to trade 1 alvin coin for 1 alvin plushie. The alvin coins were never supposed to have great value. Purely to redeem for a physical plushie

This is nonsense, a plushie is for you 100usd worth for others maybe 1k usd as the supply is limited. Unisocks can also be redeemable for socks, but the value of token is 100k usd which is more than a socks.

Alvin was always supposed to be redeemable for plushies, not to have a monetary value assigned to it

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There was no longterm Alvin coin.
It was supposed to be a run of 100, each redeemable for a limited edition plushie.

Clip is exactly correct.

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you do not need a token just for selling 100 plushies, don’t you?
at that time there were no plushies in stocks to be redeem, the dripp was not working as no stocks
so what is my fault? putting some alvins in pool. result: a hack and only non-pool alvins got compensated but people who have those in pool got lost both tokens of a pair.
it is very disappointing and i do not think i or anyone will ever participate in any of pools to support liquidity