EthTrader and 1Hive discussion follow-up

First, thank you to everyone who joined the Cafe chat with a few of us r/EthTrader folk last week. I really enjoyed exploring how our communities could benefit each other!

I thought it would be worth a quick follow-up with what I took away as 1) our goals and 2) some ideas for a potential roadmap that emerged from the discussion

EthTrader Goals

  • Educate more people on blockchain concepts and activity, specifically DAOs, DeFi, NFT
  • Improved reddit /r/ethtrader post curation - a fair and distributed way to strike a better balance between content types, especially Comedy posts/memes
  • More accounts registered to earn donuts
  • Reduced network costs to tip, govern, earn with DONUTs
  • Improved governance participation
  • Improved DONUT liquidity and economics.

1Hive Goals

  • Improved visibility and awareness of xDAI network and assets for improved Liquidity and Volume in xDAI DeFI protocols.
    • Honeyswap
    • Agave
  • Adoption of tooling
    • Celeste - dispute resolution, truth, consensus
    • Gardens Swarm - conviction voting, governance
    • Quests - rewarded tasks, similar to
    • Canon - NFTs
    • Governance tooling. Colony, DAOhaus, depreciating Aragon.
      • providing a portable infrastructure for community governance and financial management.
  • Sustainable vs. flash in the pan Tokenomics
  • Larger cross pollination community symbiosis for improved synergies.

Dev resources, particularly in /r/ethtrader, are limited. So a suggestion would be to have a progressive roadmap - try simpler/easier tie-ins initially and then potentially follow-up with more involvement, and more complex ideas.

Roadmap - Quests

The lowest hanging fruit we at r/ethtrader believe to be around the 1Hive

  • Quests initiative in conjunction with DONUTs,
    • DONUT Trading on Honeyswap
    • Supplying DONUT-xDAI Liquidity on Honeyswap
    • Agave borrowing using DONUTs or supplying xDAI liquidity.

The idea with 1Hive NFTs/Quests is we setup and reward a number of quests for users to engage in on HoneySwap and Agave. Rewards could be a combination of DONUT and HNY, and/or NFTs imbedded with entitlements or reward incentives. The initiative would kick off with a collaborative marketing push using the r/EthTrader banner and stickied threads (instructions, AMAs, etc.).

Because part of 1Hive quests already involve learning about how to use xDAI, and the DeFi projects we could couple these together into a general fun, rewarding, learning initiative to introduce people new to the many varied complexities of the world of crypto in a fun, appealing and rewarding way, at very low infrastructure cost due to network fees being so low and reward Tokens used as value to be earned so barrier to entry for new participants is basically zero.

Roadmap - NFTs and content curation

A more complex initiative could see 1Hive tooling employed to help curate r/EthTrader. It seems the desire for people to create and publish memes is unbounded, and comedy posts have always been an important and core facet of the r/EthTrader community. r/EthTrader governance has on a number of occasions, though, expressed a preference for memes to not displace other types of content. A fair mechanism to help strike a good balance between content types would be valuable. 1Hive mechanism design experience, NFT tooling, and Celeste dispute resolution, all seem like ingredients that could be employed to develop a fair and rewarding curation mechanism.

Roadmap - Governance

Another more complex initiative is with respect to governance and community financial management using the governance tooling 1Hive is working on. /r/ethtrader could be the first testers and users of such a system providing valuable feed back to the development teams. 1Hive uses conviction voting with a single token (HNY). Ethtrader’s two component voting model VOTE=minimum(DONUT, CONTRIB), coupled to conviction voting, would be an interesting hybrid governance system.


well i’m really interested in what you recommend for 1hive and i hope that you can success in your proposal but this one sounds a little funny to me but if it come true then i’ll be joining reddit as well :sweat_smile:

Quick follow-up to say we have initiated our Honeyswap donut-xdai LP incentive (50k donut/week). I think replies in that thread, so far, are telling as far as the potential for this as a useful defi onboarding exercise.


hello @cslarson
I also agree to draw a fun atmosphere to attract more people to this network and its activities, to get out of this dry and soulless state and to be more enjoyable while working.