Farms and COMB voting

Moving forward with the development of the farms, we have to discuss the initial pairs and the process to move and change them.

COMB Governance

Now that Gardens is ready to be used, we can leverage it to provide extra utility for the COMB tokens, giving voice to token holders and bringing more ease to the decision-making progress regarding farming and other Honeyswap related things. To do this we would need to direct the COMB vesting and protocol buyback to the Garden Common Pool.

The Tulip Swarm should then function as the team executing the desires of the community.

Farms allocation

I think @lkngtn’s thinking behind xComb Farming and Allocation Points Policies is reasonable and can set the bases for the proposal process on the COMB farm, though making a 1Hive-owned HNY/COMB LP and offering DAO2DAO collaborations (see @paul2’s $WATER Proposal) before farms seems like a better way to free up COMB to be used on other LPs.

Farms should be set to last 1 month each, with partnerships lasting 2 weeks with the possibility to be renewed (maybe just one or two renewals should be allowed).

Under this reasoning I’m proposing the following pairs to begin with:

  • XDAI/WATER as a pair to ease the access to xdai for the tokens involved in the WATER project
  • GNO/XDAI (maybe there’s a possibility to make a GNO/HNY owned pool to avoid having to farm GNO)
  • Rotatory partnership spot

Note that Gnosis is looking into providing incentives for the Farms. Once there’s more stability and prices are more favorable, we can look into adding more slots.

Community token farms

I did not add any community token besides HNY to the farms list because as discussed on the last meeting, we have the option to do D2D owned liquidity which has proven to be a nice way to deal with the problems involving farming, especially now that there’s a dedicated token for this being worked on ($WATER Proposal).

But of course, this may not be an option for everyone, that’s why we should still be open to offer farms. In my opinion these shouldn’t last much more than 2 weeks and perhaps should be required that the community offers rewards too.


Ensuring there’s exit liquidity for a token like COMB is a must, and that’s why there’s a big portion of the rewards going towards the COMB/XDAI farm currently. On the meantime it’s on our best interests to keep incentivizing that pool but we should be looking forward to set up proposals for HNY and/or WATER so liquidity is secured and rewards freed up.

All of this should be taken into account to make the Covenant, which in my opinion needs to be pretty detailed to keep the focus of the farms on providing more value to the whole ecosystem instead of potentially serving the interests of LPs.