Fauna (Moderation) Swarm Proposal

Introduction to the Fauna Role


With the release of farming things are as busy as ever and the community will require a swarm of moderators/support. This was initially formed by a group of active individuals who were providing support early on in 1Hive. This swarm group will be called ‘Fauna’. In summary this document will outline expectations/duties of members of the group, governance, & compensation. We ask for your support in our proposal as we believe we have provided something positive for the community. Please join in in the discussion and post your comments and thoughts below! We would love to hear what you think about the job we’ve done so far, and what your expectations are moving forward.

Expectations & Duties

These are the expectations and duties for the Fauna swarm:

  • Ensure members adhere to the Community Covenant
  • Provide support on social platforms including Discourse and Discord
  • Onboard new members to the appropriate channels
  • Engage and create a welcoming environment for the community
  • Remedy or remove excessive FUD and negativity
  • Provide documentation and articles to help new members
  • Manage sourcecred and ensure it is not being abused. Many changes have already been made, and the Fauna will continue to make adjustments as necessary
  • Update the community with the latest developments
  • Hold community events (more to come on this later)
  • Attend a weekly meeting to check-in with tasks completed


Governance includes the introduction of the Fauna DAO and measures to add and remove new fauna members.

  • Each member of the Fauna will recieve 1 FNA token to a new Aragon DAO which will govern the Fauna swarm
  • Initially there will be 10 Fauna members
  • Onboarding & offboarding of members will be done through a democratic vote using POLL tokens. This will be at the discretion of Fauna members

Fauna Members

  • Rayne - English/Dutch/Spanish(Intermediate) - CEST (UTC +1)
  • Jasper - English/Dutch - CEST (UTC +1)
  • Sandpiper - English, Spanish B1 on CEFR - EST (UCT -4)
  • Harry - English/Dutch/Spanish - CEST (UTC +1)
  • Blazar - English - MST (UTC -7)
  • lEscanore - English/Spanish
  • Luigy Lemon - English/Portuguese
  • RogueTwo - English
  • Crisog - Spanish/English (UTC -4)
  • Dosh - English - MST (UTC -7)
  • Solarmkd - English, Romanian, Macedonian (UTC +1)
  • Fresh - English/Dutch (UTC +1)

‘Status’ Fauna Members

This member requires moderation for other reasons & do not fall under the duties of Fauna.

  • Paslar


  • There will be compensation for Fauna members as they are bringing a positive economic value to the 1Hive ecosystem. Through welcoming users & providing articles and other documentation, this helps to onboard users into the ecosystem. A more positive experience ensures users are more inclined to find out more about honey, the 1Hive ecosystem, and to share this with those outside the community
  • For the initial proposal, 1HNY for each Fauna member will be requested, or a total of 10HNY. We would like to make this a monthly proposal and will reevaluate the requested amount next proposal. Fauna can vote to distribute the funds as soon as the proposal for funding passes.
  • ‘Status’ Fauna are not eligble for compensation in this proposal
  • Link to proposal here: https://1hive.org/#/proposal/104
  • Link to Fauna DAO: https://aragon.1hive.org/#/fauna/

Compensation seems very fair, I support this


Nice, you know I support u guys ! :metal:

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Excellent, fauna team working hard. I support this proposal.

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Fauna team is doing a great job in all aspect so I think everybody won’t mind to give a proper compensation for their effort. I fully support this proposal.


Looks like a solid team, go for it guys! I support this.

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Proposal is linked now, thanks again for all your support!

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Nice one. Well deserved!

Noob question, as my HNY is in the pool it says I have none available to support. Do I need to unstake and then I can? Or do I need to unstake AND unpool then I can support, repool, restake?

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I believe (i could be wrong), once you add the honey back to the LP it will remove your vote because you dont have any honey left in your wallet

Big support, I see 3 x Dutch Bees, that is great (goed om te zien!!!)



No question that this team is doing a great job, so it’s only fair to give them compensation. They all deserve it, 1000% support here


So Fauna members govern their own swarm?
I think this can be good but also bad… why not make a swarm governance DAO where all swarms (seeds, fauna, etc.) can vote for adding or removing new members?

I have the feeling having a compartmentalized swarms is not the way to go


Hey Rod,

Great question and input thank you. I agree that there can be some bad aspects in having self-governance over the swarm, but with the correct people involved I believe it will allow for greater effectiveness and efficiency as a group. Right now there is good cohesion between this group, and i do see adding and removing members being something that will not happen often. I think right now anything more than 10 fauna members is more than is required for the work load.

I also would like to add, I will definitely allign my vote with what the community wants, and at the end of the day this group should be a representation of what the community wants as a whole. Additionally, I will be putting honey towards voting on other proposals enacted that I believe are a benefit to the community - to support others as they supported us, and to allow ideas to flourish.


This makes sense and i support it. It is wise to have an official support group in the 1Hive ecosystem, not only will it greatly reduce instances where bees in a bid to help might unintentionally give wrong info, but also bees can now know for certain who exactly to reach out to for help, plus it makes our hive more organized. The compensation is ok too for all their time and effort, @rayne is a machine that never sleeps :sweat_smile: always ready to offer support. And i’ve actually asked @sandpiper once if he was human or a robot just to be sure :grin: All the members are perfectly suited for this role. I have voted in support and i encourage other bees to do so too. Good Job @Blazar

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I get where you are coming from. But you’ll agree with me that getting the whole 1Hive community involved(voting) in every little thing that goes on in the community wouldn’t be the most productive. I think the essence of swarms is to form small groups that can strategize, do their own thing and contribute to the Hive. The real power still lies with the community. The swarms only have control over what goes on within the swarm, it wouldn’t be wise to have bees that don’t participate in swarm duties interfere with the little decisions that goes on within the swarm.

I agree that having every bee vote for every decision is not the way to go. Thats why i suggested having all swarms vote for the addition or removal of swarm members.
In this scheme of things i imagine that swarms shouldnt have the same voting power, for example i would expect seed votes to weigh more than design/marketing swarm votes.

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I think i get you now. I misunderstood when you said “All swarms” I misread it for the various channels in discord(garden, design, buzz, etc) But i still think it’s best for swarms to decide who they are comfortable working with.
That said, i think you have a point with the votes of other swarms not weighting much but still counts when it comes to adding and removing members. Perhaps to serve as some kind of check. I concur.

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Hey Rod, I understand your concern. The only thing I can really say is that we don’t really have much of a vote in anything. We have a DAO where we vote on the funds within fauna being evenly distributed, that’s all. Besides that we are under scrutiny of the entire community, and ourselves. We spend time answering people’s questions and generally trying to support different parts of the ongoing progress in 1hive, we too have a stake in the betterment of this project. I hope that is satisfactory enough.


I agree, swarm members dont have it easy, you guys are doing a great work imo!
Im not sure i got your answer right, but my satisfaction doesn’t matter, and thats a good thing!
My only concern is: what is the best way to moderate swarms? and, how can we prevent any imbalances in the power of bees?
Id like to hear your thought around this, i know our fauna team is great, but in order to develop a resistant community, we need a system that works in the case there ARE bad actors.

What if in the future, the cohesion is no longer there? what if half fauna members decided to remove a member not because their work is bad, but for personal reasons. what if they add friends that dont work? If i understand correctly in your proposal the 1hive community doesnt have any vote in this matter. so in this sense, fauna members wouldnt be under scrutiny.