Fix the charts on the info pages

Fix the charts on the info pages at

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
Many of the charts on the honeyswap info pages are broken completely or have partial functionality. This is one of the primary sources of pricing information that HNY & other tokenholders use to track pricing information.

Proposal Rationale
Broken charts are not only inconvenient for members of 1hive, but also turn away potential new participants who are seeking to learn more about projects at the source. For these reasons this should be a priority.


I 100% agree with this. Are you proposing that you will be able to work on this? If so how much HNY would you want for it? If you put up a proposal with a game plan on Honey Pot, I would vote for it!

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Yes please, charts have been broken for a while now.

Completely agree. I am not technical enough to understand the effort it may take to have these fixed but from a relatively newbee experience, i have personally experienced this when i have tried to look up some price action on some current popular coins on 1Hive. It does put people off and for someone new may confuse them further. If there is a swarm dedicated to fixing or patching honeyexchange, may be this should be raised there to make it evident that more in the community are looking into these charts

Thanks for bringing attention to this. For most xDai native listing, Honeyswap is our only source for charts. This should be a priority especially with so many new users joining every day.

Yeah, i also agree that this issue should be addressed.
However, I do manage to see it eventually, but there’s definitely a bug. This is what I do:

From your screenshot I firstly click on “D

Now, the candle where my mouse is on says 24th February. And then then one after is today.
I’m not sure, but it may be that the graph went down on February 24th and not recording anymore if not the present day.

This does NOT work with Agave, at least not to me. That chart is totally blank.
I’ll address the issue also in #bug-report on Discord

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I know there was a problem with the subgraph and @fabriv was trying to fix, not sure what is the current status on this, but i am sure people would appreciate if somebody gives them more insights on this.

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for those that voted on this proposal. there is a vote up for funding the individual that fixed the charts here - > proposal forum post