Fluid Proposal - Blossom Labs 🌸

Proposal Information

This proposal is to fund Blossom Labs; a developer team specialized in building blockchain-based infrastructure for online communities.

Supporting this proposal will allocate a constant stream of HNY for funding the following 1hive-related projects:

You can support this proposal on Gardens (.eth.limo) or Gardens (.org).

Proposal Rationale

Blossom Labs works on advancing different open-source DAO tools that benefit the 1hive ecosystem in the following way:

  • EVMcrispr makes it easy to prepare and test new Gardens votes.
  • Osmotic Funding is improving how funds are distributed among the swarms / working groups of a Gardens / DAO.
  • Finally, Unbreakable Vows is, along with Gardens and Quests, a third way Celeste will be leveraged for more widespread use, providing HNY some more utility than it currently has.

In addition, we have other projects that benefit the Aragon and Ethereum ecosystems, such as Lazuline, Blobscan, and the Wayback-Machine.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Blossom Labs members with equal weight in control of funds:

@sem @paulo @gabi

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Blossom Labs’ Gnosis Safe: 0x8790B75CF2bd36A2502a3e48A24338D8288f2F15.

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

HNY received by this mechanism is used to partially pay contributors who prefer to receive the payments in HNY. This reduces the selling pressure of HNY, giving 1hive governance power to involved contributors committed to the 1hive mission.


I’d like to support this proposal, but I don’t see it in the gardens interface.

The interface is still buggy unfortunately… We’ll publish it pretty soon.

The proposal was created: Proposal 134

The UI was working fine but considering the previous changes before @sem review. And we were missing the following PR:

Everything is ready to start streaming :ocean:

Nov 2022 EOM Report

Which advances did we announce last month?

What are we currently working on now?

  • EVMcrispr: We are preparing the v0.10.0 with support for Gnosis Safe, many fixes, and a new Giveth module (funded by Giveth).
  • Osmotic Funding: We are working on a new Superfluid-enabled version of the MiniMeToken.