Fluid Proposal - Felipe Novaes Rocha active contributor

Fluid Proposal - Felipe Novaes Rocha active contributor

Proposal Information

This proposal financially complements the work of Felipe Novaes Rocha at 1Hive for active maintenance and development of our products.

Proposal in Gardens - https://gardensdao.eth.limo/#/xdai/garden/0x8ccbeab14b5ac4a431fffc39f4bec4089020a155/proposal/150

The forum post - Fluid Proposal - Felipe Novaes Rocha active contributor

Proposal Rationale

Felipe have been contributing in multiple projects, in most of them getting compensation through the Basic Income.

The Basic Income have low rate payment when you contribute few hours to the project, so for who is contributing in multiple projects don’t build up enough hours per project to get the fair rate for your services.

Supporting this proposal will allocate a constant stream of HNY for support the sustainable maintenance work of Felipe at all 1Hive projects that need things to be done.

Information (For Funding Proposals)

Felipe Novaes Rocha#2364

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Felipe Wallet: 0x2F9e113434aeBDd70bB99cB6505e1F726C578D6d.

Once a month will be a post with summary of work done in EOM (End of Month) Report format.

With initally 2 report

  • Which advances did we announce last month?
  • What are we currently working on now?
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Dec 2022 EOM Report

Which advances did we announce last month?


  • Doing research in Celo, Optimism to expand Gardens and Celeste
  • Research with Connext to be able to Cross chain Gardens
  • Getting in Telegram with Connext to check possibilty Gardens/Celeste be cross-chain


  • Change UI to accept Goerli network
  • Create new memonic and add GoerliETH
  • Added goerli to GitHub - 1Hive/dao-list: This repository has the metadata (assets and information) of each Garden in the Gardens interface.
  • Deployed MiniMeToken HNYT - @Corantin Deployed
  • Added HNYT Liquidity token to Uniswap Pool
  • Find and collected all the necessary contract address to deploy Gardens and Celeste
    • Address collected so far:

      AragonID: '0x7749e4b09ab585d3e9db4c461943e994b809168f',
      DAOFactory: '0x0c514a00401666780fca29d4cd6943085818f049',
      ENS: '0x8cf5a255ed61f403837f040b8d9f052857469273',
      MiniMeFactory: '0x61bce7f119a438eb85b7e78fe980a258adc87291',
      HoneyswapRouter: '0x7a250d5630b4cf539739df2c5dacb4c659f2488d',
      HoneyToken: '0x2d467a24095B262787f58ce97d9B130ce7232B57',
      StableToken: '0xdc31ee1784292379fbb2964b3b9c4124d8f89c60', //DAI
      HoneyPriceOracle: '',
      PriceOracleFactory: '',
      CollateralRequirementUpdaterFactory: '',
      UniswapV2Factory: '0x5c69bee701ef814a2b6a3edd4b1652cb9cc5aa6f',
      UnipoolFactory: '',
      Arbitrator: '0x15ea6e0ab085b8d7d899672f10f213d53ce02150',
      StakingFactory: '',


What are we currently working on now?

  • Added Fleek Co Api instead Pinata (In progress)

  • Create some way to test hardhat-aragon fleek (In progress)

  • Find/Deploy UnipoolFactory and others missing contracts

  • Deploy 3 subgraphs (agreement,gardens,celeste) to GraphNetwork

  • Me and @paul2 In contact with GraphProtocol to get Grant and do the migration all subgraphs


Jan 2023 EOM Report

Which advances did we announce last month?


  • We get Grant from TheGraphProtocol (with help from @paul2) around 100k in GRT with the value of 0.07 USD
    • With possibility get more 50k-150k, dependent of the volume of queries.
  • Configured Guild.XYZ for 1Hive Discord Server

Health Status Price Oracle


  • StakingFactory deployed
  • UniPoolFactory deployed
  • CollateralRequirementUpdaterFactory deployed
  • Changes in the contract repos to made easy to deploy those contracts in the future.
  • Added Liquidity for the PAIR HNYT-DAI
  • Update the PriceOracle and improv the 1hive-monk repo
  • Running service update for PriceOracle and Celeste server.
  • Created Goerli Chainlink Automation for PriceOracle
  • GardensTemplate deployed
  • Gardens Subgraph upgrades AssemblyScript API to 0.0.6
  • Gardens Subgraph deployed in Goerli GraphNetwork
  • Gardens UI finishing config to Goerli Gardens PR Gardens-UI
  • Create PriceOracle to Goerli networking and let running with Monk
  • Fixed PriceOracle CALL_EXCEPTION at Update
  • Redeploy Gardens Subgraph v2.0.0
  • Start support guy lost 100 USD Liquidity creating Gardens
    • createGardensTxOne did run but txTwo and others dont.

More details about Notion: Goerli deployments here


  • Update gardens-connector link subgraph


  • Investing error with Faucet and BrightID integration and API need be upgraded to lastest version.
  • @paul2 and me meeting with Arjun from Connext to talk about Cross chain
  • @Gabi was summoned to that convo in the next turn.
  • @Corantin upgraded Celeste Subgraph


What are we currently working on now?

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Hello @kamikazebr, quite a productive month!

Could you post the stuff that is done under the gardens swarm umbrella within the gardens fluid proposal, and what you do by your own account in here the next months, please? This way is easier to follow what is being done and how the honey is spent in the different projects.

On top of that, do you know why the link you provide for the honeyswap subgraph is not working for random addresses?

You mean post it there also right? Because that personal fluid its to support what i receive in gardens too.
I can post it there for sure.

About the Honeyswap, i think because i not published it that why its not visible.
One screenshot that.

The problem is: its was deployed using my wallet, i checked with Kyle to understand how handle that.

What i’m thinking to do is redeploy it again with the Safe wallet, but i need test if that will need signers to every time we need open the website.

I think should work normally, but need be tested. That its one thing for the next round to do.

About the next steps i need one meeting to decide what need be done and focused. Because we have a lot things to be done.

What I mean is just the contrary. The two fluid proposals should have differentiated purposes.

You are making most of the technical work in Gardens nowadays, and because you are already receiving remuneration from Gardens, this proposal should not include the Gardens work. Only if you decided to leave the Gardens Swarm but still support Gardens, then that work would be applicable in a fluid proposal that is not Gardens Swarm.

Does it have more sense now?

I made that proposal to complement my payments. like said there

and here

Receiving only by Gardens Swarm do not pay fairly for the work done, becase Basic Income only start getting fair rate when we have a team building togheter, otherwise you will always get the lowest rate possible.

Also the Fluid Proposal dont pay enough for cover all the work i have been done in Gardens plus others swarms.

So because that I include the Gardens work, if I was getting the $50 hour in Gardens Swarm so that will make sense to me, just leave the Fluid Proposal for the others projects and maintence.

Now if we have another way to do that work and make sense to you too, let me know and we can make the necessary changes.

It’s okay to complement what you receive from Gardens with this proposal. I’m not talking about that.

I am requesting more clarity on the relation: fluid proposal => what is being made. If you are contributing to both fluid proposals, the work you do in them should be distinguishable one from the other, so token supporters can choose what they are supporting.

As I was proposing, a solution could be not to include in the EOMs of this proposal work done on Gardens, so it is entirely counted in Gardens Swarm.

If you think your work is not paid enough in Gardens, then you can post some of the tasks made here, making it very clear in Gardens EOM what is being paid with Gardens Swarm money and what is not.

Does it have sense to you?

Funding stopped

When the Gardens get rejected, the fund have pratically stopped running at rate 2 HNY per month.

For some reason the Gardens UI dont reflect the current flow, still showing the old values.

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Honeyswap was synced

That got synced 100%