Fluid Proposals Update 🌊

A few months ago we started to research a new proposal type for Gardens. Here is the initial discussion:

Since then we had a few conversations to decide on and plan the initial prototype. Here are the meeting notes:

For the initial prototype we agree on going with a middleware smart contract with the responsibility of:

  1. Listens to Conviction Voting app
  2. Keeps track of active fluid proposals and beneficiaries
  3. Calculates flow rates
  4. Manage Superfluid flows

The initial version of the middleware smart contract can be found here:

Using the initial middleware contract we started an integration test to check everything was working as expected and we use it to feed potential errors helping to correct the initial version of the smart contract.

We detailed the steps taken during the integration test in the following document: Fluid Proposals Integration Test

The next steps to keep the experiment going are:

  • Involve new members in the development and research of the initiative while gathering more feedback on our current assumptions and direction.
  • Write a lot more unit tests on the Fluid Proposal smart contract.
  • Create some initial models with the help of Luna Swarm to decide on the initial Flow Settings.
  • Create a custom script using EVMcrispr that does the whole setup on a single vote to make it easy for existing Gardens to implement this new feature.
  • Adapt the current Gardens front end to the new proposal type when we detect that a Fluid Proposal middleware exists, involving:
    • subgraph updates to detect the new proposal type
    • front-end updates to handle the new smart contract and subgraph logic

If you are interested in helping the development of this idea answer on the forum thread or ping me on discord.


Everyone interested to try the new Fluid Proposal type here is a preview deployment with the new changes on the Gardens UI: https://gardens-nyz040k42-1hive.vercel.app

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