Harvest S1 Application - Gardens Swarm

1Hive Harvest S1 Application - Gardens Swarm

Proposal Link: Gardens

Swarm, working group, or contributor name

Gardens :seedling:

Who helped with this application?

Description of value created for 1Hive, 18 May - 18 August, 2022

During the time period of 18 May to 18 August:

  • 72 people joined Gardens DAOs by signing a Covenant
  • 51 proposals were created.

The time period ended with $4.4 million in the Common Pools of Gardens

Gardens did not see much user or DAO growth over the last 3 months, however the existing Gardens have maintained a steady flow of proposals and are proving the strength of 1Hive’s governance structure in an era where DAO governance attacks are becoming more and more common.

How do Gardens create value for 1Hive and Honey?

  • Gardens increases adoption of 1Hive’s governance structure. As more people participate in Gardens DAOs, they help prove the value and resilience of 1Hive’s governance model. They also learn about creating and voting on proposals and how the Covenant, Conviction Voting, Celeste, Dynamic Issuance, and Tao Voting work. Spreading knowledge of these tools helps make them more ubiquitous and makes it easier for more people to participate in 1Hive.
  • Gardens increases adoption of Honeyswap. When a DAO creates a Garden, they need to add $100 of liquidity between their token and HNY on Honeyswap. Beyond that they can grow liquidity on any DEX and with any pair they’d like, but many Gardens choose to grow liquidity on Honeyswap, and with the HNY pair.
    • Total liquidity of Gardens DAO tokens on Honeyswap: $2.5 million
    • Total HNY liquidity of Gardens DAO tokens: $1.1 million
      With ~20% of Honeyswap’s liquidity, Gardens DAOs make up a significant portion of fees that 1Hive earns from trades on Honeyswap, and create demand for the HNY token.
  • Gardens increases adoption of Celeste. Celeste secures our ecosystem, creates demand for HNY, locks supply of HNY (currently 2.1% of HNY is staked in Celeste), and is a critical utility of the HNY token. As a service, Celeste improves at scale, and Gardens helps grow Celeste by adding more communities that contribute to it and rely on it.
  • Gardens creates a platform with network effects that multiplies the value of work done by 1Hive. 1Hive so far has successfully incubated an outrageous number of innovative web3 tools, and Gardens plays a key role in growing the value of these tools beyond just 1 community. Fluid Proposals, Vesting App, Water, 1HiveTV, NFBeez and Quests all have benefited from the network effects provided by Gardens.
  • Gardens creates visibility for 1Hive. Many people rely on crypto Twitter to hear about tools and projects in web3. Gardens uses Twitter to share our progress and amplify messages from 1Hive and our Gardens communities. Here are the analytics for @gardensdao between 1 June, 2022 and 6 August, 2022:
    • Tweets: 24
    • Tweet Impressions: 23.5k
    • Profile Visits: 13.5k
    • Mentions: 119
    • New Followers: 67

Description of work completed 18 May - 18 August, 2022

  • Gardens TVL added to DeFiLlama
  • MVP for the frontend of the Tao Voting demo for Aragon DAO
  • Zodiac research and scoping for Gardens v2
  • Working demo of Vesting Tokens App
  • Initial Frontend work on Poll Proposals
  • Continued work on the Fluid Proposals initiative
  • Joined the June GnosisDAO call on Twitterspace, featuring Gardens
  • Joined an Aragon AMA on Twitterspace talking about 1Hive’s Tao Voting system and the demo being built for Aragon DAO
  • Gardens became an official launch partner for Gnosis Wiki - web3 resource built by Gnosis Guild
  • Gitcoin Grant for GR14 - raising $6k in Gardens Funding
  • Converted 225 HNY raised from 1Hive proposal to $7,800 xDAI using Hedgey OTC Deal, gated for NFBeez and Panvala Stamps holders.

Financials - list the following information for the time period 18 May, 2022 to 18 August, 2022

Income and Expenses

Internal/External Description Income Expense
Internal 1Hive Funding Proposal 225 HNY
External Gitcoin GR14 Grant $564 DAI
External Gitcoin GR14 Grant 49,202 GRT
External Giveth Donations 691 GIV
Internal Sprint #31 Payments - Contributors $1,800 xDAI
Internal Sprint #32 Payments - Contributors $3,300 xDAI
Internal Sprint #33 Payments - Contributors $1,270 xDAI
Internal Sprint #34 Payments - Contributors $820 xDAI
Internal Sprint #35 Payments - Contributors $1,920 xDAI
Internal Sprint #36 Payments - Contributors
Total $18,290 USD $9,110 USD

Contributor Expenses

Contributor Payments this season
Paul $4,580
Felipe $1,910
Tiago $1,780
Rodrigo $1,100
Anup $600

Link to hours reporting spreadsheet: Gardens Hours - Google Sheets

Treasury Balance Sheet

Tokens held with balance > $30

Network Wallet Address Token Balance USD Balance
Gnosis Chain 0x1B8C7f06F537711A7CAf6770051A43B4F3E69A7e 5,908 WXDAI $5,908.00
Gnosis Chain 0x1B8C7f06F537711A7CAf6770051A43B4F3E69A7e 1,077 GIV $55.23
Gnosis Chain 0x1B8C7f06F537711A7CAf6770051A43B4F3E69A7e 0.77 HNY $34,68
Mainnet 0x1aD44446A588010AB6b741cd0201b92f84B597bB 4,202 GRT $541.30
Mainnet 0x1aD44446A588010AB6b741cd0201b92f84B597bB 42.96 USDC $42.96
Total Balance $6,582.17

Projected Expenses

Month Internal/External Description Amount
August Internal Contributor Compensation - Basic Income $2,000
September Internal Contributor Compensation $4,000
October Internal Contributor Compensation - est. start of Gardens v2 work $12,000
November Internal Contributor Compensation - v2 work $12,000
December Internal Contributor Compensation - v2 work $12,000
January Internal Contributor Compensation - v2 work $12,000
6-month Total $54,000

Gnosis Safe or Wallet address funds will go to.

Gardens Gnosis Safe: 0x1B8C7f06F537711A7CAf6770051A43B4F3E69A7e

Plans for how funds will be distributed.

Coordinape, as we did with the Retroactive Funding Pilot