HNY to the moon

In my opinion we have to help together so that HNY is once again launched to the moon. I can’t think of a priori any original idea, but we can all contribute ideas so that we can go back to around 1000 dollars.


I’ve been putting together a similar list of the feedback channel as therealmo did with the help channel Charts and data from #help channel on Discord .

Can anyone else help do the same with the proposal, the bug channel, Or maybe go through the idea forum and proposal forum? I am trying to combine all the ideas into a single spreadsheet.

We are repeating ideas over and over since July as far as I can tell. Some are really good, hence why they get repeated. If we can tally up the ideas distinguish how many ‘mentions’ and differentiate completed, in progress, not complete. Then maybe we can start prioritizing which projects we could post with a dev bounty to try and get some traction on implementing more products/projects with the best ROI.

We could capture the trading volume of Badger (looks like it is going to be big) by incentivizing staking on Honeyswap. HNY/BADGER pair sounds like a nice fit. After all, interacting with 1Hive governance was a task to complete in order to participate in the airdrop.

We would need to fund one more farm though. Not sure if that would pass fast enough.


I have no information about badger. Do you mean this?

Do you think a farm of HNY and Badger can be useful for regrowth?

If you voted on 1Hive proposals you can claim some right now. There is some liquidity in Honeyswap right now as well.


it’s Good. This is a very good idea. thanks.

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I will see if I have some time to work on this!

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I think that is a good idea if it can be implemented.

Seems like a great idea to me too.

yeah, farm HNY to earn Badger or farm Badger to earn HNY is very attractive users


Given the recent badger airdrop to 1Hive users it would seem appropriate to add the token to the list of tradable coins in honeyswap.

Anyone can add any token at any time.

  • you can bridge eth native token over to xdai using the omnibridge
  • add to honeyswap pool using token address.

I believe badger xdai address can be found here (always double check addresses when moving low liquidity tokens like this)