Honeyswap - How much Gas Price (Gwei) have you've paid for the transaction

We all know that we are paying very little or almost ‘zero’ fees when we trading on Honeyswap thanks to the xDaichain.

Lets share from your experienced on how much have you paid for the Gas Price (Gwei), and how low would you pay.

On the Metamask, usually it displayed 1 Gwei by default:
Default fees

There are some mixed information on how little you can entered, for example today I just claimed from the farm rewards using the following Gwei (0.000001) and it was successful.

Lets hear from you :grin:


Haha, yes, fees are ridiculously low. I normally leave it at 1gwei as I am too lazy to change it and it results in 0.000003 fees or such. So it depends if you value your time over a fraction of a fraction of a cent. But it’s cool to see how low it can go.


heard about that on discord, but didnt had the balls to try it out myself, but for claiming some HNY i gave it a shot, and it worked flawlessly… not that fast thou :smiley:

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Nice! :smiley: I just tried to harvest with the same value (0.000001). Transaction done in around 30 seconds.

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I was using .001 all the time, it was fast just like using the default setting.


Gas fees are so low you can actually make multiple buy/sell transactions a day without noticing. Love it! :money_with_wings:


Agree with above guy. Thank xdai gas fee is so low that i don’t bother


What would be If we see gas fee like xdai have here on ETH cheap and fast transactions but I think there is no change that gonna change in near future.
I think from start I joined in this project I paid like 0.01$ for like 20/30 transactions which is fantastic.

Lol i didnt know it was possible so i decided to try it for myself, i actually went one 0 further:

and to my amazement, the transaction went through just a couple of seconds later.
Copia de bee-e1452114220653

Holw cow man, xDai is amazing

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Wow, I should try next. :grin:

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It works fine with extra ‘0’ 0.0000001 :heart_eyes:

I’m always using the default value 1, we’re paying nothing compared to mainet.

Yeah I will try with point not not not not not not one, haha

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imho, the real power here is that the Transaction costs are paid on a Stable Coin Basis, if ETH mainnet would still be values at 15 bucks per eth, transactions costs would be quite low on a 21 gwei price as well

With voting and providing liquidity I don’t think I have exceeded with 1 cent of transaction fees :slight_smile:
I just hope with popularity the transaction fee won;t take off :stuck_out_tongue:

never knew that can go thro with less than 1?

Yes, you can try it next.

U can do ton of transaction here

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I always use 2 gwei instead of 1, just in case and want to get it trough asap :joy:

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@anisoptera told us something interesting about xDai gas prices on the Discord, I’ll relay the information here:

There is 1 out of the 13 validators that will take your transactions and include them in the block for less than 1 gwei, and they are willing to include your transaction for any price. The others use 1 gwei or more - so 1 gwei should be sufficient to be included in the next block, since blocks are not really full on xDai yet.

If you don’t care about waiting a few minutes, then as low as 0.000001 gwei should be sufficient, but your transaction will only be included when that single validator is the block producer.