HoneySwap needs to attract more liquidity providers!

HoneySwap needs to attract more liquidity providers!
Without LP-s HoneySwap is useless!

Because of impermanent loss the LP-s are leaving the system for better places.
HoneySwap should increase the swap fee to make it worth to be an LP on honeyswap! I think at least double fee: 0.6%!
When you create good APY for LP-s they will come!
Swap fee would be still low for the users compared to Mainnet! They wouldn’t even notice the increased fees.
In return users can benefit from less slippage and choosing from more tokens.
It’s a joke how high is the slippage on most of the tokens on Honeswap because of the extremely low liquidity. It scares away the new users!

There is ongoing discussion about this : Raising the paid lp fees

My thoughts are not going in that direction since we will need to redeploy everything from scratch which is not so ideal, i don’t see LP’s complaining about the 0.3% on mainnet but then again they have bigger volume. If you charge users more for swaps then they can leave and go to CEX because they offer cheaper trasactions. The key here is that we need to work on more projects such as lending/borrowing, nfts market and so on… In order to bring more Liquidity we need to choose and make some good DEFI strategies, liquidity will come with good marketing.

LP-s are leaving the network. That’s how you know they complain. I stopped being an LP myself, it’s not worth it on these fees.
Users will not go to cex because honeyswap is already more expensive than a cex. Users use honeyswap because it’s cheaper than uniswap. Uniswap user use uniswap because they hate cex.
Nobody needs NTF, lending and farming. Everybody lost money on farming because honey prices dumped. No need bs projects. People needs liquidity!
Honeyswap is useless without LP! The main priority is clearly more LP and more tokens!
The only way you can attract more LP-s (and more tokens) is making better APY for them!

there is already a thread about this discussion here