Honeyswap token list. How to check where a token is from

Once you’re on the token list at Honeyswap, click on the token of your choice. I’ll be using wrapped Ethereum, WETH, in this example.
Clicking on the token will take you to its page.

Click on the token address in the upper left hand corner of the token description.
It’s in blue and starts with 0x. This is linked to Blockscout Explorer and will take you to the token’s xDai chain information page.

Here you can see it says TokenProxy Wrapped Ether on xDai (WETH). This lets you know it’s a token that was brought over from another chain. It’s not the original token address. It’s a stand-in, or in other words, a proxy.
Click on that link, which will take you to this page:

Here you can see "Token is bridged View Original Token ".
The fact that the token has the same name and is bridged doesn’t exactly prove that it’s the token we’re looking for, but it’s a good hint.
Finally click the “View Original Token” link.
That brings us to the Etherscan page for WETH, where we can tell by the information given, like the price and the market cap and the total supply that this is indeed the coin we seek.

Hopefully this helps.
I’ll try to add other examples soon, especially of tokens that seem to mimic popular tokens but that don’t have strong value, trading, or holders.


love it meta, thank you for doing this :)))

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