Token address converter

Would be easier to newcomers to know what are the bridged token addresses if there was some tool which showed it.

Actually there’s only a huge list with addresses very inconvenient on the blocksquout explorer. For example there is a newcomer in telegram which want to buy SUSHI but there’s two tokens on so he doesn’t know which is the good one.

I was thinking like a tool with an text input and text output where you can input the mainnet address and it outputs the xdai ERC20 address, but more ideas are welcomed

Right now the best option to check what is the original address is doing this:

Thanks @metaverde


yea, good idea. its for user friendly and safety. But someone need to pick that up. you know how its work :smiley:

I get what you say, some kind of app that can check the token addresses on blockscout and etherrscan would be handy, but even then you are not secure because the admin of the app can trick you…

The most secure way is DYOR to check the token contract address on

For sushi token you will get 2 options , the other one might be some test version …

on the link you will see the option view original token, when you click it it will bring you to etherscan and you will see how much holders it has and easily you can tell that it’s the right token.

That tool could be on a trusted site like blocksquout. Also what you’re proposing is the reverse procedure. Is way more convenient to getting the xdai address from the mainnet one

I’m thinking that that conversion could be done automatically when importing a honeyswap token, is nearly impossible to have two ethereum addresses which matches, so when importing let’s say the WETH mainnet address on honeyswap, honeyswap find their matching address and substitute it, warning the user that a mainnet address was found and it will be replaced for their xdai version

That’s done manually for now on 1hive github, there is a token list where you can check and make pr for a token to be added to the token list.

And that list couldn’t be implemented inside honeyswap token address field to make a dynamic conversion to the xdai token address?