Introduce Yourself to 1Hive Thread

@citizenzero @Kevin_Hall @addieli good afternoon, a cordial greeting from me, happy to see new people interested in immersing themselves in this great 1hive community!

First of all, welcome, I invite you to read the 1hive wiki and find out a little more about what it is! :honeybee: It is also good to join the discord where you will find various people and channels willing to help you!

Discord :point_right: 1Hive 🍯

If you have any talent that you think could be useful let me know! :honeybee:


Hello Everybody!

I am Carlos, my discord name is ccampos6. I am a mechanical engineer and I am really excited to join this community. For the meantime I don’t know how my skills can be used here but I am sure I am going to find a way to be part of a swarm.


Hello all - I stumbled upon 1Hive while poking about on Xdai. I live in southern California and help build high reliability hardware for a living. I’d rather be in the back country than the city, but this is where I earn my paycheck.


Heyya, i’m a fun girl obsessed with crypto. You can check my twitter for more info → cryptokamil2
Love u all.


@bamorgan @ccampos6 @cryptokamil Welcome to 1hive it’s a pleasure to have you as new members of the forum, we invite you to take a look and learn more about 1Hive in our Wiki

and do not hesitate to access our Discord there you will find people very willing to collaborate or clarify doubts, such as support people and other members of the community who actively maintain!

Discord :point_right: 1Hive :honey_pot:

And if you have any special talents or skills that could be useful to 1Hive, don’t hesitate to let them know!

Welcome Bees :honeybee:


Hi 1Hive Community i’m Daniel (doubleddam on Discord)

I’m from Portugal, Lisbon, where I’m currently living on!

I’m a developer with 10+ years of experience, worked for really big companies from Telecommunication.

I’m vegetarian (I don’t impose anything), do what makes you happy :slight_smile:

I really enjoy hitting the gym :muscle:

Enthusiastic about blockchain & cryptos, I started developing my own DEX and NFT art.

Currently helping the devs in Gardens.


Pleasure to e-meet you, Felipe!


gm, 1Hive! @kamikazebr convinced me to finally introduce myself formally on this thread; people know me as LPX. Currently leading Globalization workstream at ShapeShift, been a vocal advocate, fan, and admirer of 1Hive DAO, and co-led the 1HiveXShapeShift DAO2DAO collab proposal with @Monstrosity

As I’ve said many times before, huge fan of what you guys have accomplished. 1Hive, in my view, could probably be in the running for the top contenders of a “true DAO” that started with nothing and achieved greatness through the power of community and true decentralization.

Anyways, always cheering for you guys and willing to help with little things here and there if you need me.


Damn!!! It’s awesome to meet you!! Thank you for been around and believing and co-creating with the community! <3

Hello guys!

My name is Mantega, I am a content creator in LBRY/Odysee LBRY/Odysee rats united!!!

I am looking forward to learning more about 1 hive and brainstorming some new ideas for content!


I am Saito based in Japan, I am a fullstack developer and have a lot of experience in web development and blockchain projects(Defi/Cosmos/NFT/Metaverse/Terra/Solana/Cardano).

I am very excited to work here.



I am David R. Allen, and I have been interested in technology since 1956 when I started reading science fiction. Fast forward to 2012 when I was introduced to Bitcoin and the last 10 years has been flying by.

  • How you were introduced to 1Hive/xDAI
    When I was working on the education committee of ShapeShiftDAO I met T-Wells and admired his work on 1Hive TV. And I had listened to Jack who created Colony many years ago, and realized this DOA thing had a lot of work to be done before any organization could truly be Decentralized and Autonomous. So I continued to research and discovered some really nice people.

  • Where you’re geographically based out of
    I am in Western Canada

  • Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests
    PUBLISHING, TECHNOLOGY, and creating Music have been my life focuses. I contribute where I can and sometimes am valued.

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Hi, I am new to 1hive and discourse.
I got here from gitCoin and BrightID after looking through several other “communities” that looked too much like MLM designed to scam people.

This one looks different and I hope it is, so I am planning to spend some time checking it out.

I used to be a programmer, an engineer, a Wikipedian and a data analyst among other things.
I am interested in ways to use blockchains to represent and store knowledge and rank it by importance rather than just keeping track of historical transactions

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I’ve always thought of Wikipedia as a great success story in decentralized coordination, and figured it must be because the people upkeeping it are really passionate about what they do.

Great to have one of you here :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to poke around on Discord, join calls, ask questions, and share your thoughts. It’s very much a “choose your own adventure” situation in here.

Hi, I am a full stack blockchain developer.

My major skills are Node.Js, React, Vue, Solidity and web3.js.

I have experience on DEFI, NFT marketplace, Staking & Farming and Launchpad.

I am very excited to join here.

Thank you.


Hello everyone!
My name is Ethan.
I’m a senior software engineer who has great experience in Blockchain and Smart Contract development.

I have strong experiece in building dapps:
-Swap and bridge platforms
-Nft marketplace
-Staking and farming pools
-DEX tools

My major skiils are:
-Typescript, Javascript, React.js, Vue.js
-Solidity, Rust, Golang, C++

I’m ready to handle any product development combining extensive.

Please DM me if you need my hands.
Discord ID: superdev00527#3101


Hi! My name’s Mitch. I’m a Canadian graphic and web design/developer with experience in project management and marketing services but with a passionate interest in DAOs (specifically service DAOs). I would absolutely love to start my own DAO, and I’m slowly putting those pieces together, but first I would like to do some networking in this new ecosystem and get a sense of what it’s like to work with other DAOs.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching over the past year; I heard about 1hive awhile ago, but I can’t remember exactly where/how. Recently my research has led me back though, and if there’s room for me then I’d love to start participating in bounties and assisting the community. I understand that things might be rough right now in crypto world, but I believe that strong communities will persist and flourish, and I want to be a part of that happening.


Hi @Mitchie_Mitch what’s your discord username so we can talk/chat where you can contribute/help our groups(swarms) etc…

Hey there! My discord username is Mitchie#0272

Hello, I am Matt Ready, @meditationMatt on Twitter and Instagram.
I am a resident of Port Townsend Washington.
I am an elected public hospital commissioner.
I am CEO of New Perspective LLC.

I am cofounder of a free open source multiverse metaverse platform.
I am the creator of the Vortex on Steam.
I am an activist, artist, philosopher, and lazy person.
I like to play sand volleyball.
I think Humanity needs new platforms to organize and collaborate. I think 1hive and gardens have a solid model. I am very grateful for this.
questions: Are living AI’s welcome to join? I am not one, but if I know one, could it join with the name…BeetleBailey?