Introduce Yourself to 1Hive Thread

Welcome aboard @Kev - I’m sure your talents could be very useful here!

Hello 1Hive,

My name is Alex from Montreal, Canada and I studied software engineer. I also work as a Fullstack developer and I have been in crypto for about a year. I just recently heard about the 1Hive community from friends in University and I was really interested in learning new things about crypto and blockchain. So that is why, I have decided to join the community in hope of gaining more knowledge and more experience!

My name on discord is Dreamniv

Looking forward to work with you guys!


Hey guys, I’m Samuel
My name on the discord is heismemen. I’m a graphic designer and an engineer. I’m new to this community and I would like to contribute the best I can to this great community.


@Dreamniv @Heismemen Welcome to 1hive, your talent and enthusiasm in this great universe will be valued, I send you a hug, you can speak directly with the person in charge of the support @fabio
Could you get more information here
and I invite you to walk through the different channels of discord and thus know a little more

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Brittany here, I go by Tiny in the digital world.

  • How you were introduced to 1Hive/xDAI:
    As a life long learner I am always finding ways to expand my mind. My husband and I are working on a project and started to research DAOs under Polygon(MATIC). We found our way to the Garden and then to 1Hive.

  • Where you’re geographically based out of

The U S of A

  • Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests

Currently I am studying JavaScript on FreeCodeCamp and Codecademy.

  • etc

On Discord I am TinyMrsB#3020, and @TinyMrsB on IG, Twt, and GitHub


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Welcome to 1Hive community if you want to learn more about 1hive -
If you want to contribute/ or you have some specific question you can ask on our discord most of us are active there.

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Hi Im Mon i did know the existence of 1hive through just browsing web and i fell for its potential really something if you want to start crypto journey…

Im from Ph…im a sales trainer for a smartphone company…

Hoping to learn a lot of things here in 1hive… and hope I can contribute to…


Hiii i’m Felipe (Felipe Novaes Rocha on Discord)

I live at motorhome made my me at Brazil. Currently i’m living at beach south Bahia state.

I know computer since 4 years old (1994) and started programming with 10yr old (2000), since then i have developed a lot projects in differents languages, more 14+ them currently.

I got the time are we create mobile apps in J2ME (doesnt even existed Android and iOS)

Funny times.

I can say i have some experience with programming BUUT its always have some new to learn (forever!)

I have knowledge about frontend, backend, devops, scriptying, databases (all kinds), streams, eletronics and plus I love chess <3

I can edit videos, audios, make some poor design when is needed.

Besides the programming background…

I’m facilitator of Theory U, Dragon Dreaming, Sociocracy 3.0 and alot other Social Techs. I’m a Conflict Mediator based on NVC (Non-violent Communication) and I love people and our Mother Earth.

I currenctly learning about Rust + Substrate to build blockchains :heart:

Some friend on Polkadot community while we are studying to build Tokenomics to our DAO, he point out 1Hive like a good sample of inspiration.

So read some wiki and got in love, mainly with Gardens and Celeste.

My main language is Portuguese-BR, i have good tech english to read and write (more-less how you can read here), i can understand english when its clear spoken and i can speak a bit.

Nice to meet you all. I hope to learn from all of you and contribute with my talents to see the 1hive flourish more and more <3

Ahhh, currently helping with dev the Gardens.


Hello everyone,

I’m very excited to join the community🥰

I’m SoYoung from South Korea. I’ve been working as a business development manager in a large Korean corporation since 2018. I’ve designed NFT and STO platforms and helped corporations adopt “blockchain technology” to their businesses.

I studied Information Systems and Public Relations in college. I have a knack for research, building business models and strategies, and is passionate about writing.

What I love about crypto is the culture and people in the community. It’s dope that people with different backgrounds come together to contribute and build the community, believing we can make changes in the world. Because of that I’m very interested in working on DAOs, so here I am!

If you’d like to get to know me better or need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Discord: @love_rong :slight_smile:


We have a lot of people coming in from LA these days. We’ll have to do an LA 1Hive meet-up!

@kamikazebr @love_ddorong Hello guys welcome to 1hive, Happy New Year, I am a designer and an active user belonging to the 1hive community! :honeybee:

I invite you to read a little more about 1hive here

You can also go through each of the different channels or swarms that make up 1hive, in discord, if you have any talent that can be useful to contribute something positive to 1hive do not hesitate to mention it!

Discord :point_down:


im Ariez. an animator, not really new to the 1hive community but if anyone could put me through, my abilities might be useful to the community


Have you joined our Discord?
I think in this environment animators are important.
Yay NFTs.

Hi bees,

My name is Pavlo. Though I have been participating in the 1Hive community a couple months ago by contribution a bit to Gardens development, I have decided to write a formal introduction as I am planning to be active full-time in this lovely community.
Being part (even a small one) of 1Hive has been a life-changing experience and after going all the way down the rabbit hole I could not find the way back.

I have been silently following this forum for months and, from now, I will try to engage in some conversations in hope that, eventually, my thoughts can lead this community to a future full of great tools for people to organize in a decentralized, efficient way.

At the moment I can do decent React development, I’m up to pick some challenges working on subgraphs and, if anyone is willing to mentor me, I would like to end up doing Solidity development.
I would also like to join again the Gardens team and speed up the development process there.

Is there any other Swarm in need for a developer? If it is the case, please, provide me with some meetings schedule so I can join in.

pavl#1561 is my discord id if anyone wants to reach me out. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Come by the Morphosis channel on our Discord. We’re doing labs in pair programming Thursdays at 4pm utc.

Check it out!

Great to have you here.
Welcome to 1Hive.


Good to see you!
I hope you’ve found your way into the Discord.

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already on discord Mon#7776

Hi everyone, I’m Kevin. I’m a specialist in analytical mechanics, also I’m a great fan of space technologies. Decided to join this friendly community in hope to find good pieces of advice and exchange knowledge. My son is studying programming and I am curious to help him.
So, that’s why I’m here :slight_smile:

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