Introduce Yourself to 1Hive Thread

Rather not introduce myself by name at this point. Everyone can just call me Eth_Man. :slight_smile:
On discord I am RogueTwo#6155

  • How I was introduced to 1Hive. By @sandpiper at Maker rocketchat.
  • geographically US.
  • Background - Long time freelance IT consult team lead on heavy iron (all forms of Unix BSD/SYSV variants) sysadm/system analyst specializing in restoring IT operations and process optimization. Education - physicist M.S. Solid State Theoretical Physics, Plasma Physics, Chemical Physics with a strong secondary background in EE (Both Analog and Digital with a focus on Digital), Human Machine Interface design and optimization, controls, both from a theoretical and practical standpoint.
  • Interests are far too numerous to list but run the full gamut from astrophysics, to nuclear and almost everything in between. Strong personal interest in poker, game theory, social dynamics, etc.
  • Why I am here because Ethereum L1 tx fees are high and everyone is looking for a solution. What 1Hive is doing with xDAI - the speed of the build and community gathering is impressive. I am highly interested in reducing sybil attacks using some sort of identification protocol, so the use of BrightID here is interesting. I also participate as Eth_Man in and involved in that community.
    I have had a long term (decades now) interest in DAOs generally. Given my interests and fields of study are so diverse I consider myself to have a strong multidisciplinary background and can bring knowledge/studies from many fields to particular problems that most can’t.
  • Something you will learn from me because everyone who gets to know me knows they are my pet phrases when it comes to ‘proposals’.

I will often ask.

  1. What is the goal? and
  2. By what method(s) will we measure the achievement (or failure) of that goal?

I find good answers to the above two questions to drive success or failure and realize quite often we have to try 1000 times and fail to succeed once. A friend put it a better way. To able to be the genius you have to be willing to be the fool.

Usually with high powered individuals there is a lot of ego and emotion. I continue to work to moderate this because negativity rarely creates a positive result practically as well as socially. :wink:


Hi Im Kuli…
On the Discord my name is Kuli. Im new to the community and love it so far. Here to learn and push the cause.


Hi :honeybee:

I’m a master student who is looking for a nice, young, emerging community where I can learn, grow and contribute. I hope 1Hive is a place where I’m able to find my place!


Hi, I am Karen from Singapore. I promote crypto literacy via books, I wrote 2 and just created a comics book on how life will be impacted with Blockchain and crypto. I was trying to share with my 7 year old nephew about what kind of new world we maybe having…so the books makes a wonderful birthday present. Details at I intent to give away 1 issue and partner with project owners to make it into a series. Thus, I thought the honey and Bees may create a great story about decentralised org.

I like comics cos Blockchain is too scary for most people. So, I wish more people will explore…and learn…slowly.

If you happen to be in Singapore, love to meet for coffee. I like to meet like minded people who are interested to build a happy world! I am also an advocate of minimalist and fan of Marie Kondo. So,you can guess it, Less is more …

May you be well and happy : )


I could not add the discord #intro channel (got an error can not view or something) to first post adding it here.

Discord #intro link


Hi, I’m zco. I am an entreprenur, web, and graphic designer. I made my first website in 2003 which was a myspace layout website. Hope I can contribute some of my design skills and ideas to the growth of 1hive.


Hey guys, alias is Blazar. I’ve been in the crypto scene for a few years now, and started Blaze Digital Assets to help facilitate people entering the crypto market. We also do customized cryptocurrency portfolios for people to maximize their gains.

I actually came across the 1hive project from the Aragon website, as I was interested in seeing which projects were building built using the Aragon DAO. Once I read more into the project, and seen how active the community was, i was definitely hooked to find out more.

Feel free to reach out to me on the discord if you need help with anything, im usually around and always willing to give a hand where i can :slight_smile:

I look forward to continuing to build this ecosystem, and seeing where this takes us all!


Hi :wave:,

My name is Seth, and I found this project through SourceCred, which is my main gig. Interests include community currencies, new cryptoeconomic mechanisms, and new forms of employment ( :fu:corporate jobs), so the 1Hive community, HNY, and of course pollen (using SourceCred to distribute HNY) has been amazing to find and watch unfold. If you’re new to SourceCred and have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me, or jump into the SourceCred Discord!


Hi everybody :wave:. I am Hervé, actually based in Chile :chile: working @ as their Chief Strategy Officer for the LATAM region where I leave for over 25 years. Entered to the crypto world in 2016 and never left… :sunglasses:. Advisor @ ($FLS) since their creation. Happy to be with you guys!!! Hopefully I can bring ideas that can add to our core value proposal and contribute to our growth.I am not a dev but can bring a lot to bridge the dev world to our final user to build 1hive echosystem.


Hey guys, I am clip on discord, just been a follower of crypto for years. I’m from New Zealand and I am the technology manager for a real estate company. I first picked up on 1Hive from an early thread on 4chan and have been trying to get involved in both the discord and unofficial TG to help with faq’s, answering questions/providing support for people, and helped xDai Fandom to get proposal 17 (Funding for community growth) passed to release some HNY for help with content creation/media/influencers etc. Glad to be a part of this community


Hello :honeybee:s my name is D0$H you can find me on Discord :speech_balloon: ,Youtube. :video_camera: and Twitter :bird:. I’m one of the 1hive mod members and I’m the person to come to if you are trying to find a place in the 1Hive community. I will do my best on connecting people that have talents in areas that can benefit the Hive as whole. You can also find me hanging around in the #buzz chat or just floating around in various channels :flying_saucer:

Fun Facts About Me:

:honeybee: I live in Canada! :canada: and it’s NOT in an igloo. :house_with_garden:
:honeybee: I’m the one my family/friends come to when they need assistance with anything that involves a screen :nerd_face:
:honeybee: II learned about crypto from someone that has 0 interest in tech :exploding_head:
:honeybee: I hold an Automated Systems Engineering diploma that I don’t use :no_good_man:
:honeybee: I learned everything from others that spent their time posting videos and threads on forums. :raised_hands:

Dosh Quote Of the Week: You can kill a :honeybee: with a swipe of your hand but it takes a crew with a hazmat suit to take down a hive :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:


Hi, I’m Harry, currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Have lived in Patagonia before, hence the profile picture of our ‘house Volcano’ Lanin. I have been in crypto since 1997 :slight_smile:

I read about Hive in a crypto group and first used it to test out the xDai chain, but was pleasantly surprised about the community and rest of the project.


Hello! My name is Pedro, I’m from Portugal. I have no background in finance or computer science, but have been passionate about technology since I was a kid. I work as a cardiologist in a public hospital in my country. Got introduced to 1hive because of honeyswap and saw it could fix Uniswap’s major problem, and to an extent xDai could fix Ethereum’s problem too.

I don’t know how my profession/skill set can be of any use in this digital projects, but if any of you know let me know.


Hi, I’m Siva from India.

I read about honey in Reddit community and joined here. Going to provide some liquidity very soon hope to get success here.



I’m Santi from Barcelona. I came to 1Hive from Token Engineering Commons. I have an engineering and business background and have been interested in crypto business models for quite a while. I’ve participated in other DAOs as Vigor and EOSDac in EOS blockchain. I am very interested in DAO governance, funding and resource management. I have been consulting in crypto for three years now.


Hello guys, I’m Paolo. I’m italian but i live in the Arctic (Northern Norway), hence my nickname. I’m a journalist, writer, video-photo content creator, and i am a blockchain enthusiast, since i really think it has the potential to change this world in a positive way, if properly used. I’ve been therefore very well impressed reading of this community and its values. In this moment of growing popularity for xDai, Honeyswap, HNY, xMoon, i think it’s very important to join our efforts in order to succeed in both the technical and social, cultural challenges in play: would be great to show that the most brilliant technological & technical-financial solutions (like definitely xDai and Honeyswap, as a start) come along with the clear vision of a whole community, which is conscious and aware of itself and of the better future that everyone in this earth needs and deserves :slight_smile:


Hello Paolo @Arcticvs, have you heard about ? it runs over blockchain (nothing to do with 1hive) and you can tokenize your photos and sell limited editions of them. I thought you might be interested as a photo content creator. You can contact me in Discord santigs#9769 if you want to get additional info. I am not related to the project at all, but have been following their progress.


Thanks Santi, i’ll contact you on Discord :slight_smile:


Hi everyone

I’m Dindo currently from Philippines heard about 1hive and honeyswap from youtube and discord. Im a great fan of Defi’s and DAO, I’m still new on crypto and not that techie person but I slowly learning about this great innovation. I’m really looking forward for the success of this project. I’ll do my best to help others as a continue to learn about this project. As to support the project will throw some cash to provide some liquidity to the Honeyswap.



My name is Jose, I’m from Venezuela and I heard about 1hive from a friend. I am finishing my studies in Mechanical Engineering. After that I would like to do a master in mechatronics.

I really like this project, and if you guys need any help let me know!