Everything about 1Hive in one place - newFAQ in development

Everything about 1Hive, Honey/HNY, and xDAI in one place

So you heard about xDAI, HNY and 1Hive and are looking to get into the Hive.

1) Welcome to 1Hive.

2) The Hive is really, really, new, expect to encounter issues and bugs.

3) DO NOT move money in here that you can’t afford to lose. This is a standard warning that should be on every crypto site. You can lose everything due to smart contract bugs, accidents, hacks, you name it. DO NOT consider your funds in cryptoland to be safe, secure or insured. THEY AREN’T if you lose everything no-one is responsible and you won’t get any compensation.

4) Finally I am a person learning this like you. While it is my personal goal to make this page accurate and up to date there may be errors, inaccuracies, changes to things I have not kept up on. I am not responsible if things don’t work, this is a guide not a manual. It is my view of 1Hive for reference puroposes only not a defnitive work. This document should not be construed as financial advice, by using this guide you hearby absolve me and 1Hive, xDAI, etc. personally of any responsibility both criminal or financial if you lose funds.

Now that is out of the way lets get to the basics.

Introduction to xDAI:

1Hive is a DAO that lives on xDAI network, it issues and distributes Honey the 1Hive token. There isn’t any direct relationship, but both 1Hive and xDAI benefit when more stuff happens on xDAI.

xDAI is a Proof of Stake network where transactions are validated using a POS model. I am still learning this. Just keep in mind while 1Hive has a stake in and will help with xDAI issues they are not xDAI just as xDAI may help with 1Hive issues but they are not 1Hive there are two distinct development teams working in loose cooperation.

To learn about xDAI

How to add xDAI to my Metamask wallet?

https://www.xdaichain.com/for-users/wallets/metamask - this example uses

How to move tokens from the L1 Ethereum Mainnet to L2 xDAI network and vice versa

xDAI faucet for xDAI - in case you need an xDAI fee. People who want to contribute to this just top up the address with .5-1xDAI when people say it has run out and watch for abuse.

@luigy put up a new xDAI faucet in case like me you forgot to keep any xDAI in your wallet for transactions and just need some xDAI.

xDAI - 0.01 xDAI faucet for people

We talked about donations for this but given the lack of security figured it was better to keep the amount there low and everyone who was going to donate just top it up with .1-.5 xDAI when people complain the faucet is empty.

To top up the faucet send xDAI to 0xfee00f40bFCf78B664063319912f82BE11ea32Ad - but don’t send more than .5-1xDAI at any time.

FYI: Regarding gwei settings for xDAI tx’s these can be as low as .001, .000001, even .0000000000000001 you don’t need 1gwei to get a xDAI tx to be validated at least ‘not yet’. Enjoy the amazingly low fees and snappy transaction times while they last!

Introduction to 1HIVE

Taken from current FAQ at https://hackmd.io/FV5l6ZH1Spib8msTYHCIzw. 1Hive is an open community, you don’t need to ask permission to join or become a member. If you see something you think should be improved, you can make a proposal to get honey to make it happen, or you can make it happen and get Pollen from doing it (which will convert to Honey via sourceCred see below).

Key websites to be aware of.

1hive.org - this is the basic domain where most of the 1Hive web assets are accessed.

forum.1hive.org uses Discourse and is what you are on now.

  • 1Hive Welcome Page - 🐝 Welcome to 1Hive - This document describes

    Active ‘swarms’ and gives details of the Hive subdivisions.

    1. Gardens - frontend for 1hive.org
    2. Tribunal - decentralized dispute resolution protocol forked from Aragon court and incorporates BrightID.
      • Still being worked on.
    3. Tulip - xDAI exchanges - honeyswap which is a fork of uniswap v2 to xDAI.
    4. Flora - xDAI network - validators - for xDAI, STAKE, IDChain, Cosmos, etc. - https://discord.gg/kEjHzh
    5. Buzz - communications, PR, documentation, Memes
    6. Pollen - sourceCred instance to distribute Honey as pollen based on contributions to 1Hive github repo, Discord, and here in the Discourse Forums.
    7. Morphosis - A place to discuss mentorship/buddy program, where if you are interested in learning a new skill say solidity development, you could find someone who may already have that skill to help you learn it.

    I) 1Hive Contributor Covenant
    II) Pledge
    III) Standards
    IV) Enforcement

1Hive website - status page - HNY Price, Common Pool, Token Supply, Active Supply, 1Hive proposals, Honey issuance and distribution dashboard.

  • Active supply is the supply that is working on proposals.
  • Common Pool is the tokens in the DAO that have been minted but not distributed yet.
  • Token supply is all the tokens currently in existence
  • Inflation rate is currently 60%

https://blog.1hive.org - Featured articles. Honey, Profiles on Apairy, Introducing Dandelion Organizations

1Hive Introduce Yourself Places for people/bees to introduce themselves to the Hive

How to buy Honey tokens with xDAI on Honeyswap

Tuitorial - https://medium.com/@whitecolidon/honey-token-how-to-buy-it-c48802e2e881

Covering the following important steps:

  1. Mainnet L1 side wallet setup to have ETH and DAI (one of a number of prerequisites)
  2. Using and Mainnet L1 transaction to convert DAI on Mainnet to xDAI on xDAI net side of network (Step 2).
  3. RPC change to connect wallet (Step 1)
    • RPC URL: https//xdai.1hive.org(should be faster) or xdai.poanetwork.dev (can be slower)
    • ChainID: 100
    • Symbol: xDAI
    • Block Explorer URL: https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai
  4. Buying HNY with xDAI on Honeyswap a port of uniswap v2.

NOTE: I add a few important points in conjunction with the above:

  1. Keep ETH/ETH+DAI in ETH L1 wallet side to power mainnet tx’s in/out of xDAI bridge.
  2. Keep xDAI/xDAI+HNY in xDAI L2 wallet side to power xDAI tx’s on xDAI network.
  3. Gas price estimation can be wrong - you should never need to use anything over 1gwei on the xDAI network so far. Transactions will validate even with .001 or less gwei which means very low cost transactions.
  4. Many wallets will show the tx cost in “Eth” which is “xDAI” on the xDAI network

HoneyComb - 1Hive Liquidity Farming Status Update

  • An issue came up with conviction voting that has delayed 1Hive Honeycomb until somewhere around 20201010-12. Read about it here: https://about.1hive.org/blog/honey-land/
  • Also developers of HoneyComb have asked people to pull their honeyswap stakes out of hny.farm until HoneyComb is complete.

**Guideline updates relating to proposal submission from @onbjerg **

Check liquidity here

Troubleshooting MetaMask issues courtesy of @Blazar

**1Hive Video Tutorials by @D0SH @solarmkd

1Hive Honey faucet - first way to get Honey!

https://faucet.1hive.org - Place where once you can receive HNY every two days just for proving you are a person (See BrightID below) and clicking.

  • How to get BrightID verified.

    1. https://www.brightid.org/ - install BrightID application on your desktop or phone.
    2. https://brightid.gitbook.io/brightid/ - User tutorial.
    3. https://brightid.org/meet - participate in a BrightID meetup is the best way to get enough connections and groups to get verified. NOTE: This step took me up to 8hrs after I did my first meet before being verified. I am told the network adds people faster now. DO NOT spam your brightID connects to people and only verify people who you have seen and talked to via video/audio to your connections. Our job as the verifiers is to make sure people are people and not just a link on a screen. You can do more than 1 meet and your score is a 0-100 which I am told is a percent chance you are human. Goal in a meet is to get like 20 or more connections and joined to 5 or more groups. Once you do this you can connect the BrightID QR code on the faucet to your verified ID and you will then be verified to use the faucet. If you scan the QR code first before verifying you will see a message that says “waiting to be BrightID verified” or something like this.
    4. Once you are verified you then can click on the faucet but you will only be registered. Then you have to wait until up to 2 days pass and then you will be able to click on the faucet to receive free Honey. You must do this every period or re-register. Consider this button one that assures you are around to collect your Honey every two days or it resets and you have to re-register and wait up to 2 days again before being able to receive Honey.
  • Important Bright ID Links from Paslar in discord.

1Hive Pollen - The second way to get Honey!
Contribute and do work in any of these and earn Pollen every week which converts to Honey. These were noted above but added below. Pollen is distributed via a sourceCred installation.

  1. Discourse - 1Hive forums where the community communicates asynchronously and where your posts can earn Honey.
    https://forum.1hive.org - key threads.

  2. Discord - https://discord.gg/wXJbDH by giving and earning emoji’s for posts/work and by helping people fix problems (#help) or providing information.

  3. GitHub - 1Hive source code and documentation trees - by helping with github code/documentation work

More pollen links.

How to connect our accounts to get pollen.

In discord onboarding https://discord.gg/ymwsHE use the following to signal to @sandpiper or the bot to add you to the pollen list as follows:

  • Example !join
    Discord: RogueTwo#6155
    discourse: Eth_Man
    github: 1HiveMan
    wallet: 0xccb78FE2dAc3349CA4415815A74e960FDae53355

The above will be picked up and added to the sourceCred pollen weekly Honey distributions based on the amount of grain/pollen you earned for the week. This is being worked on.

More about sourceCred generally.

and links to 1Hive sourceCred instance where you can see how sourceCred is currently set up.

https://github.com/1Hive/pollen/blob/master/config/weights.json - sourceCred weights.

Some additional handy links.

https://discord.gg/7UXzq5 - brightID discord
https://discord.gg/cMemuJ - 1Hive #help
https://discord.gg/ymwsHE - 1Hive #onboarding

How do people get colored nicknames in discord?

Once you are BrightID verified you can then connect the discord application under your username to BrightID. You do this by sending a !verify message in #onboarding and if you have allowed messages the BrightID_Bot should send you a message back with a BrightID link. Add this BrightID link (like you would a BrightID user) and if you are brightID verified you should in a few minutes show ‘verified’ under your now “orange” username.

How do I get a green nickname in discord and the “Honey” Role?

Finally people have green names and this is because collab.land adds you and you will get a Honey badge I think if you have 1HNY or more in the above wallet. This part I am still a little confused on because the collab.land bot has not been working well. I or someone else will add info here.

Twitter 1Hive - https://twitter.com/1HiveOrg

Some additional verification info relating to getting the orange Verified Role in discord.

From @rhizobtc thank you RhizoBtc!

About Honey/$HNY distributions from beginning to current.

In conclusion.

The above is pretty much everything I have on 1Hive. If people see things that are inaccurate or need to be changed please post them below and by helping me you help us make this FAQ better. Eventually if we get something good going here it might make its way to the FAQ proper.

My goal was simply to have one place where people could find just about anything they wanted regarding xDAI, 1Hive, Honey, BrightID, sourceCred, etc.

Welcome to the Hive everyone and if you want more Honey than the faucet can provide - get to work in the fields (discord, discourse, github after doing the !join in discord #onboarding) bringing home the nectar. Be patient on being added as so far this is being done manually by @sandpiper.

A few things to point out again:

  • 1Hive is new expect some problems or issues! Or if you want to help people go here.
  • Be responsible! Don’t put more money than you can afford to lose on this network
  • Earn Honey not just with the Faucet but also by helping work on the hive in discord, discourse, or github
  • Follow the 1Hive Standards - 🐝 Welcome to 1Hive - reposted below:

Our Standards

Examples of behavior that contributes to a positive environment for our community include:

  • Demonstrating empathy and kindness toward other people
  • Being respectful of differing opinions, viewpoints, and experiences
  • Giving and gracefully accepting constructive feedback
  • Accepting responsibility and apologizing to those affected by our mistakes, and learning from the experience
  • Focusing on what is best not just for us as individuals, but for the overall community

Examples of unacceptable behavior include:

  • The use of sexualized language or imagery, and sexual attention or advances of any kind
  • Trolling, insulting or derogatory comments, and personal or political attacks
  • Public or private harassment
  • Publishing others’ private information, such as a physical or email address, without their explicit permission
  • Other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting

Great to see you contributing to documentation and onboarding! Can I request that you maybe open up a PR to get some of your suggestions on to the main site itself as well? (Note that as of writing this the FAQ on the deployed main site is not currently up to date)


Because I can’t edit the OP I am using this post to add some things.

Discourse Admin request: Is there some way I can be allowed to edit the OP here so I can maintain the FAQ above?

@luigy put up a new xDAI faucet in case like me you forgot to keep any xDAI in your wallet for transactions and just need some xDAI.

xDAI - 0.01 xDAI faucet for people

We talked about donations for this but given the lack of security figured it was better to keep the amount there low and everyone who was going to donate just top it up with .1-.5 xDAI when people complain the faucet is empty.

To top up the faucet send xDAI to 0xfee00f40bFCf78B664063319912f82BE11ea32Ad - but don’t send more than .5-1xDAI at any time.

FYI: Regarding gwei settings for xDAI tx’s these can be as low as .001, .000001, even .0000000000000001 you don’t need 1gwei to get a xDAI tx to be validated at least ‘not yet’. Enjoy the amazingly low fees and snappy transaction times while they last!

Twitter 1Hive - https://twitter.com/1HiveOrg

Some additional verification info relating to getting the orange Verified Role in discord.


I am totally a github newb so not familiar with how to do things there. Given this FAQ is a high speed moving target for me it seemed easier to just post a thread about it and have everyone heap in with comments and info. Once it settles then perhaps do a formal merge into the mainsite FAQ.

I am not against this. I am just not equipped or familiar with github yet to do anything there and I think this is an easier place for everyone that is informal and not official. Right now we see people posting like 10-15 links to different things in discord vs. just one simple post that has everything in one place it really is starting to clutter up chat with all the images and text to links in discord. Not so bad it can’t be used, but getting worse even as I write. And these are people really trying to help out.


When you feel comfortable merging it into the main site we can hop on the café call in the Discord and I’ll guide you. For editing single files you do not need to learn CLI tools or anything, it can just be done from the GitHub interface itself :slight_smile:


This is awesome. Just made a donation. But is there a way to limit its use? say a particular address restricted to using it like once a week or something? To prevent abuse.


This will be the holy bible of 1hive community


initially bots were abusing the address but some additional security was wrapped around the faucet to prevent abuse.


I made a little guide on Pollen to help beginners on understanding the concept. This guide is weighted more towards discord’s side of pollen, because discord is the main starting point for bees. If there is any errors please let me know. I hope this infographic will be useful for beginners :smiley:


Love the design. Thanks for this guide


Thank you! Glad you liked it :smiley:

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This will do it for a lot of people. God work. I’ll link this in the 1Hive Jump Starter For Beginners article which i have created here The 1Hive Jump Starter For Beginners.

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Nice design!
Maybe adding a small info on how pollen (cred) converts into HNY showing the ratio and minimum amount to be distributed would be nice.

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Looks great. Thanks for the info!

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This is really awesome, I love the clean but effective design, good colours and great content! well done!


Boris nice work I really like this. I posted this to the discord to get more exposure! :slight_smile:

One comment i got back from Luke (lkngtn) is that we could change the pollen emote to the one used in the discord. I’ve included it here for you:


Again really nice!

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Thanks! Fixed the pollen emote here:


@borisblock great job man, clean design and easy to understand.

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