Introduce Yourself to 1Hive Thread


Boshue is my nickname so im a merchant navy officer this look has all time on the web so i like it alot.

Showme the honey!!!


Hi im han from malaysia, been following the crypto market for a few years now, ive first learned about HNY from a video made by chico crypto, im a musician by profession but am currently out of work for the past 6 months due to the virus. Im amazed at how the community works together in deciding the future developement of HNY. I wish to learn more about blockchain technology and decentralized finance as its an interesting time to be alive!


Glad to see some fellow chico army here! Welcome I’m sure you will love this community. Try also joining our discord channel if you haven’t done yet.


Hi everyone!
I have always been 5 to 10 years ahead in the vacation rentals industry and is also one of the most experienced thought leaders, having been in the industry since 2001.
I created an “Airbnb before Airbnb” lifestyle business 7 years before Airbnb and this funded my world travels for 10 years.
I was a digital nomad and had a travel blog before these terms were even invented.
I speak 7 languages.
When Airbnb disrupted everything I launched a startup serving Hosts and Property Managers but quickly realised there was a strong imbalance in the ecosystem, where OTAs have too much power and extract too much of the value.
In 2013 I got involved in Bitcoin and in 2017 I finally saw the light with Ethereum’s promise to create Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).
I realised this is the internet for the next two decades and jumped right into it.
I set up on a mission to ride the wave of the new internet, where value extracting OTAs business models will become obsolete in a few years.

I’ve been introduced to 1Hive by BrightID, which in turn I discovered in Gitcoin.


Welcome, all! It’s truly amazing, the diversity in backgrounds and geographical locations we already have, even in this thread alone!

Thank you all for getting aboard early. Hold on tight, we are just taking off :sunglasses:

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Hello to all my :honeybee:s

My name is Dale, but you can find me @cryptobeats on Discord, Discourse, Github, and Soundcloud. And on Twitter Twitter

I’m new to Twitter and all of the platforms under @cryptobeats, but you will start to see more content as I gain a better grasp and understanding of everything, and as our ideas evolve and start to take shape!

Some Info about myself and my goal for 1Hive:

  • I reside in Canada :canada:
  • I was introduced to 1Hive by @D0SH who I’ve known for a long time :smile:
  • I have been creating/producing music and audio for the last 10 years.
  • I have a degree in audio engineering and I’m currently back at school now working towards a business degree. I’m hoping to use the two together in the long run!
  • And I hope to be able to start a network within the 1Hive community to share and create different forms of audio in a way that every :honeybee: can be a part of and contribute to, or at least something along these lines!

I have created a forum post in which you can read more about this, and I’d love to hear everyone’s suggestions, ideas, and criticisms there!

Thanks :honeybee:s


Hello everyone. It’s good to see this community is growing so fast.


Hi. I’m Tong Na from Taiwan. My friend introduce me to this project. Using honeyswap is awesome. I don’t have to worry about gas fee anymore


my name is usually Oil … but sometimes when 3 letters are not enough i ll burden myself with oilreg… or oilreg#7985 for that matter on Discord

  • How you were introduced to 1Hive/xDAI
    Honeyswap / xDai has been featured several times the past month on ChicoCryptos YT Channel so this is where i heard first from it,
    personally i ll find decentralized exchanges will be utmost crucial for the freedom on mankind and since the Mainnet fees are so insanely high this is a major downturn for a decentralized environment, so i am super happy that this seems to be a viable alternative. I feel a bit late to the game thou.

  • Where you’re geographically based out of
    Originating from :de: currently residing in :thailand:

  • Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests
    mostly i am retired, kinda went out that slavery subsystem since a couple of years already thou, to my knowledge at that time, there wasnt an alternative solution reg the oppressions from the control structures. However with all what i learned the past years about decentralized solution i start to see light at the end of the tunnel again.
    :seedling: planted , let it grow :sunflower: for a better world


Egg yolk what is going on? we got some chico army here welcome brother.

I will disagree with you in this. We’re super early in here.


Hey gang. My name is Jeff. Entreprenuer with experience in marketing and sales. Look forward to plugging in to the community and seeing how I can help. Lots of very smart people with big ideas in this community.

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Hi everyone!

I already posted on the spanish introduction thread but forgot to write about myself here where the majority of the community is :sweat_smile:

My name is Chuy and I’m from Mexico. I first came across HNY because of Honeyswap on the xDai chain but the Honey Faucet kept me coming back every two days. Then my friend @pab who I introduced to the faucet started talking to me about this great community formed by 1hive.

Even though I’m not a programmer nor designer, I love the idea of contributing to the community with cultural activities that get us all closer and get to know new things about the places where we’re from.

I’ll see you all around in this forum and the Discord server. Have fun and go get your Honey! :honeybee: :honey_pot:


Woo we’ve tipped over 100 people in the welcome to 1hive thread, congrats to all of us and welcome to the newcomers :smiley:


Hi everyone!! :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:

My name is viken and I’m from Uruguay like some of the dev team. You can find me on Discord adn Twitter.
I’ve heard of the Hive from @famole
I’m a telecom engineer / sw dev with a strong background on mobile networks and mobile tech in general, but I started getting envolved with blockchain techonology this year. I took some courses from Berkeley University during this year, learning blockchain tech and solidity.
I’m really interested in contributing and developing for this awesome community!!


Hello everyone!
My name is Rodrigo and im from Chile, im in my last years of studying engineering.
I love to learn about the crypto universe in my freetime, im really excited for what the future will bring in this space!
What brought me to 1hive, as it is with most people, was the super low fees, since i used to swap erc20 tokens in Uniswap.
The community and workflow inside 1hive caught my attention, aswell as Honeyswap’s value propsal.
Im super grateful to be part of this project! let me know if i can help you with anything.


my name is Carla and I’m based in Italy.
New to the crypto world and in love with tripscommunity and with decentralized organizations.
Tripscommunity is a real peer-to-peer booking platform started in 2017. I’m a tripscommunity member and an active collaborator. I’m studying 1Hive docs :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! My name is José Domingo, I am from Chile and today is my first day in 1hive, at first I must admit that it was pretty difficult for me to learn about honey, because is something that is totally new for me, but during the day I I have noticed that the way of interaction is quite didactic and pleasant, it has caught my attention how a lot of kind people are there when I have needed help about anything.

I am currently a publicist marketing guy with a mention in social networks, marketing and writing, my intention is to provide creative content that could generate impact and new ideas. I am excited to continue knowing and learning from this community so then in the future I could help to grow and improve on a large scale this project. Great to have this space to introduce myself and tell what I think about this new experience.


Hello Petar we are neighbours by country. Romanian here. :joy:


My name is Vedran, I am from Croatia - EU.
I found out about 1Hive on one of a few Youtube crypto channels that I regularly follow.
I am a crypto enthusiast since 2016 and a blogger ( Discovering new projects in crypto excites me and I found this whole space fascinating.
I am new in 1hive town and I am slowly learning how to navigate around here and where I should go after this.


I bet it was Ivan on tech

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