Music Database and Artist Centre

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I’m super excited to be a part of the 1hive community :honeybee:

Music Database and Artist Centre

My goal for cryptobeats is to be the centre for artists, musicians, and producers to connect and share content with each other and all 1hive creators. Quality audio is essential in content and videos, so my hope is that cryptobeats can be the place for the 1hive community to connect and share quality audio. This would be done through a Mega sync folder that I have already set up under cryptobeats. People would be able to connect by sharing links or folders, which can be done in multiple ways through Mega.

Why does it matter?

Content is comprised of a multitude of assets, and sound and music is a huge part of that content. Cryptobeats would be a place where creators could gain access to audio content and make connections to all types of producers, musicians and artists. The Mega storage centre would be made of up of different folders like songs, clips, instrument stems, sound FXs, voice overs, and whatever other types of audio creators would like to add. Creators would also be able to reach out to a wide range of audio producers to fulfil specific project needs.

How would it work?

I think we will all have slightly different ideas, so I would be more than ecstatic to hear everyone’s suggestions as to how they would imagine this could work. I think that using Mega would be a good start as it would allow everyone to share in one organized location. Specific folders can be created and shared quite easily and people can be added to the space as a friend or through the shared links.

Music is a huge part of a community and the Hive needs to have a solid collective space for creators to share and access audio content. I’m really looking forward to getting this going and would love your help in making this into something that the Hive wants!! I will be sharing the cryptobeats Mega folder along with some sample folders and audio content for people to try out and use for their content. I am working towards having this done and available for the Hive to test and try out by tomorrow, October 19th 2020.

Please feel free to reach out and connect with me about your suggestions or opinions as to how this could be best suited for the Hive :honeybee:


So, just to see if I understood, Cryptobeats is the name of the platform / repository to which members of the community will be able to upload material (several different types of files) as well as network? kind of like Soundcloud but in a crypto space?? Am I correct?

Yeah essentially, at least that’s the working idea at the moment. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or ideas I’m all ears!!!


I’d love to help with the branding / visual identity side of things, although I still want to see more conversation and opinions on the topic from other bees who are more involved in app dev etc.

One suggestion that popped up in my head is it’d be cool to be able to have a free repository but also be able to upload specific pieces of content as NFTs.

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i thought you were crypto beats? or is crypto beats a concept?. Also welcome to the forum DALE! super stocked you are here

Thanks! @D0SH super excited to be here :slight_smile:

Sorry @pab I miss read what you said / was distracted…oops :blush:

As of right now I am cryptobeats, as it is my username, but the concept/platform could take on a more encompassing name, design, etc, which would be awesome to get input from you @pab This would be something that could be formed based on more input from other bees as well! Looking forward to hearing more suggestions and as for now I will just be using my own username (cryptobeats) to designate and upload everything. But you can also call me Dale as DO$H did :laughing: I know not confusing at all.

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:slight_smile: okay crypto beats! your name has been officially changed. Make sure you post in introduce yourself as i can’t seem to locate your intro and include this article to bring awareness to your cause :honeybee:

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That’s great idea , can’t wait to use that database for my Youtube videos.


I will have some content up tomorrow for you to start using!!! I’m super excited as well :slight_smile:

I love the initiative! Great stuff @cryptobeats :musical_score:


“When We Wake” - Slipping into Sanity
“Feed the People” - Banded
The second video there, I made the executive decision for the band to use 444hz as our tuning vs 440. Hit me up if you are interested as to what I discovered!