Vesting App Funding Proposal

Vesting App Funding Proposal

Proposal Description

The Vesting App project was born out of the need to support the change of the current payment method at Gardens Swarm and to make it sustainable for 1Hive, and shortcomings with Superfluid for this use case, like the Super Token not being ERC-20, and the inability to setting traditional vesting cliff and not able to set a specific amount without handling the start/stop of the streaming.

Gabi initiated the project creating Smart Contracts, reusing the following smart contract and including some minor details to make it compatible with hardhat-deploy of scaffold-eth

The full discussion could be seen in Discord - Gardens - Vesting App Thread.

Aligned with other proposals such as Retroactive Funding and Basic Income, the Vesting App would enable the ability to create a customized vesting system for all swarms, bringing flexibility in HNY distribution.

This app could also be used by other projects that find it useful using their own tokens.

We finished migrating the whole project to Typescript + ViteTS to modernize the codebase and speed up the further development.

You can check the current progress or deployed in Rinkeby.

Work to be done yet:

  • Improve the UI
  • Develop deployment scripts
  • Deploy to Gnosis
  • And more to be discussed.

Proposal Rationale

The Vesting App have a lot benefits:

  • Bring flexibility to anyone creating Vesting Tokens that can be composed with existent systems by anyone in the 1Hive Community and/or Swarms.
  • Vesting can wrap any ERC20 token and stream that over time between start and end dates pre-defined in the Vesting Token settings…
  • Vesting Token can wrap and stream another Vesting Token allowing build a complex system of distribution.
  • That could be a complementary compensating together with Basic Income Proposal

Team Information

Names, usernames, and/or relevant social links for team members (Twitter, Github, 1Hive Forum, etc.):

  • Felipe - Lead | Forum Intro - Github - kamikazebr - Felipe Novaes Rocha#2364
  • Tiago - Frontend Developer | tiago#0834
  • Daniel - Solidity/Backend | doubleddam#1285

Mentors that might help us throughout the further development of the project:

@Gabi @rperez89 @Paul2

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested:

100 HNY ~ $8k at around $80/HNY

Gnosis Safe address where funds shall be transferred:

How funds will be handled:

We are motivated to experiment with payments based on the Basic Income proposal while we develop the Vesting App.

The Basic Income (BI) has a few tiers (Inactive, Low, Medium and High) based on a time interval. Eg: Low - Between 10 hours minimum and 30 hours maximum.

Every period/cycle (a 2-week sprint), depending on the amount of time you work, you will be in a tier , in which you will increase or decrease your basic income.

As shown in the table below, the Low tier does not accumulate, nor decrease, but keeps your basic income at $600 in a given period.

With the Medium and High tiers there is a cumulative increase every period, with each tier having its own upper and lower limit.

And if in a period you are in the Inactive tier, your accumulated value is decreased.

For more details on how this works, check the link to the docs and also the spreadsheet with simulations.

Table of Tiers


More detailed info about it here

Discussion Thread Basic Income Proposal - if not load you can search for Thread Archived inside Gardens Swarm Channel

Transparency Payments Timesheet



NICE it’s happening!! If I had a dollar for every time I said “well with the vesting app we can…” I’d prob have a good number of dollars. i.e. Gnosis Auctions for tokens with set vesting periods, Hedgey NFTs that stream HNY, retroactive funding… too many uses to count.

It would be cool of the tool had a name and branding that made itself a bit more distinct and memorable. Have you thought of any other names than Vesting App?


Yeah! That could be awesome! I was looking for it also. Some name and logo better fit inside 1Hive ecosystem. But nothing yet come to mind.

We could make some brainstorm or pool with some ideas? What do you think?

If someone have some names, just drop them here.

Maybe we can play with Royal Jelly words. Like Bee Jelly (“Dont bee jelly”, attempt make some pun)

According the Wikipedia

“During the process of creating new queens, the workers construct special queen cells. The larvae in these cells are fed with copious amounts of royal jelly. This type of feeding triggers the development of queen morphology, including the fully developed ovaries needed to lay eggs.”

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Also @tiago suggested the name BeeVault. Looks fun name. I already imagine the logo been hexagonal vault

@kamikazebr and I talked yesterday about MVP features for the Vesting App - I brought up 2 that I think are needed:

  • Usable with WalletConnect, or some other way to integrate with a Gnosis Safe.
  • Vesting ERC-20s can be sold in Hedgey OTC Deals (working with @iceman and @Lindsey on this)
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