Let’s keep the Honey flowing

We need to make sure that Honey keeps flowing to current contributors by passing proposals regularly. If we don’t, 1Hive will stagnate, and we need to make sure that the people who stick around and contribute during the bear market will be well positioned for the next bull.

At this point, price doesn’t matter nearly as much as distribution. Let’s not be afraid to keep passing funding proposals because we are worried about the short term impact on the price of Honey. In the long run, price fluctuation at this stage will hopefully just be noise anyways.

If you support this proposal, point your honey on at it in the garden.


I like the idea of picking up the flow of $HNY, especially since we’re in a bear market.

I think 1Hive Harvest is the best framework for upping that $HNY flow, since it has a clearly defined process for measuring value and is more likely to give $HNY to the people that deserve it.

My fear if we broadly adopt the mentality of approving as many funding proposals as possible is that we’ll lower the standard of quality for funding proposals, which wouldn’t do 1Hive any good.


I’m a fan of the Harvest stuff and definitely agree that its a good way to help keep honey flowing… but I still think proposals will be relevant for people looking for a clear signal to work on something and have something approved upfront or at least escrowed with a quest before they put a bunch of effort into something.

I get the sentiment, but I worry that if we are too discerning with proposals or worried too much about price impact we end up creating an environment where even consistent contributors choose to avoid using proposals altogether. I recall sitting in on a Gardens swarm call a few months ago, and was surprised because they were not sure they even wanted to submit another proposal. I inferred that this was largely because getting it passed would have been too much of a battle due to gardens not being able to generate a large amount of revenue in the near future despite being a hugely important piece of infrastructure for 1Hive.

I think we should definitely encourage people to make good proposals, and we shouldn’t try and approve every proposal that gets submitted… but I think we could be a bit more willing to pass proposals so that we don’t scare contributors away and we make sure its approachable even for new comers.


It’ll be cool when Fluid Proposals is ready - that looks like the best way to signal support to fund future work.

As it is, the binary yes/no funding proposals are the only way to signal when you’re not sure about the direction of a working group. The Buzz swarm for instance I think needs improvement, and the only way I could signal that was to withhold support and post concerns on the forum and discord. I still want Buzz to be funded but I’d like to see it improve its processes and codify its relationship to the other swarms at 1Hive.

But I see that the actual effect of withholding support is that the proposer is demotivated, which is counterproductive.

Fluid Proposals would help for ongoing swarm work at 1Hive.