Luna Swarm: Expanding the 1Hive cadCAD Model

:crossed_swords: Mission:

The :last_quarter_moon_with_face:Luna Swarm is a collaboration of individuals and organizations that seek to rigorously model the 1Hive ecosystem in cadCAD, providing tools for operational decision support with future design and governance decisions.

This post lays out a [work-in-progress] roadmap of features to build on & improve the initial cadCAD Conviction Voting model, and modeling other features, mechanisms and subsystems specific to 1Hive. These items can be discussed, prioritized & funded via proposals as needed by the 1Hive community in subsequent posts for individual sprints.

:microscope: Method:

Using complex systems engineering and rigorous data science methodology, the 1Hive ecosystem can be iteratively modeled to provide Computer-Aided Governance to empower the 1Hive organization using cadCAD.

cadCAD is a complex systems design methodology, and a Python package that assists in the processes of designing, testing and validating complex systems through simulation, with support for Monte Carlo methods, A/B testing and parameter sweeps.


:hammer_and_wrench: What’s has been modeled already:

  • :heavy_check_mark: Conviction funding in the 1Hive ecosystem

:dart: What feature additions are needed:

  • Conviction consensus
    • Dynamically set parameter with conviction
  • HNY Issuance model
    • Understanding impacts of farming incentives, issuance curve
  • Common pool allocation model
    • Examine faucet effectiveness in HNY distribution
  • Pollen & SourceCred
    • Network analysis of community distribution
    • Parameter tweaking for improvements
  • Celeste / courts, proposal moderation & dispute resolution
    • Model complex system interaction & mitigate attack vectors
  • Secondary market dynamics (e.g. honeyswap)
    • Uniswap cadCAD model already existing - composable for integration

:bookmark_tabs: How feature models will be prioritized:

The prioritization of work will be driven primarily by the working groups interest on various feature models with consideration for 1Hive’s desired priorities, while aiming to keep those models generalized so they can be applied to other DAOs.

:honey_pot: Compensation & funding opportunities:

In order to reward Luna Swarm contributors and incentivize long-term sustainability, the working group will submit funding proposals to the 1Hive community to be allocated to developers. Initial request amount to be decided by working group.

:honeybee: Join the Swarm!

There will be another call Nov. 5 @ 11am PST / 2pm EST / 10pm CET to keep pushing the ball in scoping work and submitting a proposal to 1Hive to fund the work.

:phone: Add to your calendar & join the next call

:wave: Say hello or reach out to us in the Luna channel in the 1Hive Discord:

:last_quarter_moon_with_face: Luna Swarm channel link

:books: More Information


I would like to reiterate that we don’t need to, or even want to build one monolithic simulation model. This work will include identifying and building component subsystems to improve our understanding of the 1hive ecosystem!

This a big endeavor and we’re committed to making it into a community effort! Also, checkout the forums and cadCAD discord to learn about ecosystem modeling and data science techniques for complex systems. We’re friendly, and excited to have such an amazing use case for exploring computer aided governance.


The first 4 features are most interesting to me and would like to begin the process of exploration and contributions. I have cloned the repository that Luke presented in the Jan 8th meeting, and am running the stochastic branch.

I went to post this in the Luna aragon dao, but realized I do not have permissions to create votes:

Fund YGG as a token engineer for Luna swarm. Shawn has a masters degree in computing science and has worked for several years as a data scientist. Throughout 2020 he has been training as a token engineer by taking courses such as designing ecosystem value flows with TEC,, and consensys blockchain developer course, and has been working as a token engineer for for 3 months. Shawn’s typical rates are $100CAD/hour for 10-20 hour per week heuristics, and is also excited to learn and adopt Honey payment mechanisms. Learn more about YGG from his linktree:

Perhaps I should make a forum proposal for the above? I also have a meeting with Luke on Tuesday to discuss details, so there should be clarity at that point and I can take the appropriate steps. Thanks all.


I am not sure of the specific logistics but i think the issue is that Luna Swarm hasn’t requested much funding from 1hive yet. It seems like what we want to do is talk about this proposal on the call tomorrow (1/15/21), if the group is supportive we have 2 options

  • Submit your proposal directly to 1hive and reasonably expect the other swarm members to support it to get it passed.
  • Luna Swarm submits a new proposal for a larger budget from 1hive with enough funds to support your work.

The latter is more work because it will require to stages but more inline with the overall architecture of swarms. The former would put you in a position to get to work sooner.

I’d defer to @lkngtn and others on preferred procedure but personally, I’d love to have have working on these models. There is so much that we could work on the scope of 1hive.

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Having participated in the last Luna Swarm meeting and seeing your experience and past work I will support a new proposal and I would like to match 50%, up to 20 HNY, of the new requested amount :honey_pot:


:last_quarter_moon_with_face:LUNA SWARM NOTE & UPDATE :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

The Luna Swarm collaboration has finished its first round of work, modelling $HNY token issuance in 1Hive to inform decision and policy making.

Those learnings and recommendation to employ a dynamic issuance policy are outlined in the below forum post detailing the modelling work that was done and the implementation of a new $HNY issuance policy along with the re-deployment of the 1Hive DAO in the forthcoming Celeste upgrade.

For those interested in the work carried out in the first round of Luna Swam modelling, further documentation, Github repos, modeling session recordings and notes can be found in this Notion repo:

For the time being, the Luna Swarm is currently on hiatus while contributing members focus on other projects in the near term. We will continue with modelling work as needed when we identify other parameters of the 1Hive system that need design validation.

We were able to finish this work (much in thanks to the generosity of several key team members who volunteered their time) with a remaining budget of 4.75 HNY left over to be allocated in the next round of Luna Swarm R&D. Never ending gratitude to @lkngtn, @mzargham, @ygg_anderson, @jeffemmett, @JessicaZartler, @boring877, @Monstrosity and everyone else who attended and helped out!

Also, thank you @gabi for your generous offer to match funding for continuation of this work! We will be sure to reach out when the next modeling initiative begins :pray: