Make terra a swarm

Make terra a swarm

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

With the growth of 1hive, we have had users of different nationalities, some who do not speak English. There has also been a boom in people interested in doing translations. So now is the time to found a swarm

Proposal Rationale

Having accurate translations in different languages is critical to 1hive growth. This will increase the number of users we can reach. It’s also important to have order and communication between the members, that is why it is a small team. The idea of having this team is to translate the blog, the websites related to 1Hive, and the wiki.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

Until all information about 1Hive is translated

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Anyone who joins the swarm, teams of two people per language is ideal.

Teams (For the blog, websites related to 1hive and the wiki):

Please note that I picked these languages as primary because of an investigation I did (check my posts), so these are the priority right now. We will decide if we should add more languages later.

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
Some of us have already translated important information about 1hive

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested: 0

Quick poll

Poll to find out which languages we should translate
  • Only Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Turkish, Chinese, and Russian
  • Any Language, even Latin, and dead languages

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I didn’t mean dead languages in a bad way

Please comment below if you want to be added to one of the teams. If a team is already full, we will add you as a translation checker. Also, if you want to add one more language, feel free to discuss it below.

Proposal Link:


Count me in for Romanian translations :grinning:

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I can help as translation checker for spanish.

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Russian or Ukrainian I can help)

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Great initiative @Escanor ! This is just what #terra needed! I’m very glad to be part of this amazing swarm! Let’s see if we can finally find translators for Chinese, it seems that it is getting complicated to find some of them :upside_down_face: I would also add Japanese language to the list, as far as I know everything about crypto is evolving fast too in Japan, what do you guys think? :blush:

Regards, Aitor


I want join as Russian translator :blush: I did most of :ru: translations that listed on current 1hive wiki, and very interested in doing more.

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Should have Vietnamese, I would love to help

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I updated the list with you guys! @nata7q @wikisum @Vik @therealmo


Which articles are being selected for translation in the wiki?
Would just the FAQ be a good start?

FAQ, the metamask guide, the farm guide. We are still waiting until the wiki gets implemented, try not to post your translation in the forum :grin:

were is best place to put the translation?

We will have to wait for the wiki to be implemented, we are trying to keep the forum English only :sweat:

@Monstrosity What language do you want to translate into?

I love this effort… if you guys work on translating any things for the Marketplace app, Conviction Voting or any other Apps in the Gardens Template, please share them with the TE Commons Community and we will dish praise (which will turn into tokens of value).

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I might be able to help with Korean

@Escanor I can help if you add up Filipino(Philippines) language. :slight_smile:

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Great initiative. One concern I have though is quality control. Google translate is getting damn good. What’s to stop someone from just copy pasting google translations and collecting HNY? If this were to happen, how would the hive even know? This could be particularly problematic for languages for which there are few native speakers in the hive.

that’s why teams of 2 people are being made, and also anyone can join the wiki and verify the translations. If one of the translators tries to cheat, we will find out.

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as much as I support I don’t think we want to do full on translating everything before we get the wiki GitHub released

I could help with german and/or turkish translations, but german would be my first choice :slight_smile: