Make the Honey contracts transparent

Verify main contracts (Partially Done)

Proposal description:
Signal to the core developers responsible for deployment to verify the main Honey contracts on blockscout. The Honey Token controller contract, community governance along with others should all be verified on blockscout.

Contracts to be verified:

  • Honey governance: 0x7F67F5DE7B815C5709BE70f5EEa627De43BB1B0c
  • Common pool: 0x05e42c4ae51ba28d8acf8c371009ad7138312ca4
  • HNY Token controller: 0x2118C3343f6D6D7a2b2fF68c82581cC188166D54
  • Fee to setter of HoneySwap: 0xdF535d64707819B0d74486a8e4F2C45244F95eDc
  • Aragon ACL implementation: 0x4499948d089330df05795b08aa23a964027b9cd8
  • Voting module implementation: 0xa2C57A91D9432A685B1df6ECBb61d6063d35808A
  • Faucet / Bright ID registration contract: 0x967ebb4343c442d19a47b9196d121bd600600911

Proposal Rationale
DeFi is all about transparency and security, being able to inspect the contracts one interacts with is an integral part of that. Without the verified contracts it is extremely difficult to determine the logic of the contracts, meaning that they’re exact function and security is unknown.

Some contracts have been verified, but some important ones have yet to be verified


Also it will be great if some of the contracts like the biggest ones get names for example : Common pool, Bounty pool, hny-xdai pool etc. This will be great to clarify …


Replying to this one to bump since I consider it important too and threw all my HNY at it.


I agree I threw a little HNY at it too but this is probably a good opportunity for someone to actually do it and make a funding proposal retrospectively once they have done it


Not sure if this is possible on blockscout.

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Most of the contracts that needed verification are already verified, and we are going to try to verify the two remaining ones (dandelion voting and brightid faucet) this Thursday. Come and join our verification party if you are interested!