Merch: a 1Hive Metafactory Drop

Hello everyone! I’m making this post to let you know I’ve taken up the project of making 1hive merch for a drop w the guys over at Metafactory and we wanted to consult with the community some of the details concerning the final product.

These are the two decisions we want some input on rn:

> T-Shirts or Hoodies?
> Final Colorway

T-Shirt mockup for reference

Hoodie Mockups / Colorways for reference

Just to clarify, the different colors were taken from the Brand Guidelines

The polls will be automatically closing exactly one week after making this post (July 29th) so please make sure you vote so your opinions can be taken into account :slight_smile:

T-Shirts or Hoodies
  • T-Shirt
  • Hoody

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WOW. All are amazing. What a design :heart_eyes:


Nice @pab it was about time someone take care of making merch of this grade of quality, hope I can pay with mone… I mean, pay with honey :star_struck: :honey_pot: . I definitely will look forward to this one as a proposal, great job man.


Nice work pab… the merch looks cool… waiting to see when we can get our hands on some of this!


Great, work when the production of the same begins I want to get one, be it here in Colombia or Europe! where I am soon, Greetings and you keep doing great things brother @pab you are amazing!

just the day the polls close, my birthday, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: haha ​​my lucky day!

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Nice one man it looks very cool! Maybe the front logo could be on the left chest instead of the middle it’s my suggestion.

I really love these and I do not say that a lot. When it comes to merch they all look kinda silly and not very unique. These have an awesome vibe behind them and the design rocks!


Hoodie looks super cool, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to wear it here lol

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Awesome designs @pab. It seems almost everyone is leaning towards Colorway 1.

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Love the hoodie… would love 12 though… tbh I wouldn’t often wear #1 outside of home with a bright yellow front pocket… it’s cool. But quite jarring colouring against the black. But I guess the color yellow is more relevant to 1 hive than black and white, and #1 is certainly a lot more appealing than the all yellow one.

Great work on the designs and initiative, really cool


UPDATE: We are looking at eliminating the colored front pocket / pull strings for logistic purposes regarding production of the hoodies.

That being said, we still need to define what address the funds gathered from the sale will go to, and what possible rewards there will be for the buyers of the merch (an example I can think of would be how forefront made an airdrop of their $FF token to all buyers of FOREFRONT GENESIS DROP - LONG SLEEVE – MetaFactory ) - if anyone has any ideas or proposals regarding this please lmk so we can add you to the metafactory 1hive channel for further discussion on the topic

I was also thinking of probably making a medium post about the drop, maybe this could be a good bounty for buzz? cc @D0SH (We’d probably need to have a lot more of these details figured out before actually writing the medium post, but just letting u know so u can take this into account as I feel like buzz could get involved in these cross-dao collabs on socials :smile: )


For sure! let us know when the details are down and we can get the appropriate content ready


I hope to be able to acquire one either by sending it to Colombia or Europe when I find myself there very soon!

Good vibes , Warriors @D0SH @pab :honeybee: