MetaPod <> 1Hive Sponsorship

MetaPod Proposal Information

The MetaPod Pitch Competition is the first IRL experience & launch event to kickoff the MetaPod 6-week DAO Accelerator Pilot Program. This first event is a pitch competition for DAO & community focused projects. Winning teams are set to win up to $10,000 and be fast-tracked into the MetaPod Accelerator.

Proposal Rationale:

1Hive is the perfect sponsor for MetaPod acceleration program, the shared mission, vision, and values between the 1Hive and MetaCartel ecosystem has been shown by the previous sponsorship of MCON event in 2021 :honeybee:

As a key MetaPod sponsor 1Hive will be promoted and have time to speak at the event, have access to the MetaPod Pilot program pipeline, have slots on the judging panel. HNY rewards could be distributed to the winners as part of the Pitch Competition, as well as having direct access to attendees to seed ideas for the 1Hive Ecosystem as part of the Pitch Competition.

Leveraging IRL local meetups, the MetaPod program educates and onboards Web2 projects and communities into the world of Web3 & DAOs, while simultaneously incubating new Web3 startups and ideas, as well as scoping a 6 week intensive program MVP while also exploring the full program pipeline needs.

Promising teams will be shortlisted for the 6-week MetaPod Accelerator Program, where they will start, run and grow their DAOs/communities. Throughout the 6 weeks, they will receive advisory, coaching and connections to grant providers, service guilds, investor DAOs and more.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

Starting with an IRL event in Denver, Wednesday 16th of Feb, continuing for 6 weeks prior to that event up the 30th of March.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 9.37.43 AM

  • YalorMewn: DAO operations expert, community futurist, partnerships, ecosystem development, and event coordinator / RaidGuild, MetaCartel, Mystic Whales, DAOhaus, Formerly DappNode & Giveth :sparkling_heart:
  • Jeremy: Project Manager, Governance consultant, dev ops / DAOhaus, RaidGuild, MetaCartel, PerionDAO.
  • Amos: Core contributor at DAOhaus, leading the Rangers (community) & supporting the Magesmiths (product) workstreams. Handling comms, event planning & the design of the Accelerator Program.
  • Helmass: Operations, Coordination, Partnerships / IndexCoop, MetaCartel Grants, GringottsDAO.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

10 HONEY = Larva level :mosquito:
20 HONEY = Caterpillar level :bug:
40 HONEY = Chrysalis level :shell:
80 HONEY = Butterfly level :butterfly:

All perks for the sponsor level tiers are outlined in this IPFS Document

xDai deposit address where funds shall be transferred:**

0x9438201e791fb3b5ed830fb09ed42dda80a465e5 :battery: only transfer xDai funds :battery:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

The money will be paying for the event, grant prizes, and the launch of the pilot program to cover ops.
Winning teams will receive the following grant prizes and be fast-tracked into the MetaPod Accelerator Program.

  • 1st Place: $10,000 :trophy:
  • 2nd Place: $5,000 :trophy:
  • 3rd Place: $2,500 :trophy:

Feel free to join our Discord if you want to be more hands on leading up to the event (Discord)


This looks like a really nice initiative and I think it would be cool for 1Hive to be a part of it. I’d love to hear thoughts from other people in the community, but I would be happy to support a proposal for the lowest sponsorship level if you want to put it up.

I also think there are a number of 1Hivers planning on being at EthDenver who could help us make the most of this since they would be able to be there in person.


I like the initiative as well, thanks for sharing @Yalor. Especially for those participating in ETHDenver. I would consider the Caterpillar level if someone would like to join as a judge or get the chance to speak for 5 minutes. Also from the IPFS document, that tier has 1 advisement board seat. Is that to get the chance to interact with teams on the MetaPod Accelerator Program?

For future reference, for this type of proposal that requests a fixed amount, I would recommend creating a funding proposal on stable. This relies on our price oracle to calculate the correct amount of HNY at the time of execution.


Hey @gabi that is right, so the caterpillar level gives you a bit more access and opportunity to interface with the team, during and after the event ( the event in Denver is followed by a 6 week accelerator program ) so if you get someone to sign on to take the role, we can give you a speaking slot, a judges seat as well as the advisement role for the ongoing program post Denver and we can always make a second proposal for the remaining amount.

Stoked to have you guys on-board, I think you’re going to love this structure and moving forward who knows maybe we can partner on a specific MetaPod for 1Hive :honeybee:


Looking like the proposal will pass, in the meantime if you could answer the following Q’s for 1Hive :seedling:or put me in touch with someone who can:

  • 1Hive Rep: ?
  • TG: ?
  • Discord: ?
  • One-liner about 1Hive:
  • Media assets: LOGO
  • Coming to qualifiers for 30-sec shoutout? : Y/N
  • Coming to judge during Main Event (i.e. 4PM)?: Y/N
  • Coming to speak during Main Event Wed 15th ?: Y/N

heya @Yalor , can we get some additional details about timeframes on the 15th/16th?
stoked that 1Hive is a sponsor! :honeybee:

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Sure the event runs from 3:30 - 7pm

If someone wants to step up from the 1Hive community I’ll execute the second portion of the proposal for the remaining HNY needed, currently you are sponsoring at the Larva level which allows for 5 tickets to the in person pitch event :point_down:t3:

If you want to bump up to the Caterpillar level, that would give you one judging seat and one advisory seat for the 6 week accelerator program following Denver + 50 LOOT shares in the MetaPod DAO. Details still be worked out on DAO shares value and potential token model for the network of sponsors and participants :point_down:t3:

I will gladly send the invite to your list of attendees if you post their emails here @twells :pray:t4:


thanks @Yalor - ima link this up to the original ETH Denver post to see who would like to attend; rn its definitely @paul and I. Emails will be shared here :+1:

regarding the Caterpillar tier, its a great opportunity imo! I’d like to hear what other 1Hivers think about stewarding the advisory role.


emails were dmd fren

Seems like the Hive is a little quiet :sleeping: we would love to give you some time to speak at the event and participate in the judging process. I will leave it up to you guys to let me know if you want to trigger portion #2 of the budget, for now you guys are all set up to participate in attendance + shout-out of 1Hive during MetaPod.