[NFT DROP] SNAFU Collective

We have first snapshot vote!! I would like start discussion about details of distribution collection #1 NFT’s for the farm (single token and LP). If the vote will pass… :slight_smile:

In my opinion this token should be drop gradually to give equal chance to new members as well as OG’s. Another question is collection #2 which i believe should be drop in separate Farm.

Please shear your opinion on forum so we can formulate new proposal for snapshot.


Is this project even related to 1hive?

No it isn’t. We hope is not a problem for 1hive to host us until we create our own forum.


Why not consider becoming a Gardens DAO?


Okay I am not the one to tell that.

how can you apply for that?

Right I meant to reply to @snafu . You could pop in the #gardens channel on Discord to get more info. They are still in development, but it looks like the first test DAOs will be going up soon.


what do you mean by OG?

OG is the short form for Original Gangster…referring early supporters in this case

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Dropping nfts gradually in the farm could not solve the problem but just delay it. We think we should change the prices of NFTs in the farm.

Those were the prices until sold out:

editions price value ($SNAFU) per each
6 10000 166,6666667
4 21000 250
6 10000 166,6666667
4 21000 250
5 16000 200
5 16000 200
4 21000 250
5 16000 200
6 10000 166,6666667

The max stake is 2000 $SNAFU and you can make a max of 2000 Points per day.

Also, keep in mind that people that are still staking in the pool are continuing to make points.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we are using Unifty’s base smart contract for farming. We can change min/max amount to stake, nft prices, and the reward ratio. The reward ratio can be changed but it will affect all previously generated points by the members.

If the proposal will pass we will have this case scenario:

editions price value ($SNAFU) per each
68 16000 10
75 16000 10
29 21000 20
35 21000 20
33 21000 20
36 21000 20
35 21000 20
40 21000 20
19 25000 50
14 25000 50
20 25000 50
17 25000 50
12 25000 50
20 25000 50

This is our price proposal for the refilling of the $SNAFU farming pool.

For LP farm instead we think it’s better to wait that all NFTs already in the farm go sold out and then refill it with the NFts specified in the Proposal.

We agree on making a separate farm for collection #2, but we think we’ll need to also analyse how the already farms will evolve and how much the Collection #2 will sell.


What did we do to attract early fans?
We have statistics from old fans to see what problems they have encountered that are less relevant to us

To attract early fans we released our first collection and created campaigns in order to claim $SNAFU rewards. After we distributed the rewards we opened the $SNAFU and the LP farm.

Campaign 1: https://www.nftsnafu.org/token-distribution
Campaign 2: https://www.nftsnafu.org/collection1-airdrop2

$SNAFU farm: Farm - Unifty
LP farm: Farm - Unifty

We do not have actually statistics from old fans but at least 4/5 of members that staked the min amount of $SNAFU (which is 100) wrote us saying that they weren’t able to farm any NFT because when they reached the 16k Points needed to farm the cheapest NFT those were already claimed by people that staked the max number of $SNAFU allowed.

For this reason, we think the correct approach would be to tweak the min/max stake settings and the NFT prices inside the pool.

Of course, we can help “small fishes” up to a certain point: it’s obvious that if someone stakes 5 times the amount of $SNAFU (or LP) that you staked then he’ll make points 5 time faster.

PS: We launched the $SNAFU farm on 04/25/21 and all NFTs went sold out 2 days ago, so the time to farm all NFTs was of 18 days.

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In trips community 9000 Indonesians were asking for that LOL

hi. As for future farms i think we should have diversify rarity’s. 1/1 1/3 1/5 1/10 1/20(LP) 1/50 1/100 1/500 1/1000(single token) so nonmatter how many tokens u stake you can get something.

i agree that increasing the points will help to make more fair. This farm refill is a bonus for early users so those who stake from beginning will always have advantage. From collection #2 all new users will have equal chances.

Snafu, es un proyecto excelente , vengo de la otra pandereta, para generar volumen solo deben pulir y seguir trabajando , errar es bueno por que se arriesgan a cosas nueva, alli estamos.

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Votes for our first DAO proposal closed.
We had a total of 33 votes and the #YES won with an absolute majority of 144k $SNAFU votes (98%).
You can review the proposal here: Snapshot

Tomorrow at 12 AM UTC the $SNAFU farm will be refilled. At the moment our proposal for the price adjustment seems to be accepted by everyone, but we still have 24h to edit the strategy if someone stands out.

Thanks everyone for voting.


I am with you, an OG here. I think we have to step up to create fomo and not to step down. The project is great and people have to run to it and not stop it for them to lag it. This is how all the Moon projects are doing it


I have been trying to wrap my brain around a NFT distribution model that is fairer to everyone. A number of times I have been farming only to find all the NFTs just disappear before I could get to the amount required.

I think part of this is the fact that people can just farm with multiple wallets and basically the whales end up with all of the NFTs available.

The other issue I think is a pure economic one in that there simply isn’t enough NFT SNAFU value.

This calculation is a total off the cuff one.

Lets say there are like 100K SNAFU to mine for NFTs distributed across a wide variety of accounts.

This means that at 1:1 mining 100K worth of points will be mined per day for the entire group of SNAFU no matter how this is distributed across wallets.

Now one can make it so that each wallet is limited to say 2K SNAFU. so this will just mean 50+ wallets will participate and will earn 2K/day mining rewards (many will be less ofc).

Now look at the distribution of NFTs purchasable. If this happens to be mostly linear as.

100 1K
50 2K
20 5K
10 10K
5 20K

This means that within 1/2 of a day all wallets with 2K will be able to get some of the 1K NFTs, 1 day for the 2K, 2.5days for the 5k,

The problem with this is a person who wants the 20K NFT is always going to lose out to the 2K whales unless they have 2K SNAFU.

I don’t have a really good way to fix this except to basically force everyone to have the same amount of SNAFU (no minimum no maximum) but then we still have the time element.

To my mind what should be done here is to open a farm and let people mine for same amount of time with a min/max of SNAFU and occasionally offer up for ‘auction’ various NFTs.

Do the auction say every couple days and allow people to mine constantly in the mining contracts to build points (this is good particularly for LPs but also SNAFU holders) and then put up the NFTs for auction for like 3 days and let people bid with their earned mining points on the NFTs.

Point here is that people can mine with a small amount of SNAFU for a long time and still get a shot at an auction even though they will be somewhat at a deficit as to what they can bid against the whales.

IF you add BrightID and don’t have a minimum or maximum LP/SNAFU then what you do is limit the amount of points one can spend in any particular auction to some reasonable maximum. IF multiple people bid the maximum allowed on any given NFT then basically randomly determine the winner.

So here is my proposal.

  1. Use BrightID to limit sybils
  2. If you have Bright ID you are not limited in how much you can deposit to earn.
  3. Every auction bidder registers for the next auction by converting points to auction points up to a specified maximum for the auction run of interest.
  4. If bidders bid their maximum amount allowed to spend then use a random process to select NFT auction winners to award the NFT. (This must be done and peoples bids released before the next NFT in the auction comes up for auction so losers are not excluded from the next NFTs). I might suggest using a gnosis auction process for each NFT and put them up one at a time over time. Publish a list of auctions and times.
  5. The maximum value of NFTs in a auction sequence should always be > 5-10x the total any one bidder can spend.
  6. Unspent auction points after an auction are return to their earned points wallet accounts.
  7. Any NFTs that do not receive the minimum bid and withheld are added to the next auction sequence in the beginning.

So lets say there are 10 NFTs coming up in an auction series that cost from 1-20K points auction total is going to be 1M points and we can bid/buy with up to 100K points maximum. This means a single bidder can only win 5 20K NFTs (only if some other bidder doesn’t pay more than 20). Once a person has exhausted their 100K points bidding they no longer can bid in that NFT auction series.

The whole point is to make it so everyone can earn as many points as they want in these contracts. (no min or max limits). To try to limit sybils (via BrightID). And then to post an auction sequence of NFTs with a value at least 5-10x the individual buy limit. The individual buy limit should always be something like 2-5x the maximum value of a NFT - this allows for multiple people who really want a particular NFT to bid the maximum and still have a chance of winning the NFT. Once a person exhausts their auction points bidding limit they then no longer can bid and other people get a chance at the remaining NFTs.

The individual order of NFTs in the auction will have an affect so it would be nice to stagger values out - starting with the lowest valued ones 100-1K-10K and cycle this a few times throughout the period of the auction.

I suggest an auction period of like a week with three price cycles.

Anyway that is about all I have on this. Sorry this isn’t more formally written up as a proposal. I have a lot on my plate today but I think the NFT auction process with reasonable limits and using brightID to be the best solution here that allows everyone a fair process to obtain these NFTs at reasonable prices…

Auctions are fun, and allow everyone to simply use their brightID accoutn will mean a real reduction in wallets bidding and a better idea of what the SNAFU distribution looks like. Having a maximum spend for each brightID auction below the total offered will force everyone bidding to figure out which pieces they really want and still give people without much SNAFU and points earns - some chance to win the NFT they want. Staggering the NFTs via points price in the auction is a nice way to give people multiple chances at the NFT they want unless it is a print of 1…

New users must be rewarded, maybe with some gamification.

[PROPOSAL] The project could launch a periodic lottery: participants buy a fixed-cheap-price ticket to win a rarity 1 NFT, the winner is selected randomly thus giving equal opportunities to all participants.

  • All XDAIs from tickets will be collected in a pool and redeemable in $SNAFU at market price
  • Given enough participants, the artist will have 100% probability to get remunerated
  • The winning user will have their ticket “burned” and receive the prize

That’s just an idea. Let me know if you like it.

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