[ROADMAP] SNAFU Collective - April/May roadmap and tokenomics adjustments

hi. It looks you are hitting target with your roadmap. Good Job !!!

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500k $SNAFU were allocated to the team.

Those $SNAFU tokens are now vested using a smart contract. The smart contract won’t release any tokens for the first 3 months after deploy and only start releasing $SNAFU tokens in a period of 1 year starting from 15 August 2021.

You can review the smart contract here: SnafuVestingVault (0x09aAB5cE8e2F5f7De524FC000971c57f9E5E2B55) - xDai Explorer

We also burned 198183 $SNAFU tokens remaining from the IDO wallet. We keeped an amount of 70k $SNAFU to open another pool for the $SNAFU tokens on Honeyswap.
You can review here the burn transacation: Transaction 0xfc10aeb63ffaf9de47765cd6a1e84ab6c711c4920895d2d37bf8b109d5636ac7 - xDai Explorer

We also updated our github repository with contracts of the vesting and voting for the DAO.

@snafu the only way to get the nft right now is on the farms!

Farms, pool, or buying from others

Votes for our first DAO proposal closed.
We had a total of 33 votes and the #YES won with an absolute majority of 144k $SNAFU votes (98%).
You can review the proposal here: Snapshot

Tomorrow at 12 AM UTC the $SNAFU farm will be refilled. There will be made some price adjustments. You are still in time to participate to the discussion here: [NFT DROP] SNAFU Collective - #16 by Reem

At the moment our proposal for the price adjustment seems to be accepted by everyone, but we still have 24h to edit the strategy if someone stands out.

Thanks everyone for voting!

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Up to this point we completed our roadmap.

Unifty + Reward Campaign
Supply rebalancing
Funds lock
Airdrop $SNAFU
Airdrop $NTP
DAO - Colony
DAO - Snapshot
Gnosis Auction

The only thing missing is the release of Collection #2, which will take another two weeks probably. We will create a new thread about Collection #2 when our forum will go live (really soon) and we’ll create a new thread for the roadmap of the next 2 months.

Thanks to all.


congratulations on meeting your goals, I will be very attentive :partying_face: @snafu

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Will you also be launching your own Discord? And have you thought about incentivizing interaction and contributions through SourceCred?

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We’ll launch our own forum and discord. First forum, then discord.

We didn’t looked into SourceCred but will take a look, thanks.

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Do you already have an estimated date for the 2nd Nfts collection?

Our goal is June 1st

ok I’ll be careful I just have to be lp to get it? or is there any other requirement!

The second collection won’t go directly into farms. First NFTs will be sold, and there will be campaigns and airdrops as for the first one.

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Hello everyone, we are happy to release a few updates on our app.nftsnafu.org, which includes:

  • Info about locked $SNAFU and circultaing supply
  • Info of how many editions of an NFT you own when swapping an NFT
  • A new NFTs section where you can see all SNAFU minted NFTs

We are also releasing our own forum!
Go to forum: https://forum.nftsnafu.org/

Until now we used the 1Hive forum to discuss our roadmap, drops, proposal, etc. but it’s time to have our own space.
In the next days we’ll open a lot of threads because there are many things we want to discuss and organize with our community, in the meantime you can register, take a look and maybe introduce yourself there :slight_smile:


@snafu excellent to see the progress!
I will enter the forum to be more informed of what happens or is to come for Snafu!

positive energy for Snafu!

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hey snafu… having a hard time registering as the registration email does not seem to land on my email. Could you verity that you have not got similar complaints from other users? thanks.

Hi @project_uwb, from what we see the mail was sent, maybe try to check the spam folder.
If the mail is there we’ll investigate on how to not let the mail end into the spam folder.

I have a question, if I win an NFT in farming from Snafu, can I sell it elsewhere? or can I only exchange it for Snafu token?

Hi, you can sell wherever you want (Unique one, Unifty, Eporio, etc ).