Not Seeing my Liquidity in HNY/xDai Pool?


I added liquidity to the pool a couple weeks ago and when I attach my wallet to Honeyswap now, it doesn’t seem to be able to find my participation. It’s says I have no liquidity in the pool? Does anyone know what I can do?


Hi @CryptoWise

Please check if this will help you.

How to import your pool that doesn't showing up in the liquidity

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One more possibility - If you staked them on the farm then they won’t show up on Honeyswap until you unstake.

Thanks! I did add to the farm. Is there a way for me to check the progress of my farming?

Go to, connect your wallet and check directly on the farm or wait for the ticker to update.

hey mate, you can import the same pair from liquidity tab and you will see your liquidity.

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