Outflows_Inflows (Common pool)


A documentation of the community spending from the start of common pool to today 2021/1/1.
Also an inflows to common pool which is kind of an Income.
They are some Unknown of spending and inflows because it was hard to know what happen at that time, so just left it there hoping someone will have better view on it.

This will help new members to have more trust into project and investor to know where we spent the honey :honey_pot: and how much.

Also keeping a truck of community spending to help better manege common pool.

there is so many benefits from having this , it would take so much to mention , so I will just leave you here :smiley:


Enjoy ,


Good job! Appreciate the work!

Wow what a lot of work.
Thank you so very much Boring for putting this together.
Our exchange fees are pretty anemic.
We definitely need to look at other means of generating income.
But I think we know that.