1Hive Weekly Recap CW 52 (28 Dec - 4 Jan)

1Hive Weekly Recap

December 28th to January 4th

Swarms Weekly Recap

:rosette: Pollen Swarm:

A new proposal passed this Monday the 4th of January for a total of 132HNY.

33HNY will be distributed weekly through the pollen/sourcecred program being issued to members of the community

You can read more about pollen, the proposal, sourcecred scores, & Honey distribution here:

:cat: Fauna Swarm:

A new proposal passed this week for 31.5HNY for the Fauna swarm for the month of December

More details to come on restructuring the group, and moderation

You can read more about Fauna & the proposal here:

:butterfly: Morphosis Swarm:

Morpohsis will be setting up a time to meet to discuss Santings Data Analysis course

You can read more about Morphosis & sign up for the meeting here:

:sun_with_face: Celeste Swarm:

The Celeste swarm this week has been working on investigating external integrations (Example: with Gnosis Omen & clr.fund.celeste)

You can read more about Celeste here:

:last_quarter_moon_with_face: Luna Swarm:

The Luna swarm has weekly calls which next week will be scheduled on Friday January 8th, from 1pm to 2pm

You can read more about Luna, the Luna swarm notes, and their calendar here:

:honeybee: Buzz Swarm:

The Buzz has been working on the following:

Final touches on the Honeyswap landing page including analytics, sitemap & SEO

Creation of the Buzz Dao Bounty Board where we post bounties for work that anyone can get involved in and earn Honey!

Creating the swarm marketing initiative with an administrative dashboard, brand assets & will include a discord channel with a custom discord voting bot. More to come on this later

Initiated an influencer marketing initiative with a Spanish Crypto influencer and had 1Hive representatives answer questions for him in a Q&A style video.

You can read more about buzz here:

Important Discussion & Posts

Credit for editing: @Blazar.
Idea: @Stonky
Helping: @D0SH, Buzz


I’m super-confused because there’s a pollen proposal being voted on right now…

hey , meta. it already met the threshold, and going to be pass soon. when we write it we thought just to type it this way since it going pass at the end of day.

if you think it should be change let me know :heart:

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It’s fine.
I was just confused.
I’m not now. :slight_smile:
I put more Honey on it since I was awarded more.

You are Tireless, Boring.
You do so much work for us.
I really appreciate the budget inflow/outflow doc you posted too.

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This looks good, I’m glad we had our chat and came up with this idea.


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Love you man , keep these intelligent idea POG :smiley:

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Can you create a proposal to fill the faucet? since many people entered the faucet

Hi @albertp, I would suggest you to read this and comments their. Temporarily Suspend the Faucet?


This link is broken: I’m getting a 500 response.

sorry , but I am not following . Which link is broken . and what the 500 response again ?

Never mind. Either it was a temporary problem with gitbook or you just fixed the link. No more 500 error.

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