Partnership with IBJJF

IBJJF stands for International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation, the sport is pretty amateur in terms of business, the best in the world, in the toughest tournaments, the champion wins 40k and the 2nd 10k, (it’s a lot of money, but it’s very little compared to how hard it is to be the best).
I was wondering if it’s too crazy of an idea to offer an extra bonus to them, something like:
-If they pay the prizes in HNY instead of usd 1Hive sponsors let’s say 10k more for the first and 5k more for the second. They obviously could just insta trade for usd right after the tournament, but I would say they would at least tell about it on Instagram and other press media.
-The sport might be also about to take off in terms of sponsors and professionalism…
-Sorry if this is too off-topic or not pointing in the right direction, it’s just an idea…
-Here is the IBJJF website
-Also here is a recent Joe Rogan Podcast with Gordon Ryan (current number one no-gi), even if the idea sucks, I recommend the interview for enjoyment Spotify


es una buena idea, pero le costaria mucho al proyecto serian unos 15 hny. no se como estaria la tesoreria para esa apuesta

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It would be an excellent idea to support the sport and indirectly by being a sponsor to have publicity and attract more people to 1hive, the sum of 15 hny is not a high figure for the benefits that such contribution could bring! @Tonga

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@Tonga If you need a banner or any graphic element, do not hesitate to have my help, I say it at the time of formalizing said proposal that you raise, good vibes :star2::raised_hands:

what’s the benefits of doing it? sponsorship for jio-jitsu?

It is a good suggestion, but it is not better if it is used for sports that have more audience and are a bit more general. :honeybee:

Publicity and wide-spread adoption

Yeah, maybe, idk, I think 1Hive(or at least a couple of the Seed members) hasn’t been looking for that type of publicity, not sure if because the product wasn’t ready or it actually isn’t that effective, or they are targeting more crypto-specific audiences, but it’s a recurring thought so I thought I’d rather put it in the forum.

Well if they will insta-trade the honey for USD then what´s the point on doing that?
And there are a lot of possibilities they do that, unless they know about crypto and they appreciate it.
Do they know about crypto?

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Congratulations on this sobriety

thx man! thank you for the feedback!

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Answering the first question, the point would be that they have to use the whole system to get honey and by doing that they learn how to use it, what it is, etc. (btw I used to ask myself and other people the same about the farms), it’s a bit like stealing the economy from the traditional world, just the fact that they use it at least for a bit, and talk about it afterwards and maybe bring more people in, it’s a long chain of infinite events that bring more and more people into this world.
Whether they know about it, I’m pretty sure many of them know but haven’t stepped in yet.

I think it is a good idea, but it can be more complete, and it is also better to get help from other people’s ideas and expand this idea. If it is more complete, it will be more welcomed✌️

Yeah man, I agree it could be more complete, I’m not if sure the guys with the voting power would even consider it, that’s why I’m not sure if I should spend more time on it.
Can you expand a bit if you have some kind of “other people’s ideas” to expand this idea?

Okay I see, but why not talk with them about it? Why not create there in Brazil a club or something, I don´t see the use of giving money for getting something that could be achieved by talking a few hours with new people.
I am trying to get convinced, I don´t criticise, just wanna state that clear. I am curious.

I don’t have direct contact with Gordon Ryan or IBJJF people, I could through instagram though, or probably there’s a better way to contact him, but it’s not like they pay attention for nothing, they charge. (btw I’m from Argentina not from Brazil), and what I am proposing is for tournaments that happen in the US (like ADCC) not in Brazil, the sport is what is called BJJ.

I can support this idea so that people in the community can welcome and discuss it so that the idea can be spread.


I have search Gordon Ryan it looks like sort of famous…I like the idea, what I dunno is if it is too much for 1hive. It is relatively new… I guess it is a matter of talking it up with the core.
I don´t think it is a bad idea. I think it is interesting… the only problem would be that, I dunno if the project is prepared or if core is willing to do it.

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Yeah man, I don’t think they would, it’s cool to realize it in order to focus more on the things they would.
Maybe in the future when everything is more tested and used these type of ideas can be considered more seriously.

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hopefully in the not too distant future you will be like this! full support from Colombia