Persuade Celsius to adopt xDai chain

Campaign for Celsius network to adopt the xDai chain.
This could be a direct fiat to crypto to Celsius bypassing the high ethereum gas fees.
Using “Ramp” in Europe to purchase xDai directly then Honeyswap to convert to USDc, for example. Then send it directly over to Celsius without it touching the the ethereum chain.
This would benefit xDai, Ramp, Honeyswap and Celsius. It would be a fiat to USDc savings vehicle with almost zero transaction fees.

Well it seems interesting but i think the problem here is not about the trantictions fees,it’s about the difficulties with the convertions to fiat that many government seek to prevent like here in middle east and many others … And if we can create a solution for that part,rest will be no problem…ramp is a solution for just europe maybe
But Take a look at this

You have other wallet called Mt pelerin which already support xDai chain Wallet - Fiat on /off ramp(kyc required) you have connext bridge where you can send assets from xdai to bsc paying fees on xdai side and then from bsc side sending that with small bnb fee to binance(0.05$ maybe even smaller)without touching mainnet fees.
Celsius is like binance centralized exchange/wallet provider/service and to adopt some project/support some chain you need probably to pay a lot for something like you proposed unless they have some benefit from adopting that from their side.


Hello brother, could you tell me what is that ramp you mention to go from the xdai network to bsc with that low cost, thanks

Hey Rohek, its on the main landing page of if you scroll down you will see it. There is also a tutorial on how to use it LINK

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You have for example 100$ on your bank account/ you download mt pelerin app - on phone or ramp-network(online platform) . Pass kyc verification and then you purchase xDai with that 100$ you have on bank account you get them on xDai chain.Then you switch to connext bridge and transferring xDAI from xdai chain to bsc for DAI and then you can send from bsc to binance.

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As you said, all of these require a kyc and such stuff… precisely because they are centralized. @Jsh976 says the use of centralized exchanges such as Bainance, Ramp or Bitmax is a tool used by governments to impose restrictions. You should note that many, like Iranians and Turkish, cannot use them easily. I heard about New taxes imposed by the US government

Thank you very much, I will read it and try the method!! Greetings from Colombia

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I’ll keep it in mind !! for when I find myself soon with a bank account in dollars or euros thanks