PreProposal discussion: Raffle idea to go with HNY main net release

I had a crazy idea for a HNY on mainnet give-a-way that could really help boost a PR campaign and HNY price on the reverse bridge release.

I was thinking to do a raffle with something like following criterion to earn raffle tickets

  • Wallets that hold at least 1 HNY and have traded say 5-10HNY on the main-net qualify (this can be halved for Badger as they used us to qualify) after the first month of trading will qualify with 1 raffle ticket for a 30 HNY give-a-way. Raffle rewards like 10,5,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1HNY (we want to spread this around).
  • We can also add that anyone providing liquidity of at least 1HNY to a particular LP between some date ranges gets 1 raffle ticket.
  • Badger Airdrop and LP providers holding .5HNY and trading 2.5-5HNY also qualify for 1 raffle ticket.
  • NOTE: Requirements MAY change (go lower) but will be along similar lines of holding X HNY and trading Y HNY over the time period, or staking X HNY to a LP.
  • Add a teaser - A future raffle based on similar conditions ‘may’ occur at a later date.

The point here is that there may only be like a few hundred (maybe 1000 HNY) on the main net given the limited supply and this would drive up people buying, trading and holding main net HNY as well as providing liquidity.

I think this could get us to 1K/HNY price almost instantly.


  • Our biggest issue with the above is getting listed on a exchange that also has a LP at launch.
  • Collecting main net data for the raffle snapshot should be easy simply by looking at HNY trades by wallet and checking HNY holders. The condition is that this only applies to main net HNY. Not xDAI HNY.

I think 30HNY in a raffle is a tiny price to pay for a potential price appreciation of 5x and a 2x buzz factor. I’d like to include Badger folks with the reduced criterion because it would be a nice give back to them and create some excitement around Badger too.

Feel free to discuss. Putting this up as a pre-proposal discussion, idea storm. The 30HNY would come from a separate proposal but would be administered by #buzz or #fauna (doesn’t matter). The amount and distribution for prizes should match the eligibility conditions and try to spread the HNY as widely as possible.

One concern I have is that this might cause main net HNY hoarding - due to limited supply - so we could reduce requirements or adjust the parameters. The other concern is a price pump and then dump but we should be approaching celeste release so there might be an opportunity for more buzz and give-a-ways to sustain price appreciation.


This sounds like a nice idea.

Mainnet will definitely help, as it will also be easier to be on the radar of the average “user”.

Indeed 30HNY does not sound like a huge amount; Reduce requirements or modify parameters can be done too, but so far this sounds very appealing in my opinion.
Finally, after youtubers shilling of airdrops, there could really be a draft, increasing also the numbers of the community.

Good idea!

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