Problem with liquidity pool

Greetings , I added liquidity in the xdai/hny pool at honeyswap .
but it doesnt appears anywhere,nevertheless i was still able to stake the LP tokens…
what worries me that as long my liquidity dont show up i cant withdraw it.
its normal?
how can i fix this?
thank you.

@ahondabus join our discord here there is a help channel

Please read a similar thread

Hey if it doesn’t show your pool, you have to import it.

go to here - and click on import, select hny/xdai tokens, after selecting the tokens it will automatically show you.

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To add to this, after you select the 2 tokens, you need to click back/the little back arrow in the pooling screen, it’s not obvious - but it goes back to the pool screen with the tokens you selected it

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Also double check that you are viewing the hny / WXdai pool not just xdai. You can only stake hny/WXDAI - with the w. That has caught me out before!

thank you very much , already did everithing you told me to do but no succes ill keep trying …i hope its just a bug.

If you have staked it, you need to unstake it first before you can remove from the pool - have you done that? The process is just the reverse to get it back again eg:
Add liquidity to get LP tokens
Stake LP tokens in farm
Unstake LP tokens in remove
Remove liquidity to get your original hny and xdai back

@ahondabus Did you follow all suggestions and did it work? Please let us know so we can close this ticket. Also see the detailed info in this section of the farming manual.