Provide Suggestions for the

Hey There!

If you have either used as a new person into xDAI or simply want to provide some feedback on what could be improved in the faucet, please let me know in here. Also feel free to share any bugs or weird faults.

I intend to make a proposal for the faucet and would like to make sure everyone in the community is happy with it, and that we should finally get some dedicated APIs for the 1hive dapps.
API guides will be part of the open-sourcing documentation. Including proper integration and security.


Hi @luigy,

I had already posted some feedback on the Discord, but just in case I will copy it here:

Great, I tested it and it works. Some minor comments:

  • As my transaction took over 30 seconds, it might be good to have a message on screen to let one know what is happening in the background. Good moment to teach about low fees etc.
  • I returned/donated 1 xDai to the faucet as a test, would be good if the donation address had a ‘copy’ button next to it.
    Great work!

That faucet is awesome. To guard against abuse, i think some restrictions should apply; like a certain capped amount per address within a given period of time. Capped number of use if an address have not contributed to the faucet pool, etc.

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Kryptobi We have that sort of stuff implemented at this moment.

Thanks Harry, i read that and i agree. I just got side-tracked with the whole security anti-bot issues.
Will look into that tomorrow.


cool. is there anyway to know what they are?

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Great stuff works well, It would be funny if you can add random meme from The 1Hive discord database as we have them many :slight_smile: thats it if you wanna keep Luigy style.

On a serious note logo for Honeyswap , 1Hive and built by the Bees but im sure they are coming.

Also I like the idea of adding some Hints for xDai and Honeyswap or general information about them while transaction is in progress,


to have some liquidity for the faucet, maybe, every week we can try to found a partner who put some money in faucet, and on home page of faucet, have some advertise and presentation of the partner, it can be a way for him to advertise and for us to have some free HNY ?

Hi thanks for your affords. The xDai faucet helped a lot to onboard some friends.
So I wanted to donate back to the faucet some xDai. It probably falls under pea-picking but after clicking on the donate button there is no way out of the view with the donation address. The user is locked down to the donation screen.


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Awesome idea :star_struck:

I just tried it and it does not work for me at the moment


Thanks. The server app went down. Need to check logs why. I can’t check this right now. But i will later tonight. Sorry about that. I hope that this was just the server restarting and having something poorly configured.

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The faucet helped me get some xDai fast to make my first transactions, much appreciated!
Nice to see the bee favicon :honeybee:
I haven’t noticed the 1Hive sponsor until today, is it a bit hidden on purpose?

Actually it’s some of the developer’s and fauna team’s own funds.
Currently we are in a war against bots and others that apparently feel the need to repeatedly claim a cent. :roll_eyes:

And there is a donate button, so everyone can add an xDai (or a few), to help the next few hundred people!

I dont know did you hear about unibright lauch some project in beta on xdai and I saw in one tg group on my language everyone talking about that project because chico mentioned that project and now trying to find funds to activate account by sending xdai to there adress I dont know are faucet gonna survive :smiley: Good luck with that wave of bots.