Why is the community category limited to mods?

Hi, the other day I tried to start a thread in the Community category (about Discord), but couldn’t, as it had to be approved by a moderator first (who then thankfully moved it to another category).

Just now I read this post:

I posted some requested comments, but again my post was held, awaiting mod’s approval.

Is there any reason to have the community category need moderators for everything? It is a bit annoying and not very productive.


Yeap same problem here … Cant post or open threads in the Community category,status pending.

I feel your pain brother :metal:

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Who is actually able to change roles? @lkngtn only? Could you add me and maybe some others that are active and constructive as moderators and open up some categories?

I could not even delete a spam post right now (which I expect to show up “soon” due to increasing interest).

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