RabbitHole PoolTogether Quest

Hey folks! There has been a lot of excitement building as Honeycomb Farming is about to launch again on xDai, and has plans to bridge over to Polygon as well. I personally hadn’t done anything on Polygon yet until recently. Mainly because xDai has satisfied my crypto needs, and I didn’t see any reason or time for that matter to bridge over there. Since 1Hive plans to spread in that direction though, I started to consider it more seriously. I finally took the plunge when RabbitHole launched a campaign that requires you to complete an action on Polygon.

Full disclosure I am doing work as a community manager for RabbitHole. However, I would have shared this with you all anyway, as it provides an added incentive to bridge to Polygon sooner rather than later.

The quest is super simple and since most of you are already BrightId verified, you will be eligible to complete it. All you need to do is deposit USDT in PoolTogether and wait for a draw to happen (once every 24 hours). As a result, you will get some XP on the RabbitHole platform, a special 1 of 1000 NFT minted on Polygon, and when the campaign concludes you will also receive 1 POOL (~$20 right now) which is the governance token for PoolTogether. You will also have the chance of winning the lottery of course, which last I checked was worth about 7k every day.

You can find the Quest and sign-up for RabbitHole here: Follow the Rabbit

To help you along your journey down the rabbit hole, I created a couple < 5-minute videos to walk you through the process. The first one shows you one of the ways to bridge cheaply from xDai to Polygon and the other walks you through completing the PoolTogether Quest

Half of the rewards have already been claimed, so time is of the essence. :timer_clock:

If you run into any issues please reach out and I will be happy to help! Happy Questing :rabbit2: :hole:


It gives me this message. What should I do?

Hey curly … you seem to be always ahead of the game and involved with the right communities. Looking forward to the 1Hive Radio and your church talk! Please give us new beez some major alpha! This quest was super easy… waiting for the pool winner to be drawn and hopefully i nab one of those NFTs! Thanks

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thise massege is apeared when i tried to bridge to polygan:

Router Has Insufficient Exit Liquidity, Please Try Again Later. Available: 0.111128
where can i check the liquidity?

You need to be verified on BrightId in order to be eligible for the quest. In order to get verified, you need to go to a connection party, which happen several times a day in different languages. You can find the times, languages, and links here: brightid-meet

You can see the liquidity in the table just below the swap section. It looks like whoever was providing liquidity has since pulled it all since I made that video. That is super annoying :disappointed:

This solved thanks
But liquidity is not solved

No man. They do not pull liquidity. It’s because people bridge to matic more than they bridge to other networks. But they manually rebalance the router several times a day. You just have to get lucky to find exit liquidity on matic though :smiley:

The amount of exit liquidity on a network on xpollinate depends on the amount bridged to that particular network from other networks. The router works as the mediator for the user. So, let’s say you bridge 1000 usdc from bsc to matic. You deposit 1000 usdc to the router on bsc side, while the router sends you 1000 usdc on matic to your wallet. Hence, there’s now 1000 usdc surplus exit liquidity on bsc and 1000 usdc less exit liquidity on matic as a result of your bridging transaction :smiley:

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Ah ok. Thanks for that explanation. There is always something new to learn in crypto :nerd_face:

I remember there were some talks of 1Hive sponsoring some liquidity (for lack of a better term) to facilitate folks wanting to move over to Polygon to support Honeyswap once it launches there.

Buena iniciativa , estoy dentro, me gusta mas Xdai que Polygon , por que? la comunidad es mucho mas fuerte

@CurlyBracketEffect Hey, bro a question, everyone who participates in pool together wins or is it a lottery type? thanks!

I’m already participating, thanks for this kind of information! You are a great man!

It is a lottery, but it is different from traditional lotteries. It is called a “no-loss lottery”, you lock up funds, and those funds are used in DeFi to generate a yield, and the winner of the lottery gets all of the yield generated over the payout period. Sometimes there are multiple winners but that is determined by the team that sets up the lottery. Some lotteries, like the one for the RabbitHole Quest, are just sponsored by a team, and so the rewards aren’t generated by a yield but by a donated pool of funds.

I hope you win :crossed_fingers:t4:

Thanks bro! I hope to win and I make sense to continue there trying @CurlyBracketEffect thanks for the timely reply

@CurlyBracketEffect Received a Token, name Pool , refers to Pool Together, what you published from Rabbit Hole, thank you, I think by participating there they sent me in that token! I hope news about it :herb:

Glad to hear. if you completed the quest you should also have an NFT that you can view by looking at your collection on Opensea. :trophy:

@CurlyBracketEffect Thank you very much, you really do a great job in the whole community, you are great

Shouldn’t this be in cafe?

The main reason why I thought to post it here is that the Community was talking about migrating to Polygon to start providing liquidity for Honeyswap. This was giving people an opportunity to Learn how to do that through the video I linked, but also earn a little extra reward while doing so.