[RELEASE] [DEFI] [NFT] SNAFU Swap Protocol released

Hello everyone, we are thrilled to announce the release of our swap protocol!

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Owners of our NFTs will are able to swap NFTs for $SNAFU tokens, a digital currency (ERC20 token) based on xDai blockchain.

The NFTs of the SNAFU collection can be swapped at any time for a maximum amount of 1000 $SNAFU. The value in $SNAFU of our NFTs are dictated by the rarity of the NFT: for example, an NFT with rarity 1 (i.e. there is only one edition) will have a value of 1000 $SNAFU, on the contrary, an NFT with rarity 100 will have an equivalent value of 10 $SNAFU.

Similarly, anyone can swap $SNAFU for an NFT present within the pool (the cost will always be dictated by the rarity of the NFT).

Thanks to this mechanism, the SNAFU collective intends to give liquidity to its artworks: the NFTs can always be resold even without bidders.

Each time an exchange from NFT to $SNAFU takes place, 5% of the $ SNAFU will be sent to the DAO, and the community will vote on what to do with that money.

The smart contract mints and burns $SNAFU tokens during the swap: if you swap your NFT for $SNAFU then the smart contract is minting $SNAFU tokens for you and increasing the supply, otherwise, if you swap $SNAFU tokens to buy an NFT then the smart contract will burn those $SNAFU, decreasing the supply.

You can swap your SNAFU NFTs here: https://app.nftsnafu.org

Know more about us here: Introduction to SNAFU Collective


Very cool. Congrats on the launch!!! The interface is similar to the swap platforms we are all used to, but I really like the changes you added to make it easier to browse and select the NFT you want to buy or sell.

I look forward to seeing this project continue to innovate and grow.


Thank you! We worked a lot on the user experience, glad it paid off and got noticed.

Well that’s amazing…i’m a little suprised that i didn’t hear about it before…
And a question… Just number of editions determines the rarity of an nft? Or is there any quality factors or sth?

Just the number of editions.