Introduction to SNAFU Collective

Hi! I want to present to you SNAFU: an Italian collective of artists that want to create a new form of income for young underground artists and experiment with NFT art.

Our goal is to create a DAO to govern the collective, that will propose art initiatives to the community, which will vote with $SNAFU tokens.

$SNAFU is an ERC-20 token based on the xDai chain. There is no max supply since it is minted and burned by a smart contract. The smart contract that we developed and deployed will be used to swap the NFTs of our collection (ERC1155 tokens sold on Unique One) to $SNAFU tokens (you will get an amount of tokens based on the rarity of the NFT). The “swap” idea is similar to nft20 (an ethereum project), but we adapted the concept to our project. UI will be deployed in the next weeks.

We want this token to be used by artists and by our community and be backed by the artworks themself.

We just AIRDROPPED $SNAFU to all our early adopters that bought our NFTs until April 3rd on Unique One Marketplace.

We have a lot of other cool features ready to be released:

  • SWAPPING (as I presented earlier)
  • FARMING: you will be able to farm unique artworks by staking $SNAFU tokens
  • STAKING: you will be able to stake our $SNAFU tokens and earn more
  • Honeyswap: the following week we will sell NFTs of our artists and use that money as liquidity for our token on Honeyswap
  • LP STAKING: we want to incentivize people to add liquidity to our pool
  • DAO: we will start promoting contests and initiatives and our community will vote for every decision we’ll make

You can find more details about us on our website:

The following week we will start selling the NFTs of our collective, each day we will do a drop of NFTs that will start from a base price. Each new drop will increase the price of the previous drops by 20%.
At the end of the week, we’ll airdrop 100 $SNAFU tokens for every NFT you bought!

P.S.: We f**king love xdai and 1hive community and would really like you to support us in our journey!

P.P.S.: We have an ongoing airdrop, you just need to follow our twitter account and join our telegram group:

P.P.P.S: I created a separate thread for our NFTs and artists where we’ll keep you guys informed and updated about the drops, you can find in the Cafè section.


Amazing, we are doing the same thing with Mafia Creativa of Romania:)) Cool I wish you guys luck.

Great, looks interesting. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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@snafu this is a brilliant concept. Getting underground artists involved in NFT and also decentralise and monetize art is gonna get big i assume. So the earlier you are to this the more successful you probably will get! I checked out the website and there is some really cool art up there…!! Also noticed that your website says at the bottom max participant is 50 for the airdrop while the twitter campaign says 300 max participants… which one is it? Would be great to get some of these tokens so i can stake and mine some NFTs… !!

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Thank you, good luck you too guys!

That what you see on the website is only the first drop, and not even of all artists.
About the airdrop, that must be a typo, it’s 50 $SNAFU per participant for a total of max 300 participants.
Tomorrow we’ll also start another bounty for retweeting and liking our tweets.

Ah great to know… thanks for clearing this up! Will definitely participate and follow the project… is the best way to keep up to date through your twitter account?

Ps: we also decided to use xdai for a few reasons:

  1. to let artist earn instead of spend a lot of money only to try to promote and sell their art
  2. we think that digital art shouldn’t be an elite for few people that can afford it, but for everyone; we want people to buy and farm without worrying on spending money on fees, we don’t even want them to think about fees
  3. we like the fact that xdai is eco friendly, even if it means a little less decentralized;
  4. we like the idea that there are bridges that users can use to port their NFTs to the chain they like most

Twitter and telegram, yes.

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In my opinion, the NFT is not a bubble for this year. I believe that it is the art of the future

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I created a separate thread for our NFTs where we’ll keep you guys informed and updated about the drops: [AIRDROP] [NFT] SNAFU Collective NFT drops introdution and updates

Hey @ZER8 do you have a link to your collection of NFTs? Are you also a DAO and planning on issuing tokens or is it more a direct sale of NFTs?

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For the moment I have them here in CTCs farm on UNIFTY in the COLLECTIVE LP : Farm - Unifty

I am planning a more coherent launch for them. Thanks for the interest, will let you know when I post them.

Awesome stuff folks. Keep it up.

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