Retroactive Funding Application - Blossom Labs

Proposal Link: Gardens

Swarm, working group, or contributor name

Blossom Labs :cherry_blossom:

Who helped with this application?

Description of value created for 1Hive, Jan 1 - April 30, 2022

During this time period:

  • Blossom Labs replicated sites has been used when 1hive sites were down or hijacked.
  • EVMcrispr has been used many times by 1Hive and other gardens to create tao votes.
    • The most relevant vote performed with EVMcrispr in this period has been the TEC Commons Upgrade. The last votes we did with this technology has been the reimbursement for the honeyswap hack.
  • Osmotic Funding prototype is being discussed and implemented in Gardens, drawing attention from Gitcoin folks, which may be interested in integrating it.

Description of work completed Jan 1 - April 30, 2022

  • For EVMcrispr: We have released 5 minor versions with many bug fixes, we have redone the landing page entirely, and we started working with the AN DAO to improve and generalize the library.
  • For Osmotic Funding: We released the Superfluid App for Aragon/Gardens.
  • For Unbreakable Vows: We advanced on the contract templates and designs:

Between January 1, 2022 and April 30, 2022, how much funding did you receive?

Gnosis Safe or Wallet address funds will go to

Blossom Labs Gnosis Safe: 0x8790B75CF2bd36A2502a3e48A24338D8288f2F15.

Plans for how funds will be distributed.

It will be used to pay future (usually pro-bono) work.

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