Rhizome | Buzz DAO

Rhizome | Buzz DAO

[A Grassroots Media Channel Incubator]


Proposal description:
I’d like to fund a Buzz DAO Sub-Division called Rhizome.

Rhizome is a Swarm of Project-Oriented, Media Channels, competing against each other to to produce One Public Skillshare Course each week.

Each Channel is its own Team.

If a Team successfully ships their weekly Course they qualify to receive a % of a monthly HNY Distribution. This league lasts 16 weeks [4 months of distributions].

The Competition for % is determined by metrics shared when each team posts about their course in the Forums for that Month.

  • Channel Social Statistics
  • Project Incomes
  • Discord Referral Links
  • Etc. [Point List at the bottom of post.]

Since this Competition is meant to be community building, each monthly Channel Update will share strengths and weaknesses of their attempts that month, so as to help other channels do better the next month.

Essentially, it’s a competitive league of experimental marketing channels, focused on 1 week business projects.

The structure below provides strategy and framework.

Course Structure Qualifications:

  • Your team must have its own Skillshare | Youtube | Twitter | Tik Tok | Reddit Account.
  • Your Course Topic must be one of the Following:

Channel | Course Examples:

  • A Business Analytics Channel which dives into one DeFi Protocol each week - framed as a channel for recovering Moonbois, and the DeFi-Curious.

[Potential Partners: ANY DeFi platform / product / service.]

  • A Short Noir film Series that has an educational focus on DeFI Exploits, VPNs, Privacy and Security best Practices and Tax Compliance.

[Potential Partners: ANY Privacy Project, REKT, StakeDAO, Trezor Affiliate]

  • A CryptoCurrency Web Development Channel - A Bounty Hunter who tries a new project each week and shares how it’s done.

[Potential Partners: Morphosis | Raid Guild | District0x ETHLance | Gitcoin Grants | Scaffold-ETH]

  • An Artistic Film | Animation Project | Marketing Theatre Group that focuses on Crypto Education & Affiliate Marketing for Coinbase, and each of the Coinbase Earn referral areas, and the fundamentals of each token listed on that platform.

[Potential Partners: Coinbase | Any token listed | Educational Platforms tied to Coinbase]

  • A Fine Art Print on Demand Service that focuses on integrating Limited Run Print on Demand items with NFTs, which target and educate about different Protocols.

[Potential Partners: MetaFactory | LOLDefi | Any DeFi Platform with a tribal identity.]

Building one of these channels requires a commitment to experimentation via weekly project cycles, and accumulates more value, skill & outreach with each successful weekly shipping of a Course.


General Rules: [These are clarified in the Skillshare Guidelines]

  • Courses CANNOT promise riches or even specific dollar amounts.
  • Courses must offer actionable project experiments that can be executed within 1 week.
  • Courses must meet quality standards for Skillshare - and there is a Skillshare Curation Team who enforces these standards.
  • There are also plenty of free educational resources on their site for producing and editing quality videos.
  • Courses must have a minimum of 5 to 7 videos – each a maximum of 2 Minutes and 10 Seconds in length.
  • Skillshare Courses have Branding Limitations within the course itself [Only Intro & Closer], but the individual videos - which may be posted on any platform, will be branded as 1Hive & Metagame projects.
  • Make sure you can ship your class and execute your project each week.
  • You must do At Least 3 Courses a Month or your team is Disqualified from the next month’s distribution.
  • There are only 5 Teams.


The maximum you can ship on Skillshare is One Course each Week, but the impact of one well-crafted, Public course each week has significant splash effects:

As you can see, the engine of this project are the weekly project driven courses – and these are pushed forward by short and long term incentives for these teams to build out channels which educate and provide meaningful training to people trying to learn new skills.

This is basically a decentralized marketing and onboarding push as an extroverted service which 1hive and metagame are providing for other DAOs and wider audiences – while setting themselves up to have sustained long term income following the completion of this Incubation period.

The hope is that these channels / teams will become small businesses, and also talent onboarding funnels, and DeFi | DAO brand ambassadors representing 1hive and metagame.

Financial Flows:

The project is specifically designed to front load the rewards with HNY, while requiring an accellerated pace | partnerships | small project experiments and the growth of channels – in order to gain the most out of the project.

If teams look at this as a runway for launching a monetized youtube channel based on small project execution and skill training – while also exploring partnerships with different crypto tribes – I think this will go very well for people, provided they commit to the project cycle and pace.

Weights for distribution have a basic score which is determined by performance, and shipping at least 3 courses a month.

Specific numbers in terms of Points Earned and % Distributed for that month’s reward pool are in the end of the post.


Proposal Rationale

These trollish characters below here are not unique to 1hive, and do not represent specific people – but more feelings that I have experienced, and seen in different discord projects in the last couple of years.

Observing these unproductive ways of participating, during severe market dumping events, have made me continuously return to an idea that we need less speculators, and more project managers – not just in 1hive, but across the multiple cryptocurrency ecosystems.

  1. Instead of Paid Shills - I think we ought to invest in building Decentralized Media Channels and treat them as an aggregated Social Asset.
    • [An Incubation Chamber Discord could aggregate students, commons creative assets assets for video content, and use a Tiered Accomplishment System with Collab-Land Permissions, where people ascend a hierarchy based on the # of classes they have shipped during the season.]
  1. Instead of Pump-Seekers, dumping on each other and waiting for some external pump to carry our bags, 1Hive Community Members need to be practiced Project Managers.
    • [Let’s find ways to serve DAOs and Treasuries, and Audiences and Companies outside of 1hive, and then use the 1hive tools to help grow these small businesses.]
  1. Instead of trying to attract and Incentivize Degens, we need to attract, train & incentivize Talented Project Managers who will help grow Gardens, and use 1hive tools for their projects.
    • [This is similar to #2 except focused outwardly, on who we are onboarding and advertising to, outside of 1hive.]
  1. Instead of remaining isolated and focused on 1hive - we need to actively serve other projects, to generate good will and financial partnerships.
    • [If we had a Media Channel Dedicated to Aavegotchi, maybe they would have partnered with 1hive on polygon instead of dinoswap. If we make more collaborative and outward focused actions, we may have a foundation of social capital on which to build strategic partnerships when they are needed.]

Project Duration:
This is a 4 month experiment, with monthly distributions, and a maximum of 1 Course per week, Per Team.

When the experiment is over - Each team will make a final evaluation summary of their Channel Growth, and share their victories and failures in a reflection post.

There will also be monthly synopsis forum posts by each team.

Team Information:

The project will start out with 5 Teams. If a Team does not submit at least 3 Courses in a month, they drop out of the rankings, increasing the size of the monthly reward pool for the remaining teams.

For the creation of a Team - I would suggest picking a set of external DAOs to partner with or do work for. [I have listed quite a few of them in this article.]

I would suggest we reserve a minimum of one Team for MetaGame, so they can run an Active Raid, and participate if they like, given that this matches their roadmap, and concerns playbooks, and we would do better to be more closely partnered with them.

I will organize this experiment – and I’d suggest the current members of Buzz DAO can help where more trust, impartial opinions, or multi-sigs are needed.

  1. Root’s Team - [ASTRA] [Root + AntagonistPup [music] + MidnightDatura [voice acting]]
  2. MetaGame Team Reserve Slot

There are three open slots.

Funding Information:

Amount of HNY requested:
60 HNY goes to the Reward Pool, to be distributed to the Active Teams over 4 Months.

I will also run the project, and accept a BuzzDAO Stipend.

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Half of the HNY is to be Market Sold into AGVE immediately, paired into LP Tokens, and deposited into HoneyComb - Locked at incremental rates so that 1/4th of the supply will be released each month in the Honeycomb Contract.

Reward Pool Address will be a Gnosis Safe with LP – [unless someone has a better suggestion - maybe there is already a Buzz DAO Gnosis Safe.]

As each Locked LP Token is released, that will be distributed amongst the Valid Teams for that Month.


Month 1:
5 Teams among 15 HNY worth of LP.

  • Each time you ship a course you get +1 Point.
  • Top 3 Ranking in total Outreach That Month gets +1 Point Each.
  • Top 3 Ranking in Skillshare Students That Month gets +1 Point Each
  • Top 3 Ranking in Youtube Subscriptions That Month get +1 Point Each
  • Top 3 Ranking in Youtube Hours Watched That Month gets +1 Point Each
  • Top 3 Ranking in Discord Onboard Ref Links That Month gets +1 Point Each
  • Top 3 Ranking in Revenue Earned That Month gets +1 Point Each
  • Each time you make a successful partnership and earn tokens from another Treasury besides 1Hive you get +1 Point

[Your Team’s Points] / [Total Points Awarded] * [The HNY - AGVE LP + xCOMB Value for that month’s Reward Pool] = [Your Team’s Reward Distribution for that Month.]

  • Your Team Must have 3 Courses Shipped Each Month to qualify to receive rewards for that month.
  • Your Team must tally up the amount of Points they are Due, and then submit the proof of those points, in your monthly Channel Updates.
  • If you get caught cheesing stats, and it would fail a trial by community, your team is disqualified.



There are probably some loopholes and errors here and room for criticisms, and I’m open to making them work.

This same structure could be used to create a frontend Dev Onramp, or act as a learn by teaching // marketing outreach for morphosis or raid guild.

I’d like to see this project through for the next 4 months, and see what the results are – I am confident that by repeating these processes, we could actually become a marketing force in the DAO Ecosystem, and partner with all kinds of neat projects.


Metacartel and District0x have also expressed an interest in this project, as I have reached out to solicit them. District0x has mentioned that this is the sort of proposal that they would be interested in supporting, and I have been instructed to follow up and inform them if / when 1hive funds, and how much. Presumably, so they could sponsor some teams and form a small league for the first season.


I really like how you came up with this concept and i think this is well aligned with the standards and culture of 1Hive which stands for - building community,creativity and productivity and not paying for the shills.

The thing that you already have full plan for this is a big plus IMO and i think the tempo of 4 months
( 1 course per week on skillshare, building the social media channels,youtube videos etc.) can be effective and productive .

Will be following this thread and come up with some additional ideas later but it seems very well thought and something that i would support.

Those trolls made me laugh :slight_smile:


Incredible! Love this proposal.

I’m game to join up with anyone who wants to run a team. Maybe something to do with safety and not getting rekt? DM me on Discord

Also, the trolls are superb.


Thread added to Metacartel, with answers to some questions, concerning the possibility of them joining up with 1hive for this project.

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This strikes at the heart of what could ignite a project in a sustained way. People are already leery of paid shills so to come at it with this organic approach should be better received by the community than a half-hearted and expensive paid shill who may not do a particular point justice. Nicely fleshed out. I’m in for a video at least! I like how you’ve identified the low-hanging fruit by looking to alternative platforms like Skillshare, that is rich in knowledge hungry students who may begin their entrance into the crypto space with hand holding by a 1Hive tutorial. The brand implications of this can be long-lasting, building goodwill in the most solid way imaginable.


Im glad you see the objective, though just a video will bot be sustainable. It needs to be people building out channels - i think - as the value is in the long term consistency and audience building and not just the one off.

The skillshare course is the minimum viable product / pace for this.

To your other point - podcasts and such are a good idea also - i just used this structure because i thought it was repeatable and supported by multiple income streams and efficient.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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