BuzzDAO Proposal 4

:heavy_heart_exclamation: Updated proposal in the comments :heavy_heart_exclamation:

BuzzDao has managed to stay afloat for the last few months despite the negative price action against our beloved $HNY but unfortunately only a few drops remain therefore we are seeking another round of funding.

If you are not familiar with us feel free to reach out on this post or brief our previous proposals (#1,#2,#3)

Current Marketing Duties, Ongoing Initiatives & Team Additions

As a marketing DAO we have built out various parts of 1Hive throughout our journey and we recently have expanded our small DAO to further increase our efficacy.

Marketing Team Additions

@Blazingthirdeye - Dedicated social media admin. If you wondered who does all the posting to our main social channels from #social-curation, this is the man!

@twells - Video/Educational wizard, you may have notice 1Hives videos have become a lot more professional we owe it all to this guy!

@paul Dedicated marketer for #Gardens; Pretty self explanatory seeing how much work will be to help onboard all the new communities for our new dApp.

Marketing Duties And Current Initiatives

This proposal includes funding allocations towards current tasks that are being managed by full time and part time contributors.

  • Bounty board funding & management
  • Monthly reports
  • Public relations
  • Lead/teach contributors
  • Social admin duties
  • Wiki/Docs
  • Community Incentives

New Initiatives:

  • Hedgey Finance - 1Hive collab
    • Hedgey Finance is a team of skilled developers that have built out a various dapps in the web3 ecosystem(LINK). They recently approached us for feedback on their current options trading platform “Hedgey” and the Buzz team pitched the idea of a collab on a previous proposal that was posted on the forums(Honeydew). The idea of this partnership is to fork the Enzyme protocol and have it added within the Honeycomb Wallet ecosystem. This will give people the opportunity to create Hedge Funds within the 1Hive ecosystem which opens up the opportunities of having DAO treasuries and DAO investment management.
  • International Media Account Growth Bonus
    • We want better the international reach by incentivizing the current social media admins to grow out their local community. We have discussed on setting milestones via a follower count and this will all be managed and overseen by the BuzzDAO members,
  • Tweetshift for media channel???
    • To increase our exposure for our social media channel we want to incorporate a BOT that automagically posts all tweets that our social media accounts create to further increase follower interactions for our Discord audience. We have currently built out the prototype with success for targeted accounts but we are still figuring out how to display the Mentions or comments of those targeted accounts.
  • Help build out other Media swarms
    • Buzz is helping out build out the other media swarms like buzz radio and design swarm. We have currently assisted the current leaders of the up and coming swarms to refine their proposals and we will be coordinating with them in future to improve their efficacy as a working group.

External Initiatives

  • @rootdraws - Micro media influencers
    • Rootdraws has come up with a very fascinating proposal and plan to create an ecosystem of media influencers. Please see video and proposals for further details
  • DefiWalk- Youtube Micro Influencer
    • Is an up and coming influencer with just over 3 thousands subs that are dedicated fans of farms. We want to promote our comb token and our honeycomb farms with him.
  • LiteLiger- Youtube Micro Influencer
    • AMA or Gardens overview with a known youtuber that has gotten us over 10k views with his audience.

Budget & Options for 1Hive

  • Option 1 - Current marketing Duties and 7 Person Team along with decentralized bounty hunting rewards - 25HNY/mo = $8000
  • Option 2 - Option 1 + New initiatives (not including Hedgey) and a 10HNY reserve for media influencers - 25HNY/mo + 20HNY for media channel bonus reserve fund = $15,000
  • Option 3 - Option 1 + 2 and Youtubers - 25HNY/mo + 20HNY +4.5HNY for media influencers = $16,500
  • Option 4 - Option 1 + 2 + 3 and Rootdraws proposal - 25HNY/mo + 20HNY +4.5HNY + 60HNY/4mo = $35,000
  • Option 5 - Change leadership and dismiss BuzzDAO= Free
Marketing Initiatives
  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4
  • Option 5
  • Im here for the trolls

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Are these Options stacked on top of each other explicitly because they’re in priority order, i.e., BuzzDAO has decided they wouldn’t want to fund 4 without funding 1-3 first?


Hey Ceres great question! We can mix and match a few options if that is what the majority of the community wants us to do with the exception of option 1 and 5. Were open to suggestions and we are also open to other ideas that are not put on the proposal


@D0SH , thanks for the post.

I read you were looking for feedbacks on the proposal, and here my opinions.
I know buzz gets some critiques, as blaming the marketing team is always the easy way to find problems.

I think you guys are doing a very nice good. These are not critiques, but my opinions and impressions. I’m not blaming Buzz for anything, I hope that this will transpire from my words. What I wish to see more obviously in the proposal is:

  • our arrival on Polygon went quite under the radar. Liquidity is lower than when farms launched and we have a current volume of 50k. Basically, non existent.
    What are the plans to implement and improve our presence on Polygon? Our landing there was so long awaited, and I’ve a bit of mixed feelings on how well we handled this.
  • Since the budget is limited to a certain amount of months, could you guys provide a roadmap of the goals we intend to achieve? I’d prefer to give you guys funding for 3-6 months, but due to price volatility this is not easy. However, I think that we would benefit from some clarity of action. I personally wrote in the Agave FAQ that marketing of Agave would start with farms and Honeycomb. Then, eventually, Honeycomb launched, farms launched, Honeyswap-Polygon launched and Agave is still behind, but I didn’t see a “buzz” around these launches, or at least not as much as I hoped. (again, not pointing fingers on Agave nor on Buzz!)
    To be faster in doing things, in my opinion, we would need roadmaps, even short term, which could be a way to truly be effective and efficient in our efforts.
  • In the list you mentioned (monthly reports, bounty board and so on) I do miss some shilling. Now, more than ever, we have so much on the plate; Celeste, Gardens, Farms, xDai, Polygon. Next in line will be Agave and Arbitrum. We could use some coverage here and there, as the xdai ecosystem appears to be sinking and we’re non-existing (yet) on Polygon. I would be in favor of “wasting” a bit of funds to give us a bit of a push which would bring confidence to investors and to those holders who are “suffering” the price action and the sad calmness of the xdai network.

I hope this makes sense and it’s useful to the conversation.


Great Strategies. Buzz DAO has a huge impact on the betterment of 1Hive DAO, Which needs comprehensive support to advance and develop its programs as much as possible.
And fortunately, after a several months of being a contributor of the 1Hive, I know the buzzDAO well and I admit that it has the best forces, always trying to improve and develop it.

  1. Sweat Equity not Airdrops.
  2. Small Business Projects not Competitive Dumping
  3. DAO Income Stream Incentives, not Degen Incentives.
  4. More money to Devs who Ship projects that create Revenue – not just ship period.
  5. More partnerships - where meaningful value is offered to communities outside of 1hive, and these communities actually are made better for interacting with 1hive projects.
  6. Independently pursued – Applied Morphosis Training Grassroots Path for Morphosis, to better vet competent reliable devs.
  7. Start shipping projects that are designed to provide value to specific communities. and then connect the projects with those communities and help them grow with those tools.

Then the Buzz will magnify.

Otherwise, Buzz is trying to compensate for broken culture surrounding money – which is magnified by broader market conditions.


Unfocused Idealism also is an issue.
Arguing that “These are Pubilc Goods” or “The Value is there, it’s just not recognized” are not as honest as the rash of dumping that just went through HNY | AGVE | xCOMB | pCOMB token holders.

If you want the confidence of speculative investors, you need to create a community that actually generates revenue and offers constructive value – because otherwise, your idealism eats the funds of these investors in the form of community dumping, and this signals high risk and lack of community coordination to speculative investors – and those people don’t care if your intentions are pure.

It’s possible to be economically inclusive, and also profitable - you just need to figure out how to make that happen.

Investors will still dump according to macro market sentiment to protect themselves, and maximize profit – but if you ever want to break out of that model, and work toward DAOs and DeFi as tools which provide real economic value – you need them to be tools, which are used by teams who create economic value in spite of larger market conditions - while using said tools.

That’s what I think would make 1hive more valuable and trustworthy as a place to put my money.


My proposal is now called “Rhizome: A Grassroots Media Channel Incubator”.


Additionally, I have shared the project with Metacartel, and have received some limited curiosity in response, as a more broad league, in which 1hive is only one of the contributors.

District0x has also indicated interest in the project and have instructed me to inform them whether or not 1hive chooses to fund this proposal, so that another proposal may be made over there, which may add DNT toward the incentive pot for this season.


I love this, I think I remember talking about this in the discord. It’s awesome and I am sure it will work and help other bees create more engagement and visibility.

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Hey Stonky actually i asked for suggestions on marketing rather then feedback but it seems alot of people were intrigued by your comment so i will entertain it.

When we originally met with the Matic team, before they re-branded into Polygon they pitched us on deploying Honeyswap on Matic and in there words “we want Honeyswap because Quick is hacked together and not optimized at all”. After several discussions with the interested parties the majority of the 1hive members that were present did not see the value of deploying HS there at the time. Fast forward to the launch of Honeycomb farms on Polygon, our point of contact got a new job, the current Polygon team gave us a half ass tweet, and our AMA was mashed together 20 min before we were supposed to go live even though i had been on there case for over 3 weeks. So with that back story i want to know how you expect the Buzz team to improve our current presence??? If we deployed when Buzz brought it to 1Hive we would be were Quickswap is right now or close to it so really i dont know how you expect this to happen without the synergy of the whole hive working together.

Im not to sure how you expect to have a laid out roadmap for a swarm that heavily relies on other working swarms. We want to prevent exactly that situation that you ran into so people don’t get a sense of false hope and expectations. Also as per the budgeting, it is currently laid out in a way were the current buzz members are covered for the first month and if we have crazy volatility we might be able to squeeze 1 or 2 more months out of it(our last prop lasted 4 months). Most Buzz members do what they do cuz they love 1Hive including my self and our budgeting is as low as it can go due to the current price. All of us took pay cuts last few months to be able to survive but we never unwound from those pay cuts since we needed to add more team members due to the work load. So as to why we don’t go for a longer plan? Pay is already as low as it can be and im not willing to keep it this low for a 3-6 mo period. With HNY price at the lower end no one will vote for any reasonable NA wage…personally have been working off savings ever since we dipped below 900 and i don’t think i can survive more then 2 more months without getting a job to flip some fries. Also there are alot of moving pieces in a DAO and alot of moving people! We don’t know if people will be here in a month or 2 yet alone a week. I have seen this more times then i can count and i have been trying to find ways to incentivize people but i don’t think we have clear solution for that. If the community is weary off us not being long term committed members they are welcome to take a gander at our history as a DAO and as individuals.

I spoked about this in the Discord today and i have mentioned it multiple times in meetings. We are more then capable of paying a big youtuber to promote us so we can get rid of our bags but how ethical is that? How would the new members of 1Hive ( the people that bought on the pump) feel that the previous members pumped it and dumped it on them? That being said we do have some plans with some smaller youtubers that we think will have a higher ROI in terms of 1Hive values, but we won’t know that until we test it out. Defi Walk has shown interest in working long term with us so that is a plus, and of course Rootdraws micro influencer proposal which has its own potential of a network effect. Furthermore i want to make this super clear If 1Hive community wants or any member wants to sponsor a video or pay for advertising they are more then welcome to pay any high influencer youtuber by submitting a proposal to and having members vote it.

I hope this gives you some insights on to the how and whys and i can expand more on these topics if you like.


@D0SH , I actually specifically mentioned several times that I am not blaming Buzz…

That’s actually what I asked, if there’s any plan on improving our presence there. Seems. to me a marketing related question, that’s all.
I mean, I know the backstory of HS and QS, I’m not blaming anyone for not being on Polygon earlier, but now that we’re there I am imagining there are plans to could at least a bit in the overall ecosystem. 50k of volume means we’re not even on the radar. But once more, I’m not blaming you or anyone in Buzz.

I’ll reiterate…I’m not blaming anyone.

People often attack Buzz, I did specifically the opposite mentioning 2 3 times I wasn’t, but if you or anyone takes it personal, I just gave my honest comment and opinion.
And, for the record, I am in favor of paying more the buzz team, for longer periods of time to build a stronger and more effective commitment.


Stonky - i think the most direct solution is more meaningful partnerships.


Aavegotchi - can you think of any way that 1hive can benefit the gotchi ecosystem in such a way that it is more advantageous for them to hook up with honeyswap instead of dinoswap for the eth - ghst pair?

Ofc the gotchis are killing it now. Ghst is up 40% in the last week basically.

We were there at the same time - and coderdan asked us a specific question - “how will honeyswap meaningfully compete with quickswap and sushiswap?”

The responses were not good enough to convince that community.

And furthermore - the launch of pcomb was so mistrusted by our own community that the token didnt even hype on launch. And everyone said nope not putting my money in that pcomb pair until the price is ded. — cause the ones who had that faith on the xcomb project got burned.

In conclusion - our own community didnt believe that pcomb had any value. Why would the gotchis?

That is an incentive issue and a partnership issue that is tied directly with the partnerships that were (not) secured by the tulip swarm before rushing that project out to its empty reception.


Another example - HAUS:

Partnered with some other exchange because they were not offered liquidity incentives on xcomb launch. And were not offered liquidity incentives on pcomb launch either.

Thats Gotchi TVL and HAUS TVL missing from the HNY ecosystem.

How could we have better served those communities in order to let them know we wanted to partner with them?

Listing as an incentivized pair would have helped.
(We dont want to do that unless they want to do that cause its risky)

Whitelisted incentivized pairs for other dao incubators besides gardens would have helped.
(We have gardens so why would we support an external dao incubator they are competitors)

Gotchi integration into agave would help.
(Yes but agave swarm has had flaky devs which have caused multi month project delays and left the bulk of the work on 2-3 people)

Honeyswap and honeycomb daohaus integrations as forged minions foe their UI would have helped.
(But thats their job and why should we do that and it would take effort to maintain)

Welcoming HAUS and GOTCHI to have teams in the Rhizome project would help.
(But we need to give up two more slots)

Its about design choices and signals of partnership and signals of reliability that if a project partnered with 1hive that they wouldn’t be immediately dumped on.


A lot of those decisions above are design decisions for tulip swarm - who they choose to incentivize, and what efforts they put into bridging UX for other DAO incubators.

I wrote about that in another post.

Id be happy have a Rhizome slot to partner with a gotchi gang led by a 1hive x gotchi member — i think there are a few.

DAOhaus l Meta Cartel | Raid Guild | MetaGame | Colony | District0x | FWB | Bankless | Gitcoin | CLRFund | Arbitrum | Gotchis


If you think 1hive would benefit from TVL or Tx volume or devs or swarm members or affiliation or marketing by any of these groups — we just need to give them a real gift.

Maybe if Rhizome passes we make offers to each of them and have them come up with teams and through that 4 month partnership — improve 1hives future based on who those team roles are offered to?

If you want to maximize liquidity on Polygon for example you pick partners who would achieve that goal and then make an offer to have those projects have a media channel incubation slot.


This could also be seen as a more intentional integration between tulip and buzzdao for example — and if that is the case - then maybe tulip needs to give buzzdao some of its funding —if they are too busy to make these necessary partnerships for honeycomb polygon to successfully launch.


All of this calls for a more coordinated understanding of marketing - which is to say — the marketing needs to be built into the projects themselves — because tweeting and youtube shills are bandaids and they only work if people are already paying attention.


I believe text is not portraying the proper emotion as im not saying that you have blamed anyone nor do i think you are blaming buzz…i have seen you countless times face similar problems with Agave and you have always push through but what you missed was the word “synergy” in my message. When i say “what do you expect buzz to do” i mean it in a way of we can only push it so far and bring in the connections, after that we either have to do it our selves like we did for xPollinate the landing page etc. or trust others like we did with Shenanigan and have the results that we are all aware of.

Of course nothing is personal Stonky and i hope you know we all are in this together <3


I don’t think BuzzDAO should be responsible for developing the marketing strategy for other 1Hive swarms. What BuzzDAO has done best so far, and where I think it should be focused and continually improving, is in growing an audience for 1Hive and communicating to them what’s going on across our community. 1Hive is working on a ridiculous amount of cool stuff, and there are plenty of people in crypto that would love to hear about them if we can reach them and communicate what’s happening here effectively.

Swarms themselves should be developing their own growth strategies, and then tapping BuzzDAO as a resource for comms when they need it. The 1Hive ecosystem is just too big and diverse for us to expect BuzzDAO to know how to grow each individual project, and growth strategy is too important for it not to be a keystone in the decision making for each Swarm.

From that standpoint, I see the Hedgey initiative as something that should probably fall under the Tulip Swarm, or maybe become its own Swarm. But it is a super cool initiative!

Things I would personally like to see BuzzDAO put more focus on (I see these as the lowest cost, highest value initiatives):

  • Monthly Update: @Stonky’s updates are SO helpful for me in keeping up with the community - it feels like one of the most important things BuzzDAO does. Anything we can do to make these even better and reach more people would be huge.
  • Email Marketing. Growing our list of email subscribers and getting consistent email campaigns out. Stonky’s Monthly Update is a good starting point for this since it’s content he’s already creating, and it’s the type of content people like getting from an email subscription. It takes a lot of time to organically grow an email list, but at scale it’s a relatively inexpensive channel that is super valuable.
  • Buzz Radio: I really like everything @CurlyBracketEffect and Co. have done with this - the radio has the potential to be a really great channel if we keep at it.
  • Crypto Publications: Build relationships with editors/contributors for publications with readership that would be interested in our projects. We should be drafting content for them as well - journalists like it when you make their job easy.

I’m not super excited about the idea of paying influencers, but seems worth trying as an experiment. My gut is that we’d get better ROI investing in really good content, i.e. articles, videos, emails, etc. that tell the story of what’s going on at 1Hive really well, and that can grow an audience organically.


thanks for the kind words :pray:t4:

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I second a lot of what you’re saying Paul; think the key to building our audience is generating larger amounts of high quality content. For example, with the right application of resources there is no reason 1Hive’s YT channel can’t achieve “influencer” status relatively quickly. We have the knowledge/skills in house to create content that educates and entertains people!


Love all of these points Paul and thank you for all the suggestions

We have been in discussions with the folks over at Hedgey and I have invited a few dedicated people to take a look and scope the project. As per who is responsible that is really up to 1Hive to decide, i was thinking it could be the start of the Treasury swarm or another Tulip project it really depends who wants to spearhead this and take it on. That being said If anyone is interested in this with previous experience here at 1Hive please send me a message and I can add you to the discussions.

This is exactly what we had to do in order to survive the hit from the price action. What we did is strictly focus on how we can generate media and marketing material via our community in a decentralized way and we have been chipping away at all of them slowly. Our most recent tune up was our medium publication page with the help of @harsh24 LINK


I’m having serious hesitations about the addition of @rootdraws proposal in this funding round.

Yes, the proposal is exciting and interesting, and yes it’s within the scope of BuzzDAO’s mission, but it’s a large amount of Honey for a big and novel concept that I don’t think should be tied to BuzzDAO’s more “typical” operational expense proposal.

I would support a much smaller amount of Honey going towards a short term experiment for rootdraws project. I also might support it as a separate, standalone proposal. I’m just hesitant about the two being linked given how much more support it will need in Conviction Voting.

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The person running the project receives the same stipend as another member of Buzz DAO.
[This would be me, at the moment, and it would be separate from the Pool of Rewards available for the teams.]

The 60 HNY is distributed over 4 months, so it’s 15 a month among 5 teams, to fund a grant pool to incubate small media channels which are bootstrapped through 1hive – with the objective that these channels move forward with enough persistence to reach monetization by themselves.

The reward is necessary to incentivize completion of tasks, because the objective is to generate weekly high quality courses, and build monetized media channels.

The experiment also needs to be 4 months long, because media channels like this need training, and time to accumulate and build their own audiences. If you do less than 4 months, it’s not going to be enough to get close to youtube monetization, or building up skillshare audiences sufficient to bring in revenue after the project has run its course.

You can continue to pay influencers, and put the weight on buzz DAO to form partnerships and shill – or you can incentivize teams to start their own projects, which create their own value, and outsource those responsibilities.

The difference is — who owns the social asset – Chico Crypto, or a member | affiliate of 1hive?

I think the idea could develop into something beyond BuzzDAO – but right now, the project is relying on BuzzDAO for legitimacy, because these ideas are untested, and because it falls within the scope of buzzDAO’s mission.

This is the rationale behind the proposal – I don’t have anything else to say in the project’s defense, that I haven’t already shared.

Yeah that all makes sense. But wouldn’t it be better to have it as a standalone proposal then? Why add such a big honey request for a new idea to a monthly swarm that has a relatively well-understood operational budget at this point?


I think it would be cool if buzzdao | morphosis had an income stream besides HNY.