[ROADMAP] SNAFU Collective - April/May roadmap and tokenomics adjustments

Hello everyone, we created this thread to discuss our project’s roadmap and tokenomics adjustments. If you want to know more about us please read the introduction thread (Introduction to SNAFU Collective) and the Collection #1 presentation thread ([AIRDROP] [NFT] SNAFU Collective NFT drops introduction and updates).

April 14

Unifty + Reward Campaign

Starting from April 13 to April 24 the SNAFU Collective is launching a new Bounty Airdrop for token holders of NFTs of Collection #1!

On April 24 whoever will have all NFTs of the following bundles will be rewarded with the “SNAFU Collective - Special Edition” NFT + $SNAFU tokens. A total amount of 75000 $SNAFU was allocated for this airdrop!

April 19


Our SWAP protocol will be released. Read more about this functionality here: https://www.nftsnafu.org/swap

April 19 - 24

Supply rebalancing

In the past weeks, we noticed the initial supply we provided for our $SNAFU token didn’t meet enough demand, for this reason, SNAFU Collective decided to burn $SNAFU tokens in order to rebalance the total supply.

At the moment we have a circulating supply of 135000 $SNAFU, those tokens were distributed to the community through airdrops, bounties, and rewards for buying NFTs of “Collection #1”.

From our original tokenomics (read more in our whitepaper) we decided to burn the following percentages:

  • 43% of the $SNAFU allocated to the Team, decreasing the supply from 875000 $SNAFU to 500000 $SNAFU;
  • 60% of the $SNAFU allocated to the DAO, decreasing the supply from 625000 $SNAFU to 250000 $SNAFU;
  • 20% of the $SNAFU allocated to the IDO, decreasing the supply from 250000 $SNAFU to 200000 $SNAFU;
  • 70% of $SNAFU leftover from the Community Distribution: we allocated 375000 $SNAFU for the community distribution as a reward for buying NFTs from Collection #1, but we were able to distribute only 135000 $SNAFU. So now we have 240000 $SNAFU left over. We will burn 70% of those tokens, remaining with only 75000 $SNAFU to distribute to the community. We will distribute those $SNAFU tokens with the second airdrop campaign of “Collection #1”, if there will be some $SNAFU left over then we will distribute the remaining tokens to the xDai community in a random way, with a maximum of 10 $SNAFU per wallet.
  • 100% of $SNAFU leftover from the Bounties allocation: 32000 $SNAFU will be burned.

After this burning process we will have the following supply:

  • Circulating supply: 135000 $SNAFU
  • Total supply: 1085000 $SNAFU

This means a decrease of the supply of 57%.

Funds lock

After rebalancing the supply we will lock all funds allocated to the team.

We will deploy a smart contract where we’ll send all 500000 $SNAFU allocated to the team. For the first 6 months, the smart contract won’t release any funds. After 6 months the contract will release funds periodically over a time period of 1 year.

The funds will be released by the smart contract to a wallet registered inside Gnosis Safe. This will let us:

  1. Give transparency to the funds released to the team

  2. Allow the team to use a multi-sig wallet in order to move those funds: there will be 5 wallets that will need to sign the transactions, with a minimum requirement of 3 wallets.

April 24

Airdrop $SNAFU

Airdrop #2 for “Collection #1” will end; winners will be counted and the rewards distributed.

Airdrop $NTP

We partnered with NFTOPIA (https://nftopia.vercel.app/) a new NFT Marketplace joining xDai chain. Thanks to this partnership all holders of NFTs of the SNAFU Collective will receive an airdrop of $NTP tokens.

April 25


We’ll create our farming pool on Unifty. All $SNAFU holders will be able to stake their tokens in order to claim an exclusive NFT of the SNAFU Collective. Once that NFT will be claimed owner will be able to:

  1. Keep the NFT

  2. Sell the NFT

  3. SWAP the NFT through our swapping protocol and increase their $SNAFU holdings

April 29

DAO - Colony

SNAFU Collective will use Colony (https://colony.io/) as their DAO platform in order to give transparency on how money is used. The community will have a big role in this too.

DAO - Snapshot

Unfortunately for now Colony doesn’t support the community vote yet, so we’ll also use Snapshot if some community vote will be needed, otherwise we’ll wait for Colony to release the feature.

May 1

Gnosis Auction

We will use Gnosis Auction for discovering the price of the $SNAFU token and to raise money. The money raised in the Gnosis Auction will be allocated to the $SNAFU token liquidity.

The auction will last a week (from 1st May to 7th May).

May 8


Once the Gnosis Auction will end we’ll create a pool for our token on Honeyswap.


We will create another farming pool on Unifty. You will need LP tokens received by Honeyswap upon providing liquidity to the token. The rewards will be ultra-rare NFTs, with a higher return compared to the $SNAFU farming pool.

May 15

Collection #2

The second collection of the SNAFU Collective will be released.


That was a very detailed post elaborating the path ahead. A few questions though:

  1. I think half way through the article the Total supply is shown as 108,500 SNAFU, But I dont think thats right- you may want to correct that.
  2. Have you considered the superfluid protocol to may be stream the tokens instead of instant unlocks?
  3. How established is colony DAO platform? If there is no voting which is a fairly basic option, why not consider something like DAOHaus?

Overall though excited to see the burn of the tokens and the lock of team allocated tokens, I will stick with this projects for a while to see how things move!


Thanks, the nr 1 was a pretty important typo :sweat_smile:

About your second question: no we didn’t look into superfluid protocol but we’ll take a look, thanks.

About the DAO instead: the guys over Colony did us an awesome onboarding and showed the features and we really think it will be the best transparent way to move money in an organization. Basically, you can create DAOs inside of a DAO and we have plans on how to involve the community and artists in this. Also, we really think that in a few months the majority of projects on xdai will use Colony, so that’s the place to be for us. Of course, they still don’t support voting (how you said is super important) but they told us they will deploy this feature in 3/4 weeks, so we think it’s an acceptable amount of time for us to wait. In the meantime, we will use snapshot to make our users vote with the $SNAFU token. We looked into DAOHaus, but it was just more chaotic, and moving funds in Colony is just easier and clearer for everyone. Also they have a reputation ranking for users so that will be cool too.


ps: When Collection #2 will be released all unsold NFTs of Collection #1 will be removed from sale and moved inside a Gnosis Safe wallet. Those NFTs won’t be used unless the community will decide to do it. So all NFTs in circulation from this collection will be the NFTs that our community bought.

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Hey, @snafu is there an update on the Swap? I don’t see any changes on https://www.nftsnafu.org/swap

I see there is a link to an article on the home page that says the swap has launched, but none o the links take me anywhere when I click on them.

Hi, sorry we had to delay the launch of a few days. Our smart contact and UI was ready but we wanted to fully test all the features before the release. We are trying to release it in a few hours, at max tomorrow morning it will be up.

Sorry for the delay.

SWAP Protocol released!

We opened a separate thread for it: [RELEASE] [DEFI] [NFT] SNAFU Swap Protocol released

Hello all, today we:

  • rebalanced the supply
  • released a new feature for the swap protocol: “wallet”. You now can see all NFTs from SNAFU Collective that you have on the wallet: SWAP | SNAFU Collective


We just released our FARMING POOL on UNIFTY: Farm - Unifty

By staking $SNAFU tokens you are able to farm unique artworks of our artists. You can keep the NFTs you’ll farm, sell them or swap them and earn $SNAFU tokens.

For our first farming pool the minimum amount to stake is 500 $SNAFU and the max amount is 4000 $SNAFU. Each day you will make 1000 Points for staking 1000 $SNAFU. To redeem the NFT you will need to use the Points you earned.

We minted exclusive artworks for the farming pool with a very low number of editions, which means more with more $SNAFU value.

Farm now: Farm - Unifty

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As the community asked us to do so we lowered the minimum amount to stake to 100 $SNAFU, but this also means we have to lower the max amount from 4000 $SNAFU to 2000 $SNAFU. So if you staked more than 2000 $SNAFU please unstake all $SNAFU above that number and put them in staking with another wallet.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Our public token sale is live now on Gnosis Auction platform!
Link to the auction: https://gnosis-auction.eth.link/#/auction?auctionId=19&chainId=100#topAnchor

To guide you through the auction, we have created a complete guide “How to participate in the $SNAFU auction”, and we also created a simple video to illustrate it.
Read more here: https://www.nftsnafu.org/gnosis-auction-guide

Video explanation on how to participate: https://youtu.be/Thfd0ZiQRss

Auction summary

  • 100k $SNAFU tokens are being made available to purchase on Sunday 2nd May 2021
  • The starting price for the sale is 0.03 USD per token
  • The only valid currency for the sale is WXDAI (1 XDAI = 1 USD); to convert XDAI to WXDAI go to Honeyswap
  • Our token sale is planned to start at 4 pm UTC on Sunday 2nd May and will run for 72 hours until 4 pm UTC on Wednesday 5th May
  • Bidders can offer to buy $SNAFU tokens at any time in the 72 hour period
  • The Token unlock will happen before 8 pm UTC on 5th May
  • There is no whitelist to participate, everyone is able to bid

from May 8 it can be obtained. token snafu in honeyswap, could you clarify that question please

do i need to get an nft? or it could be done through the swap :four_leaf_clover:

You can buy SNAFU now with the Gnosis Auction or after the auction ends on Honeyswap. If you have some nft of our Collection you could also swap it for SNAFU on app.nftsnafu.org

At the moment you do not need to have any NFT.

perfect later than this in my office I will buy, thanks for your timely response

I have a question, the price of the token is 0.03 or the one with the best price is the one that buys?

There are 100K tokens on sale with a starting price of 0,03 $. To have a price of 0,03$ people need to buy 3000$ of SNAFU tokens. But if this volume increase it means that the price will no longer be 0,03$ but an average of the bidding prices that people did.

Example: I place an order of 100$ at a max price of 0,05$. If the volume is at max 3000$ then the price of the token is 0,03$ and then I will pay only 0,03$ for each token (not 0,05$).
But if more people come in and set a max price around 0,04$ and 0,06$ then the price of SNAFU will update accordingly (let’s assume 0,04$) and I’ll buy those tokens at 0,04$. If instead of setting a max price of 0,05$, I have set a max price of 0,03$ this means that I won’t receive any token and the 100$ will be returned to me.

The question is, can I buy or trade that token directly on honeyswap or is it an alternate page using the xdai network

because I would like to get some tokens

Thanks @snafu

You can buy and trade that token directly on Honeyswap. Our token actually is already on Honeyswap (the community opened the pool before us: Honeyswap Info), but right now it has low liquidity.

The better option for you is to buy it on Gnosis Auction (since there is no liquidity right now on Honeyswap) and then trade it on Honeyswap. Be aware that when the token sale will end we’ll add the liquidity on Honeyswap for the SNAFU token.

Please send me the token contract so I can trade some tokens!

to support them that way
thanks for the timely reply
:chart_with_upwards_trend: @snafu

Token contract: SNAFU20Pair (0x27B9C2Bd4BaEa18ABdF49169054c1C1c12af9862) - xDai Explorer

Gnosis auction: https://gnosis-auction.eth.link/#/auction?auctionId=19&chainId=100#topAnchor