Routing on Honeyswap for Token Swaps

GM Tulip Swarm!

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Giveth, TEC, DAppNode, BrightDAO and a lot of other projects LOVE to do tokenswaps.

And of course, our DEX of Choice is Honeyswap! :smiley:

But… well it’s not working out.

I made this issue, but saw it go to the icebox with no comment


It’s like we didn’t do the Token Swap at all… and if we can’t get this figured out… well we can’t keep our liquidity in a DEX that doesn’t route through it, it doesn’t make sense.

HELP! Can we fix this routing issue?


Hey @griffgreen we should be all good now, ty for putting your faith in the bees!


Great! My problem is solved! But if you are a community with a similar issue… here is a tip I found from D0SH:

Check this convo Discord

On the Tulip Swarm discord: Tulip Swarm

Also, here is the PR that fixed it for us:

Still hopeful for guidance for how devs of other communities can approach making a PR to add their token to the routing list… maybe there should be some $ value liquidity requirement in a pair that does not have a base token already?