Seira Project/Idea

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days now and I think it’s going to be nice to have a conversation about this.

So, in my opinion we are facing a problem that’s slowly making harder for all the bees to keep track of everything that’s moving here, especially the newer ones in the community; we are highly product-centered (which is not bad at all) but we lack a trunk that can properly connect all the roots (swarms) with the branches (final 1hive’s products).

As of today, it might not be that big of a deal since we aren’t that big, yet.

That’s why I think that it will be very beneficial for us, especially in the long run, to create a team (not sure if this would apply to make an actual swarm) made up mainly by active members of other swarms that can input data to be handled and stored as a way to establish processes and information so that it can be easily accessed by all swarms, e.g. I recently saw that Terra DAO will start a Bounty Program and what better way to do it than getting input from Buzz who has been handling them for a while and they know what works and what doesn’t, Seira would be in charge of making the pertinent documents that record the best practices and scheduling meetings with the members of each swarm to explain and implement them.

I’m convinced that having a team that can constantly manage the input of internal data (just like bees do by forming structured honeycombs with well-defined shapes) can facilitate documentation and communication between working teams, as well as increasing the efficiency and transparency of all the processes and having a more stablished/clear roadmap or path.

It’s important to mention that even though this team implements and facilitates the flow of information, it doesn’t create the policies that define what information is correct or accessible to others. We just document what’s going on the hive and maybe conduct internal audits focused on the processes and transparency in the data management of each swarm? Not really sure about this last part.

Also, I got in touch with @lkngtn earlier to see what he thought about this and he mentioned the complexity of achieving a certain level of standardization to improve information flow without falling into a bunch of bureaucracy that slows down everyone’s work here.

For now I decided to call it Seira (thx to @Efra for the cool name), which is series/order in greek.

Excited to see what you guys think about this :grin:


Just throwing my first ideas right after reading this.

Generally I support this. I actually wrote about the same matter a few weeks ago: Basic Roadmap for Swarms

Lots of people join, but since everyone from a different background, it is often hard to keep up with everything and find a way to contribute easily.
there are a few things that are in place to be a liason between 1hive and newcomers.

  • Terra DAO
  • Monthly Recap
    I was also considering about a weekly (or biweekly) Q&A; members of the community could address questions and, in turn, seeds could answer, in order to give a bit more of documentation, excitement and buzz about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Nice initiative Enti


Interesting! Kind of like the chroniclers of the hive. The ones that collect the stories of the epic bees on the front lines building out the hive against wasp attacks and old men with brooms. They regale the youth with marvelous tales and keep the history for future generations.

Something formal like this would be good…but as you said @lkngtn mentioned it would be important to not get caught up in bureaucracy.


Nice! I just gave it a quick read and I can see that we are pretty aligned with our intentions.

I personally think that those internal works/docs should be done from some kind of “central” or starting from common guidelines that would be established by this team.

It could be something like “guidelines/best techniques for roadmaps” “guidelines/best techniques for making a bounty board” and keep these documents in periodic review to improve our efficiency.

Although it is important to organize, I think it is even more important that each Swarm is not organized differently and that the Swarms documents differ between them, that would make them difficult to access and understand.

Those processes and guidelines should be done in a way that’s easy for everyone to adapt.

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I guess we could organise everything in a elegant way, once one common guideline has been established there’s no need to be on top of each swarm’s job, probably just a revision every now and then and having constant meetings so we can constantly improve with everyone’s input.

So you suggest a swarm that helps build and optimize swarms, keeps documentation and manages communicaton between em?

Sounds interesting, it wouldn’t be bad to try it.


Basically, yeah.

I think it’s work that must be done to keep our focus in order to grow stronger.

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What’s the D in DAO?

We can’t tell swarms how to organize.
No one has the authority to do that and it’s counterproductive.
Different swarms have different needs and different methods.
This is how it should be.


I D for disagree with you on this one @metaverde . What I think @eenti is saying here is that it would benefit us to be organized. To go with the metaphor a swarm is still a part of the hive and amazing things happen when there is a hive-mind that is to say synergy and communication amongst swarms. I am all for anyone building whatever they want in the decentralized industry, but for me, decentralized doesn’t mean uncoordinated, especially when coupled with the O. Organization only happens when there is a common understanding and goals in mind.

Much like when that $WAX project was being built and many people were apprehensive for several reasons and therefore it did not get any support from 1Hive, but we encouraged the builder to build what they wanted to build. And for the same reason that we have a DAO covenant that guides all of our endeavors, there should be a common thread of understanding and communication between the swarms that align our goals and incentives.

To me, 1Hive is the DAO and the swarms are arms of the DAO. If swarms were meant to be separate entities that are also their own DAOs then I guess I misunderstood.

Right now while the DAO is fairly small and there is a decent amount of crossover with several people being in many swarms, I’m not sure that there is one person that is in every swarm, and so as we grow it will get harder to know what each swarm is doing and that can get confusing as well as create a situation where we are doubling work with different swarms taking on similar tasks. This can be avoided with adequate communication.

So I think to start if there were at least one member from each swarm that was also a member of the Seira swarm, it would create a hub where that person can bring the weeks notes from their swarm to the weekly (or however often) meeting of Seira and share what was going on. Then each person can go back to their swarm with a mini update about all the other swarms, thus creating the hive mind effect. Seira meetings could also illuminate areas for potential swarm collaborations if multiple swarms have similar or aligned initiatives.


I understand what you’re saying.
I’m saying you can’t put this requirement on swarms.
Waxx could have created a swarm at 1Hive to do the project, btw, as an aside.
Coordinating a weekly meeting of one member from each swarm is an onerous task.
I’m certainly not going to debate this, but you cannot create a swarm that tells the other swarms what to do and how to do it, and ultimately that’s what this proposal is.


Yeah, I agree 100% with you on that, I didn’t mean to require anything to swarms.

I just wrote some thoughts on organization ideas/solutions that could be considered, more about starting a conversation that’s needed IMO than really proposing anything.

Probably just some sort of documentation effort so every swarm can see the thinking behind processes and try to adapt them to their workflow if they think that would up their game?

Or establishing some sort of common ground on ways to share information between related swarms? I think for us flow of information between swarms is really important as the progress of some of them depends on the way they receive the input from the work of other swarms.

I get what you’re saying too. I didn’t read @eenti’s idea to mean that we should be telling anyone what to do. I read it more like an invitation to collaborate and increase communication amongst swarms for the betterment of all of 1Hive.

Perhaps I worded things backwards with this part:

Maybe instead of suggesting that current members of a swarm also become a member of Seira, it would be that certain members that choose to be in Seira would also volunteer to attend certain other swarm meetings that they choose, making sure there is a member of Seira in each swarm. They would then take notes and bring them back to Seira meetings to investigate where possible collaborations/synergies can be created and then return to the other swarms with suggestions and insights. The swarms would then be free to do with that information what they see fit. I feel like the better information is shared the more effective we can be as a whole. I really don’t see this idea as suggesting we tell anybody what to do; all swarms are joined by volunteer basis as far as I understand so anyone joining Seira would be there of their own volition, and Swarms would be free to disregard any suggestions by Seira, but at least they would have more information to base decisions on.


I like how you described this, would give me an inspiration to make more canonic NFTS :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I will keep an eye out…I love the ones you’ve made so far! I’ve gotta keep my collection complete now lol

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Couldn’t have described it better myself.

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