Signaling/Suggestion - Gardens for Polygon

Signaling/Suggestion - Gardens for Polygon

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
This is a signaling proposal to see if there is community support for making Gardens available on the Polygon network.

Proposal Rationale
The Gardens team has been approached recently by DAO projects that are interested in building on Polygon, and the Polygon growth team who is interested in attracting more DAO-building tools to their network.

Before the Gardens team works on this, we’d like to get confirmation that the community is interested in this. If approved, Gardens will put resources towards building Gardens on Polygon, and request additional funding from Polygon in the form of a Developer Grant.

A few of the specific challenges involved in a Gardens deployment on Polygon include:

  • Handling front-end UI for all network configurations
  • Forking/updating/rebuilding all front-end and back-end elements
  • Ensuring Celeste can be secured on the Polygon network without sacrificing security on other networks

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

@willjgriff @rperez89 @gabi - to scope development effort needed
@paul - support, contact for Polygon growth team
@sacha @fabriv @Tonga - support


I support this, I think we probably don’t want to expand too quickly but initially trying to support xDai (as we currently do), Polygon, and Arbitrum makes sense.

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For reference the signalling proposal on is here: Honey Pot

Support. Based on these stats, looks like a good idea. Plus there is now a L2 (DeversiFi)-to-CEX (Bitfiniex) bridge for USDt (ERC-20) as well as a route using Polygon via DeversiFI’s (L2 bridge) to Bitfinex. All I see is an influx of liquidity if Gardens expands to Polygon, and for people who have their DAO on xDai, even better for us as it should flow here through 1hive apps!

Update: the Gardens team is moving forward with building on Polygon, and the Polygon team has supported us a $15k Developer Grant.

The hive has spoken.